fics for Halloween


Some of my creepier/spookier EXO stories:

  • Now the Ghosts are Due (ChanKai) Chanyeol thinks Jongin's so cute when he's scared, so he gets the bright idea to take Jongin to a graveyard for their Halloween date.
  • The Rotten Roommate (ChanBaek) Chanyeol's innocent Halloween prank reveals two things: Baekhyun can still kick his , and they haven't ever been alone.
  • Sentimental Spirits (Chen+Xiumin) Aided by Xiu hyung, his self-proclaimed bodyguard, Jongdae returns the names of the spirits his grandfather had collected.
  • Sacrament of Sin (Chansoo) Father Do Kyungsoo makes a deal with the devil so the damned thing will behave in church.
  • Lonely Island (Kai) Jongin's days are like the horizon: Empty.
  • Daemon of a Demon (Chen+Xiumin) Minseok's mortified to realize that the cat he pet and fawned over wasn't just a figment of his drunken imagination but rather the very friendly daemon of his very friendly—and mysterious—new neighbor.
  • Prisoners of Paradise (Kai+D.O.) Jongin travels to the bottom of the ocean to learn about marine life from the safety and security of an underwater city only to find it's neither as safe nor as secure as advertised.
  • The Man Behind the Masks (Luhan) Lu Han takes a job as caretaker to an invalid living in the country. If the isolation doesn’t kill him, his new boss might.
  • Soul Nice to Meat You (Chanyeol) Chanyeol finds a man sleeping on his balcony and has questions. One: How did he get there? Two: Could he have anything to do with the death of his neighbor?
  • a most undesirable sentiment (Chensoo) On the 5th anniversary of their friend's death, Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, and Jongdae return to the scene of a tragic accident.
  • a will is a dead giveaway (Chanyeol+Suho) Kim Joonmyun is a forensic pathologist and firm believer that the possibility of zombies existing is really stupid. It just so happens that on a perfectly normal day at work, Joonmyun cuts into a body, and the body says, "Ow."
  • i'm friends with the monster (Chen+Lay) "Monsters out here are just wildcats," he said...
  • spring & sunbeam (Baekhyun+Kris) A wizard with an ax to grind poisons the prince.
  • birthday moon (LuKai) Everyone who lives anywhere near the Wild Forest is told since birth to not go into the Wild Forest because of the three capital Ds: It's Dark, Dangerous, and the probability for Death is heightened.
  • Into the Woods (Chanyeol+Kai) A dare sends Chanyeol into The Woods.
  • Sell Your Soul for Just a Piece (D.O.) Kyungsoo makes himself dinner.
  • Dream of a funeral, and you hear of a wedding. (BaekSoo) Baekhyun imagined his wedding would be happy...
  • Good Intentions (Chanyeol) Chanyeol just wanted to be a Good Samaritan. Not all good deeds pay off.
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