NAME : song chaewon  

✤ chaewon ; by her family
✤ chae ; by her husband, jaebum
✤ baby ; an endearment called by jaebum
✤ lady ; when their first meeting

BIRTHDAY : december 24 1994 (27)
OCCUPATION : an architect
PROFANITY : actually, she does not used to curse. but when her patience overpassed its limit , she will said; damn and goddamnit

✤ korean // fluent
✤ english // semi-fluent ; her father is an english and literature professor. he taught all his children english since they were kids.

FACECLAIM : wjsn's seola
BACKUP : blackpink's rose

chaewon is the shortest among her siblings. she stands at 165 cm with a weight of 52 kg. she's the type that doesn't like to keep her BMI underweight. she always take a good care of her meals to maintain her weight. she has a long straight hair with a fringe that stope right behind her back.
✤ she keeps her style minimalist
✤ prefer to wear flats and sneakers than heels
✤ a lot of pastel colours


✤ thoughtful, determined, friendly, reliable
✤perfectionist, sassy, sometimes moody
✤ capricon
✤ A
chaewon likes to take a look at herself as a genuine and thoughtful young lady. she really care about other's feelings rather than herself and think before talk to someone. but at sometimes, she just blurt anything if she believes what she thinks is right.

nonjudgemental . she won't make you feel bad for something you think or do even it is a mistake. she adheres to her principle; if you want to grow as a person and become wiser, you need to respect others. she knows that society can be cruel and she don't to be apart of it.

calm. she knows how to control her anger because she don't want to do something that she will regret later on. she is definitely they type who will avoid fighting and cause scene because she don't to get herself into trouble. even when jihoon grumpy in the morning, she not become anxious and calm him down and taking care of him.

friendly. she never finds that approaching someone is difficult or a burden. her friendliness makes everyone easy to be friend with her. she also become good friend with her neighbours.

reliable. she is really a good listener and always give advice to her friends and husband. her choice of words to console anyone are grandiloquents.
determined. chaewon never stoop to complaining, criticizing or whining when doing her job. since she is an architect, she feels the sense of responsibility in her so she needs to make sure what she design is done perfectly without any flaws even when things get hard. back into her school years, she really do well in her studies and graduated with dean list every semesters.

perfectionist. it is not something that she pleased about. she tend to set high goals and work hard for it. if she find a slightest mistakes in her works eventhough she already did her best, she will never satisfied. "almost perfect" is not in her dictionary and she will redo her work until she pleased. 

moody. she will get moody when someone judge her to the core. it will make her pissed off. she will lock herself in the room and basically ignoring averyone. she vents ot her emotions with crying and writing.

sassy. when she meet someone that she don't like, her bad side come out. she will become sassy and start to make sarcastic remarks and give death glared to them. it is a rare sight that chaewon is furious since she really good in controlling her emotions.

✤ she graduated in korea university, majored in architecture 
✤ her favourite movie series are narnia and harry potter
✤ she raised a cat (british shorthair), mindeulle which means dandelion in korean
dandelion is her favourite flower
✤ she own an instagram: @chaewons
✤ she always been a fan of sport since she was young
✤ she used to play volleyball 
✤ she played as a libero
✤ she always want to have tattoo but she afraid of needle
✤ she is an aquaphobia
✤ she own an iphone 11
✤ her wallapaper is her son, jihoon
✤ her favourite season is autumn
✤ she prefer korean cuisine 
✤ bibimbab, bulgogi and tteokbokki are her favourite dishes 
✤ she knows how to cook
✤ she have low alcohol tolerence
✤ she can eat spicy food
✤ she loves pastels
✤ her go-to drink at starbucks is java chip
✤ her grandmother taught her how to paint and draw
✤ she doesn't know how to act cute
✤ her favourite scent is vanilla
december 24, 1994. winter. a beautiful girl named song chaewon was born in this world. she was granted with wisdom and blessing. she was raised by two wonderful couple, song juwon and kang jinah. she is the youngest in her family. her father is a professor in korea university while her mother is a baker and own a bakery, lavender bakery. the eldest is song haewon who is four years older than her working as a lawyer. she is married with a curator, gu seungjun and granted with a four years old daughter, gu yena and a two years son, gu hamin. her older brother, song jaewon who is two years older than her working as a model and married with a florist, yang juyeon. he also have a two years daughter, song eunjung.
"when you were born, we were worried about how to raise you. when your brother was born, we were worried about how to shape him into a good person."
"dads don’t automatically become dads the moment the child is born. It was my first time being a dad."

fc: kim haneul (actress)
fc: cha seungwon (actor)

kang jinah and song juwon are chaewon dearly parents. her father really spoiled her with everything she wants. eventhough he seems to be a cool father, he is strict when it comes to education. he sent them to extra class and packed their schedules with co-curricular activities. he wants his children to be successful. her mother is a very supportive and loving woman. she support whatever her children want to be. her ability to take care of her composure during difficult times ends up in the reflection of sensible and graceful personality. since both of them busy with working, they'll make up with taking them to travel or have a family time during weekend.

"no more kids. i had enough with two *sigh*"
"respect to all the fathers out there!"
fc: seo jihye (actress)
fc: kwon minsik, sik-k (rapper)

haewon and jaewon are chaewon's older sister and brother. chaewon close with both of them and sometimes share everything they have. haewon is very understandable sister that chaewon ever had. they always talked about their problems, love life and basically everything. it is a blessing to have a brother like jaewon. not too protective but always be there when chaewon in trouble. they used to got to school together since haewon entered different school. he is the moodmaker of the family and always spread positive vibe. he really good in socializing and that's why his family call him social butterfly.


some babies are difficult to take care of but thank god she knew how to take care of her son since her sister and brother already have kids. before she marries jaebum, she'll taking care of her niece and nephews during weekend so she knows all the basic things. jihoon is not difficult to take care of. but life is not too easy. sometimes he will get moody and grumpy. jihoon likes to cling into jaebum. whenever jaebum come back from work, jihoon will crawling towards him and asked to be carry.

"you should thank to chaewon because she want to marry you. if not, there's no woman that can stand with your temperament."
"no one can be a perfect dad. i also make a mistakes. in this life, what we do is our first time."

fc: jeon hyejin (actress)
fc: han sukkyu (actor)

han soojin and im jinhyuk are the kindest and caring in-laws that chaewon ever had. she thought that in-laws are scary but it turns out they are crackheads. when the first time she met them, soojin said, "thank god, you want to marry hot-tempered guy like jaebum. if i was you, never in my life i want to marry someone like that". since chaewon is the first and last daughter-in-law, they really treasures her. 

"girls at my age already have boyfriends but where's mine ?"

fc: kim hyanggi (actress)

jaebum's one and only sister. she currently pursue her degree in konkuk university, majored in mathematics. sooah is chaewon mother's regular customer. she always come to her mother's bakery since it is near her university. sooah's personality is definitely opposite with jaebum. she is the friendliest person that chaewon ever met. she took all her mother's personality. she really likes kids because she is the youngest in her family. sometimes she will come to her brother house to play with jihoon. when she have problem, the first person she will share is chaewon.

"i never thought that i will marry my bestriend. thanks joonha for always stay by myside"
"jiahn baby, you and iseul are my world. i will never leave you guys, i promise."

fc: shin yeeun (actress)
fc: nam joohyuk (actor)

jiahn and joonha are chaewon bestfriend and jaebum is close to them. chaewon met them during her first year of university while jaebum met them in his third year. jiahn is a cute and bubbly girl. she also like chaewon, friendly. she's really spontaneous person and her sense of humor never failed to make chaewon and joonha laughs. joonha is a cheerful and funny guys despite of all his family problems. he really loves to tease the girls. he's like a father to them. he take care both of them and always be there whenever they need help. after three months of chaewon and jaebum's wedding, jiahn is married to joonha and recently gave birth to a cute and pretty baby girl!
"welcome to eden hall!"
"our wives are sometimes can be scary"
"i swear to god, i will not watch this drama again fuc- oh i can't curse infront of jihoon. oh my god, i just cursed!"


before chaewon and jaebum got married, they try to look for a house so that they will not burden their parents. her brother, jaewon introduced eden hall to them. he said that his friend used to live there before he move to another country. without any doubt, they moved in and met hyemi, sehun and maisie. hyemi is a nice person. she take care of her tenants very well. sometimes she will cook for them and and pay them a visit. maisie is a fun person. chaewon remembered when the first time she moved in. maisie ran an errand to distribute food that hyemi cooked for her tenants. when arrived at chaewon's house, she invited her in and have a chit-chat until maisie forgot that she need to distribute to three more houses. during the talk, maisie never stop to joke which makes chaewon laughed until out of breath. since then, they become friends. sehun is a kind person. chaewon is not close to him but they still greet whenever they came across. he quite close to jaebum since they are males, they can click so fast. they sometimes hang out with chaewon and jaebum at their house and play with jihoon. 
"it's been awhile since i saw you, chaewon."

jaehyun and chaewon are exes. they used to date during their first year and eventually break up after one year. you can described jaehyun as a boy friend material. he will spoil you with whatever you want. dates and suprises are common things he will do. unfortunately, with one incident tear them apart. chaewon caught he cheated on her with their junior. she was devastated. there are many times that jaehyun came back to her. being a good person she is, she forgivshe koe him but never gave him second chance. he knew about chaewon and jaebum's relationship but try to stay cool. after graduation, he work in the same company with chaewon and they remain as a friend since she doesn't want remembered about the past. little did she know, he still have a feeling on her but he know his limit.


early 2017 - final year. it happened when chaewon went to her senior birthday party at club. since she have low alcohol tolerance, she just ordered a glass of cola. she became bored and need fresh air to clear her mind. she cannot stand with the smells.

she went out and saw a man and a woman had a fight. she remembered the man study in the same university as her because she often saw him. they both in college of engineering but different department. chaewon in department of architecture while he's in department of civil engineering. she doesn't know  his name because he looks so intimidating. he pretty popular among girls and she never he had a girlfriend. minding her own business, she sat on the nearest bench and playing with her phone. 

" you! i know you cheated on me! go with that bastard and never come to my life again!"

she was shocked when she heard the man raise his voice. she turns around and saw the man squatted down, rubbing his face with frustrated. the woman already leave with her new boyfriend, she guess. 

she don't want to be nosy but she can't help it. she looked for something that can cure boy's heart when through a heartbreak.

"what should i buy for him. aha! gummy bears!" 

she bought a pack of gummy bears and went to him. when she arrived in front of the club, he's not there. she went inside the club to search for him. and yeah, she saw him chugged down a shot of alcohol. being brave she is, she went closer and sat next to him.

"went to a ty break up ?" 

she ordered a glass of cola and took a sip. she turns to him, he looked at her lazily.

"mind your own business, lady"

she took out the gummy bears and handed to him. 

"i saw what happened just now so, i bought you gummy bears. i searched what should i buy for someone who went through a ty break ups and yeah, gummy bears is one of the suggestion."

he found that chaewon is cute and took the gummy bears from her. a small smile lifted his lips while he stared at the cute gift she bought for him.

she paid for her drink and prepared to leave.

"by the way, my name chaewon." 

she put out her hand and jaebum gladly accept.

"jaebum. im jaebum."

since that day, they never cross path even at the university.

mid-2017 - one day, chaewon saw jaebum at the street stall drinking soju and worn out. suddenly, jaebum got into a fight with other customer and chaewon rushed towards them. she apologized to the person and paid for his meals. she brought him back to her apartment. while he was sleeping, she prepare for him bean sprout food and some side dishes so he can eat when he woke up. 

after she finished cleaned herself, she smelled of cigarette smokes. she found jaebum smoking at her balcony, facing the view. she leaned against the wall, crossing her arms,

"no smoking in my house please."

he turned around and saw chaewon in her sleeping wear, satin pajamas, cute round glasses and hair tied in high bun. she looks so innocent. she tilted her head to the dining table direction.

"i cooked for you some food. i assumed you will hungry when you wake up."

he blew the last puffed of smoke before threw the remaining in the dustbin and followed her. he sat acrossed her and eat silently. 

"you know what, you deserves with someone who brings out the best in you and i believe that she's not the one."

he stopped eating and looked at her. with her tone, he knew that she's serious. 

"why you must see me at my worst?" 

he mumbled and played with his food. she put kimchi on top of her rice and said, 

"i don't know. i guess we have a special connection." she laughed.

he smiled a little bit and finished his food. 

"but seriously, if you live in misery, you will never get out." 

chaewon washed the dishes and jaebum cleaned the table. after that, they have a deep conversations about relationship. chaewon also opened up about her relationship. since that day, they remain as a romantic friend. 


basically, their relationships is only as a romantic friendship without any string attached. basically, they still sharing bed, hugging, cuddles, holding hands but no ual . they spent a lot of time together. they often crashed each other house. her friends also become his friends. joonha and jiahn really likes to be friend with jaebum eventhough sometimes he is quiet. since jaebum doesn't know how to control his anger, she will calm him down by kissing him. after that, he will shut his mouth and smiled playfully. sometimes he do that on purpose. 

they also make an agreement that if he feels like he desperate to smoke, chaewon will kiss him as a replacement. sometimes they act like a couple and it confused their friends. during their university year, jaebum always wait for her to finish her class. he never missed a day to lunch with her. he sometimes act like her boyfriend when someone want to flirt with her. 

after one year and a half  with jaebum, it's a lie if both of them does not have feelings to each other. they dont want to admit their feelings since it will affect their relationship. chaewon tried to confess  but jaebum always brushed it off eventhough he likes her. 

late 2018 - early 2019 - they both went for a date at han river. as they enjoyed the view, jaebum intertwined their finger and rest it on his lap. chaewon gathered her couraged and confessed, 

"jae, i love you." 

his eyes widened. he looked up at her and she stared deeply into him. he released their hands and put his hand inside her pocket.

"i told you that our relationship is not more than that, chae. i'm sorry but i can't." 

chaewon started to ignore him and lived with her family for a few months. jaebum texted her but she won't reply to any of them. she rarely go out except for work.

day by day, jaebum realized his feelings towards chaewon. he planned to proposed her with the helped of jiahn and joonha. 

jiahn and joonha asked her to go to the museum which is her first date with jaebum. there is jaebum, stand proudly holding a bouquet of roses.

"hey baby."

baby. it's been months since she last hear that nickname. 


jaebum went closer to her, kissed her forehead. 

"to my baby, i'm sorry for being such a coward. i never missed every single night not to think about you. right after you ignored me, i miss you. every morning i woke up without you by myside, i miss you. your warmth, you smile, your hugs, your kisses and everything. i miss you. i have no one to cuddle every night. no one welcoming me when i come home. no one calm me down ehen i'm angry. no one caress my hair whenever i want to sleep. i miss your reaction when i teased you. no one will cooked my favourite dishes. my life like a without you. baby, i gathere my couraged to proposed. i realized that ever since the first day made a deal, i fell in love with you. i tired become aa coward. i promise to love you forever, every ing single day. i promise to grow old together with you and we will have one beautiful baby boy and our cats will loves our son as much as they love us. i will spend all my years with you, my lady."

suddenly, jaebum getting down on one knees. he opened a red velvet box, containing a ring.

"song chaewon, will you marry me?"

without any second thoughts, she kissed him and said yes. they married on january 18 2019.



after married with chaewon, jaebum start to change for good. he getting better to control his emotions. he acted like teenagers when they first have a girlfriend. he likes to cling onto her, always text her eventhough they at work. he shows her the other sides that he never show. 

right after two months of their marriaged, chaewon is preganant. during her pregnancy, jaebum take a good care of her. he always come back early and spoiled her with her cravings. 

pregnant with jihoon is easy. she doesn't have morning sickness but jaebum have. a few first months, jaebum would threw up and doesn't have appetite. 

after 9 months pregnant with jihoon, december 18 2019, jihoon was born healthy and normal. at first, jaebum couldn't believe that he became a dad until his father in law said, 

"dads don’t automatically become dads the moment the child is born. It was my first time being a dad."


5.00 A.M : usual time that chaewon will wake up. first thing that she will do is changing jihoon's diapers. 

5.30 A.M : she prepared for breakfast and washed up.

6.00 A.M : wake jaebum up and dressed up for work 

7.00 A.M : everyone is eating breakfast. 

7.30 A.M : off to work. send jihoon to her mom's.

5.30 P.M : both of them finished their work. sometimes jaebum will picked chaewon or chaewon will drive by herself. fetch jihoon from her mom's. 

6.30 P.M : prepared for dinner. washed up.

8.00 P.M : dinner and spent time together. 

9.30 P.M : jihoon's bed time. she will sleep him and do her work. 

11.00 P.M : jaebum and her bed time. if jihoon cry, they will take turn to look at him . 

when weekend, they will go to their parents' houses since they want to see their grandson. other than that, they spent their time together when they sent jihoon to their mom's.


so far, they will argue about a small things like who will do the house chores. sometimes they will stress about their work. they overcome by have a deep talk before go to bed. they will vent out all their problems and asked for opinion to solve their problems. their arguements was short-lived. mostly, jaebum will give up since he know that chaewon just gave birth and she might have PTSD from giving birth. he don't want to stress her out because their job is difficult. 

✤ they got married january 18 2019 
✤ they went to jeju island for their honeymoon
✤ chaewon in charged in cooking and jaebum will in charged in cleaning 
✤ they have once in a week 
✤ chaewon saved jaebum's number as fire baby while her is one and only
✤ on their first anniversary, chaewon give jaebum his favourite running shoes
✤ they named their son, jihoon because they want him to become wise and intelligence
✤ every weekend they will spent their time together since they busy with their works
✤ good night cuddles is a must
✤ before they sleep they will have deep conversation about their life 
✤ chaewon is the one who choose for their clothes
✤ japan was their first travel place during their complicated relationship
✤ both of them loves photography
✤ their go-to dates are karaokae and went to art museum since both of them love arts
"should we-" "yeah, we should" "i haven't finished my words yet" "shut up and kiss me before jihoon wake up"
✤ they don't like couple things


BACKUP : got7's mark tuan 

✤ def ; his soundcloud name
✤ jae ; by his wife, chaewon
✤ darling ; chaewon prefer to call him darling because she found that darling is very classic endearment
✤ gummy bears ; first present that chaewon bought for him during first meeting

BIRTHDAY : january 06 1994 (27)
OCCUPATION : engineer
PROFANITY : before he have a son, he used to curse but moderately and now he try not to curse. 
✤ smart, hard-working, good in making desicion
✤hot-tempered, ignorant, clingy
✤ capricon
✤ A
jaebum is definitely one of the guys that every ladies one a piece of him; charming, hard-to-get and good-looking. he's pretty laid-back and acts like he doesn't care about anything if not related to work. he's also adventure and fun-loving guy. jaebum enjoy out-door activities such as swimming, basketball and also hiking.
he is quiet at first. he only talked to his friends. when you get to be part in his life, he is a little talkative than you ever thought. he doesn't know why he can easily talked to chaewon since he isn't close to her.

he pretty popular with girls during high school and university days eventhough he doesn't paid attention to them. he isn't good in expressing his feelings until he met chaewon. 
he is the type that think first before making any decision. he wants the decision he made bring a positive feedback to him. he also very determined and passionate about his work. he wants his family have a netter life, so he try his best to work for it. hard working. he is someone who is really take his work seriously. 

jaebum's intelligence is way beyond anyone expections. during his university year, people thought that he in study but actually they're wrong. he isn't that 'smart' but he still can manage to get good pointers every semesters.

unlike chaewon, he doesn't know how to control his emotions. he also a sensitive person when someone really test his patience. hot-tempered is his nature and only chaewon can calm him down. he is sometimes clingy with chaewon and always wants kisses and cuddles when he come back from work.
im jaebum was born on january 6, 1994. he was raised by his parents in seoul, south korea. he has youngest sister, jung soo ah who is six years younger than him. his father is a surgeon in seoul university hospital while his mother is a fashion designer. 
✤ he likes horror movie
✤ he is ambidextrous
✤ he played basketball during his school year
✤ good in mathematics and physics
✤ loves cat  
✤ own an instagram : @jaydeff
✤ high alcohol tolerance
✤ he smokes when he stress
✤ he can't do aegyo
✤ favourite colour is grey
✤ he can't cook
✤ 179 cm and 66 kg
✤ playing with jihoon and tease chaewon are his favourites things
✤ his favourite movie is the notebook
✤ favourite colours; black and white 
✤ he listen to rnb and hiphop
✤ raised a cat name, lily.
✤ he entered the same univeristy as chaewon, majored in engineering
✤ he's a big eater 
✤ fluent in english
✤ he's bad liar
✤ he's into poetry
i try to finish it up asap but i just finished my test. i hope my app turns out good. pardon for my grammar because i'm not good in english. 
i want to pair up with jaehyun but i saw that jaebum  has a potential to become a father so, there you go :')
their relationship a little bit inspired by love-rosie and also i do some research about romantic friendship.
sorry for the late submission. i hope you enjoy your day!
hopefully, you like this couple!
✤ the ladies will bond like moms in reply 1988
✤ group chat!
✤ nct's jaehyun as a cameo 
✤ jaebum jealous when chaewon and jaehyun work together
✤ family trip to london!
✤ tbc :')


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