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Hello my lovelies!

It has been a while since I posted a chapter or story of any kind. We all know that life and laziness gets in the way LOL You see how I am admitting it's part of my laziness as well? 

The thing is, I plan a story in my head and then I do a rough "story board" in a book. By the time I do that and it's time to write... I'm out of juice. Plus writer's block is a struggle! 

Anyways I'm going to work hard on my upcoming fanfic based on the polls that I posted previously and the options that had the most votes.

The poll for which genre people like to read: Romantic comedy with a dash of detective work

And the poll that I posted recently on which age group/setting: University, age 20 and 21

Mind you, I've had a plot in mind for "detective work" almost a year now but it was in a more "mature" setting and it was getting quite dark and serious hahahaha

So based on your vote this helps me get an idea of the mood my readers like. Of course, I also write stories based on what I feel inspired to and enjoy. I don't believe in catering to readers all the time because, well as a writer you should have your own voice and what works for you. But I do love getting your input wherever I feel is appropriate. 

But a heads up, you won't find me asking you if a character should die or not. Or should this person end up with that person. 

I'm evil, the thrill of taking you all on a ride with me is the best!

And yes my upcoming fanfic will be about university students, falling in love and my skills in comedy aren't great so bear with me. Also, there will be an element of suspense/mystery in the mix? Nothing too serious because like my poll said, a dash of detective work. 

I won't disclose who will be in the story... but you should know who I love by now :P 

Thank you for being so supportive and still sticking around here. You will see my new fanfic if not this month, should be next!

Until then please look after yourself not just physically but mentally and emotionally too.

Love you all xx

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