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Hey there!

Now I know why I get writer's block so easily even when I have a clear plot in my mind. Recently I realized that I focus too much on the smaller details within my writing process. For example, I'll try to explain the surroundings and what the secondary characters are doing. The actions, how the characters are moving or facial expressions. Perhaps I'm trying too hard to paint a picture and hope to animate it in my readers' mind, hence I would get so stuck on these things.

I had to scrape a bunch of chapters because it didn't flow right to me. 

I'm hoping I could maybe... chill down on the details? I'll see if I can and how far it brings me next hahahaha

I realized this because at 1am I was sitting in front of my laptop trying so freaking hard to describe what a bunch of friends of the male lead was doing. After writing a paragraph over and over about them, who is not even that important, I got tired and stopped!

Please know I'm terribly sorry for not updating more frequently. Just know you all are always on my mind.

On a side note, I recently binged 2 Chinese dramas, which is uncommon of me because I generally watch Korean dramas more.

1. You Are My Glory
2. One and Only

You Are My Glory stars Dilraba Dilmurat and Yang Yang, adapted from a novel. One of my girlfriends recommended it to me raving on about it. I thoroughly enjoyed it, such a light-hearted, no headache or heartache kind of show. Many cute moments. If you want a breath of fresh air in a drama, give this one a go. Don't expect complicated relationships or storyline though. 

As for One and Only, starring Bai Lu and Allen Ren set in ancient China. I'm a huge fan of Bai Lu, I reckon she is still very underrated as an actress. Every role she has been in, she completely captures the soul of the character. For this series, she once again amazed me with her acting skills. Bai Lu is naturally an outgoing and funny person, so for her to act shy and innocent... it was something altogether. 

The storyline had enough conflict in it that kept me entertain. What I love so much about One and Only is the mutual love between the main leads. This is the first time for me to watch a series with Allen Ren. He surprised me by how well he portrayed his character. Those glances he gave Bai Lu, unspoken words and love, it hit me hard. 

Between the 2 series, One and Only is my preference. It had a forbidden love, a bit of politics, beautiful sceneries and costumes. 

Ok now enough of my rambling, I need to focus on my story.

Sorry for such a long wait and I hope to do better in the future.

Stay safe and well everyone.

Until next time.


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