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orange striped kitten on an open laptop
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I'm not as prolific as I once was, but it's still mostly EXO.
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ACatWhoWrites has been my writing username for about ten years. I first
started writing under CatGirlPrime and then Canadaphile, following my anime
investments at the time. I wanted something that was neutral, as far as
fandoms went, and still reflected my interests. Cats have always been my
number one; family and friends still associate me with cats.

I’ve been writing stories since elementary school. Mystery books were a big
influence, then; I read a lot of Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Boxcar Children,
etc. Now, I still like mysteries, but I don’t really write any. I’m weak for cute
stories and less drama.
I don’t outline my stories. I just sit and write whatever comes to me.
I pretty much never talk about my stories or AUs unless asked. I love
talking about them, though.

My permission is granted for translations and remixes of my work. Comment on
the relevant story, or leave a message on my profile wall, to let me know, then
send me a link to the completed translation or remix. (If posted to AO3, a tutorial
to easily link the original work can be found here.) A link back to the original story,
as well as my name mentioned, is required.
Permission is not granted for others to archive or redistribute my work elsewhere.
If you read any of my work on a site or app that gains revenue from ads, close it
and read my work for free on AFF. ☆

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