8 FACTS ABOUT ME (Tagged by Hayleyfields)

~ My 1st blog post ~

Hello you, who stumbles across this random post of mine. I was tagged by the ever lovely Hayleyfields to write down 8 facts about myself.

Let's get straight to it!


1. I have a feline phobia. Not sure if there's an actual word for it but basically, I'm scared of any animals within the cat family. Even those cats people have as pets... and no I also do not like kittens. Long story short, they have never done anything to me (thank the heavens!). But something about their eyes and how they carry themselves freak the out of me. I even have nightmares of being trapped in a cell surrounded by cats. I do not like tiger, lion, cheetah, leopard etc. Yep, all felines are not my greatest joy. 

2. I'm the youngest of 5, which means I have superiority complex LOL Growing up being told what to do just because my other 4 siblings think they are older than me made me damn mad!

3. Some people when they first meet me think I'm very outgoing and assume I'm an extrovert. Then other times, I get people who think I'm quiet and introverted. Well, I'm actually both but my core self is introverted. I am able to connect and be extroverted in a gathering, but I will need time alone after that to recharge my energy. If I don't get enough alone time, my battery is low and I won't socialize as much. 

4. I love traveling and exploring different landscapes, cultures and histories. I've traveled to Peru twice, it's one of my favorite countries. You learn so much about the world and yourself when you travel.

5. Art is my weakest subject. Seriously, I try really hard but even the teacher feels sorry for me! LOL I can't draw or paint even if my life depends on it >_< My parents would look at my report card and laugh at how I barely just pass art class.

6. If I could have a superpower then I want teleportation. Imagine being able to go anywhere you want within seconds?!

7. Korean dramas are my life. I watched way too many. Though I grew up watching heaps of anime and reading manga too. Still do now!

8. There was a time that I felt out of place, as if I don't belong. What my friends did or said, didn't make sense to me. I thought I might be the abnormal one for not being the same as them. But, I don't feel that way anymore. I realized just because we are the same age it doesn't mean our mental maturity is identical. What they cared and made a fuss about, it didn't matter to me, and that's okay. 

Ta-da! Hopefully that gives you a glimpse into who I am. If you got down this far then loads of hugs for you!

Thank you Hayleyfields for tagging me in this! Without you I would probably leave this blog untouched baaahahahaha

Bbyyyeee for now~~

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