NAME : Choi Minah/ 최민아  

 Ice Queen/ My queen : Jaehyun is the only one to ever call  her by this nickname. He started calling her since the moment that they met.
Medusa: Minah is scary when she pissed off, earning the nickname from her collegues as she can be ruthless in meetings when projects are not met with her expectations. Some claim they feel like they are turning to stone from a single glance from her.

BIRTHDAY : October 30 1991 (29)
OCCUPATION : Chief Administative Officer for Global Marketing and Advertising Agency 

PROFANITY : Rarely, she does her best to keep her composure. The only time she ever use profanity when she extremly stressed out or frustrated.

 Korean /100%/ Born and raised in South Korea, its her native tongue and the language she most comfortable speaking in.
English/ 100%/ She already learned the basic during her years in school, due to occupations she continue to expand on her english skills. 


APPEARANCE : Minah stands on the height of 168 centimeter, and weighing in 51 kilograms. Minah has a feminine yet elegant charm  about her. As of right now, she has chocolate brown a little over shoulder length hair. She works hard for the body she has now with a healthy well blance diet and  exercising weekly. She has two  small butterfly on the back of her neck and has a tattoo of her daughter name, Sarang behind he left ear. 

STYLE : Minah does her best to  be well put together. She a business woman, so she constantly does her best to dress to impress as she constantly in meetings, meeting clients, and business partners. Minah style is feminine yet chic. She likes to wear well-fitted outfits that hugs her body just right.

Casual/ Goingout

Work Attire

Scorpio INFJ, Blood type A, Slytherin 

Positive: Passionate, Loyal, Compassionate, Reliable, Ambitious, Independent

Neutral: Perfectionist, Insightful, Egotistical

Negative: Stubborn, Insensitive, Secretive, Manipulative, Sensitive, Dominat


Choi Minah is the definition of brain and beauty. It works out quite well for her especially in her male dominate field she is in. She knows how to use what she got to her full advantage. Minah is a strong independent woman who worked her off to get to where she is now in a world where people second guess her capabilities based on her gender. The position she has now is from her blood, sweat, and tears through the years persevering of those who wanted her to fail. Minah has always been a passionate individual who puts her all into tasks and goals that are set upon her. She never half-assed anything and makes sure she puts her all into anything she does. It is her job to make everything goes accordingly within the company or else it will be her on the line if anything happens. Even with her own belief, she will strongly stand beside it. She has always been a strong believer, that woman is capable just like men and hates those who believe she should behave as a stereotypical woman should be.  She respects other opinions, but she doesn’t respect those who want her to change her own belief. Through thick and thin, Minah is a loyal friend, partner, co-worker, and wife. She respects those who earn her trust and will never do anything to betray their loyalty, of course, she expects the same from the other party. No matter how busy she may seem to be, if she knows someone, she cares about is in trouble, she will drop anything and tend to the person or at least do anything to help the individual. This may sound surprising to some to see that she has a soft side, but Minah is a compassionate individual. She may not seem like it, but this girl has a heart and help those who are in need. If she sees someone in trouble, she is not the type that will sit back and hope for a miracle. She will take action and see what she can do within her capabilities. You can say, Minah like a big sister or a mama bear. She takes care of those who are under her and lend a helping hand. If there is a problem, go to Minah for help. She reliable and seems to know how to fix things and get them under control. The sky is the limit, Minah has a strong ambition to prove to anyone that she a woman is capable of being a businesswoman, a wife, and a mother. Many people thought she would quit becoming a stay in home mom, but Minah loves to prove them wrong and shows that she can balance between her work and her family.

Perfectionist to the "T",  Minah does anything in her power to be the best be a good mother, businesswoman, friend, and wife. It is a blessing, but it also a sin as she tries her best to manage things within her life. Minah constantly feels she has a lot to prove and hates it when things don’t go her way. She would blame herself and be hard on herself. For the life her, she would repeatedly think what she could have done better. She can be quiet an old wise man, she insightful as she been through a few things in her life. She great at giving advice and opinion, but she does not sugar coat anything. Minah will tell you how it is and sometimes what she says can hurt a person feeling. She, not the type will hold back when it comes to how she views things. Minah is confidence walking on legs, she is egotistical, and she doesn’t seem anything wrong with it. She has great pride in her capabilities and all the achievements she had achieved. It can be a bit annoying, sometimes she needs to humble herself back to earth.
 Here the downside of Minah, she is incredibly stubborn. It either her way or the highway. Once she sets her mind, it is nearly impossible for her to back down. It's like talking to a brick wall when anyone tries to change her mind. Even when she knows deep down she is wrong, but her egotistical side would refuse to admit her wronging. Only once in a blue moon, she will ever admit she was wrong. Minah is insensitive, her actions and opinion on some matters can be seen heartless and cold-hearted.  Of course, she realizes her mistake when the damage is already been done. She gets herself in awkward situations and there be times where she must get herself out of it. Surprisingly, Minah is sensitive. Hard to believe, that she is but her pride refuses to show any sign of weakness.
Minah acts like she has thick skin but when things don’t go her way or stuff happen to her. Deep down, she is breaking inside and taking all the willpower in her to contain her emotions in her and keep a straight face. Only a few people know how sensitive she can be and that her husband, family, and her friend, Tiffany. Minah is manipulative, she knows how to use it when it comes to her gain in interest. People might think it wrong, but Minah thinks of it as a tool as long as it is used wisely and in a proper matter. Hate feeling weak, she secretive when it comes to expressing emotion or her true emotions. She finds it hard to express her emotion and does her best to keep it within herself, which honestly a recipe for self-destruction. What causes her so many hardships in life, Minah has a dominant personality that many find intimidating.  Reasons why she had failed relationships who find her overbearing as she, not a girl who will bend that easily.  Of course, it , but Minah will never change who she is for someone's comfort. She not a weak woman and she doesn’t need a little boy who cries that their masculinity being threatens by her.

✤ Loves banana pudding esp at the bakery that near her apartment. 
✤ Dislikes slackers and those who don't do their part. She has no problem calling them out.
✤ Minah often wears heels, but she has a pair of flats in case of anything in her purse.
✤ Good portion of her clothes in her closet are designer. She likes to treat herself once in awhile. 
✤ Guilty pleasure that she ashame to admit is her love for manga and anime. 
✤ Have a 7 step skin routine that she  does relgiously does before she goes to bed and waking up.
✤ Her wallpaper on her phone is Jaehyun and Sarang dressed as princess.
✤ Minah is a fast worker and does her work quickly and effectively, reason why she rise through the ranks within a few years she join the company.
✤ Has a car license and owns a 2020 Hyundai Elantra.
✤ When co-workers knows Minah having a bad day or being ruthless to them during the meeting, during break they will grab her bubble tea to lighten up her mood and the fact she a happy child sipping her drink. On really bad days, they grab her banana pudding also. Cheers her right up
✤Coffee is her best friend, she feels dead without her cup of coffee in the morning to wake her up.
✤In the morning, she takes a shot of ginger with tumeric (makes Jaehyun takes too) claims it has lot of health benfits.
✤ Loves pastel colors
✤ Strongly cares and loves her family

Minah grew up in a lower middle-class family. She was not rich or poor, but she lives in comfort. Minah was raised by her single mother with her younger brother, Jooheon. Minah's father left her family a year after her brother was born. All she could remember waking up from her mother yelling.

" How could you do this! We are your family! You are leaving us for someone you barely know!"

Minah remembers coming out her room and watching her father with a duffle bag leave them without saying goodbye.

Minah’s mother, Yeongja became the sole provider for the family after her ex-husband left. At the age of 10, Minah had to mature faster than other kids her age. She took care of her younger brother when her mother was working long hours as a hospital nurse.

It was just the three of them and honestly Minah would not have it any other way. Her mother raised them with strict guidelines, but she made sure to shower them with endless love any chance she gets. She showed the importance of family and not to let anyone change who you are. Yeongja reason for that was because of her ex-husband leaving them because he prefers someone who makes him feel like a man. Silly reason, but Yeongja did her best to make him happy but her best was not enough, and she hated herself for changing for someone. That why she thought her children to be genuine self. Minah always saw her mother a strong independent woman and she was the woman she wanted to be. Yeongja was her role model and the woman she inspired to be.

Growing up, Minah not only take care of the house, her younger brother Jooheon, but she was top student during her school years. She studied her off in school, in order to be top student in her school. Minah was even student president in both her junior and high school years. After she graduated, she went to Seoul university and even studied abroad in the states for a year in New York majoring in business. Once she graduated, she applied and got hired in her top choice marketing agency. Minah started from the bottom of the ranks, but after years of dedications of blood, sweat, and tears she rise through the ranks and became one of the youngest to get the current position she has now.

Bang Sarang // 3 // Daughter 


Sarang is Minah's pride and joy. The moment she was laid with her arms when she was born, she never knew she could love someone at first sight till Sarang came to her life. Though she had her younger than she expected, she would never change a thing because Sarang was the product with her and the love of her life. Sarang is so precious in Minah's eyes she sometimes can't believe that Sarang her child. She can be having such a rough day at work , but seeing her daughter smiles seems to ease her tiredness and stress away. Minah loved that she got her father's eyes. On days they would go out, Minah would dress the two of them in matching outfits and go to near by cafe shops where Minah will treat her with yummy pasteries. On days when Minah free , she makes sure to spend them with Sarang. 

Sarang is forever will daddy's little girl and this girl has this man wrapped around her little fingers just like her mother. Minah often sulks when Sarang choose her dad over her. Jaehyun spoils his daughter with anything she wants. The moment he learn he was going to be a father, he vowed to spoil his princess with endless love he can give. He takes care of her when his wife at work and takes her to work. Jaehyun slightly dreading when she going to start school.They would go take walks by the park where they will run around and play. At home, Jaehyun  always plays around with her. Sarnag some how got a grown man to dress like a princess and have tea party with her. He even let her put make up on him.


Chopper// 6 // Pet 


Chopper been Jaehyun pet before he met Minah. One of Jaehyun client was giving away puppies and Jaehyun took it as a form of payment cause why not in Jaehyun head. Chopper was attached to Jaehyun by the hip.  He would come along to the shop and be the gaurd. Chopper got the name when Jaehyun realize he likes to chew/ bite things such as toys, shoes, furniture and more. Minah adores Chopper when she met him and claims the dog is smarter than Jaehyun. He would always greet his two owners by the door and cuddle with Minah on the couch. He pretty much a body gaurd from the family, when anyone comes at the door he would  stand beside his owner incase of anything. Chopper completely devoted to Sarang since the moment of Minah pregnancy.  Honestly he was the reason minah went to check when she notice him being particularly too protective over her and him nuzzling her stomach. Throughout the pregnancy he was by Minah side and  but the moment Sarang was born. His attention went towards her, he like a nany to her. When she cries, he there to see if anything happens.  She sleeps by her crib every night. 

Choi Jooheon // 25 // Minah's Brother


Minah's strongly believe that Jooheon was her first child. She practically raised him their mother was busy with work. The two have a strong sibling relationship. Jooheon is an animator for a production company but he would often visit Minah so he no stranger in the apartment complex. Depending on his availability, he would visit his big sister honestly for free food because the boy doesn't know how to cook unless it package or frozen. Minah would make sure to send him away with food that can last him for a week. She often that he needs to learn how to cook because he getting little chubby as of lately cause this boy likes to drink and party often as a single bachelor. This honestly worries her to death because nothing good happen with reckless action, cause there be times she be going out in night dragging his sorry back to her place so he can sleep it out and in the morning she give him an earful. She doesn't even care if he dying with a hangover. Jooheon of course knows she doing it out of love, so he just sits there cause arguing with her be pointless plus he doesn't want to piss her off cause scary Minah scares the heck out of him.

Jaehyun and Jooheon are buddies in fact they get along so well, Jooheon sometimes tag along when Jaehyun has a guy's night with his friends. Jooheon consider him like a brother and if any man can make his sister happy and love her with all his heart is accepted in her books. Jaehyun actually did Jooheon first tattoo. A chest tattoo  of a compass he claims that he lives his life accoriding his path. Jooheon is often the one of the baby sitters that watches Sarang when the couple decides to have a couple night, plus he no stranger sleeping over when Jooheon and Jaehyun drink for the night cause Minah rather have sleep at her place than walking at night drunk.


Choi Yeongja // 51 // Minah's Mother


Yeongja has always been and will be Minah's role model. She is someone who she greatly respected  as Yeongja rasied and provide for her two children all by herself. Yeongja is incredibly proud on how far  both her children come in life. She proudly talks about them to all her family especially showing off her cute grandaughter. She honestly pestering Minah and Jaehyun to give her a grandson which honestly stress out Minah a bit because right now she enjoying the life she has now and when the time comes it will happen but as of right now a second child has to wait. Minah does her best to give back to her mother, monthly she gives her pocket money to spend so she doesnt have to work any more hours than she needs to. Yeongja now resides in Bussan, so she often sends over packages of seafood for both her children. It one of the ways she can spoil her children even though she may not live in the same area as them. When she vists, she mostly come to see her grandaughter and often sends couple out to go grab lunch.

it took a bit some time for Yeongja to accept to Jaehyun. She was skeptical if he could make her daughter happy. However, as she watch him for awhile, she eventually accepted him as she saw how much he love her daughter. Jaehyun treats Yeongja like his mother and she soon come to love him even treats him like a son. When Yeongja and Minah visit her in Bussan, she shows off her friends her handsome son in law.


Jung Doyoung // 29 // Close Friends


Doyoung also known as Prince DooDoo to Sarang and is Jaehyun close friend since childhood. These two been there for each other  since there childhood. Doyoung live his life to the fullest as a single bachelor. He drinks and parties every weekened. Jaehyun was his buddy before he got serious with Minah. Doyoung likes his single life and doesn't expect to marry any time soon.  That was until he met Sarang and deep down if he meets the right one, he wants a daughter as cute as Sarang. Sarang on the other hand claims Doyoung is her prince charming. This killed Jaehyun by the way when she admits she loves him and he the number one in her life. Doyoung would tease Jaehyun with this and teasingly calls Jaehyun "father in law" which only earn a smack on the back of his head and a glare from the protective father. In addition, Doyoung is the the manager of the tattoo shop Jaehyun own. He mostly runs the shop when Jaehyun is taking care of his daughter and playing house dad. These two are practically brothers and he was there when he saw his brother met the love of his life. To be honest, he never thought jaehyun will ever get married and thought they be bachelors for life. Doyoung and Minah get along well, at first he was intimidated by her but over time he can see she not so scary. Now he able to joke around with her and carry a conversation.  


Hwang Tiffany // 30 // Best Friend 


Minah and Tiffany met during their time they were studying abroad in the states. They got close during that year and continued their friendship over the years. Tiffany works for a Korea Vogue magazine  as chief fashion editor. Tiffany a naive happy go lucky girl who often get her heart broken and the one she goes to is no one but Minah. She be calling in the middle of the night crying at Minah of getting her heart broken again. Yeah, Tiffany has a habit for falling for handsome kpop idol looking boys and she always end up getting her heart broken. Despite minah being the younger one, she always end up being the big sister in their friendship and comforts her best friend. These two have girls day out since minah not about the club life anymore, but she does enjoy drinking at the comfort of her own home. 

Tiffany and Jaehyun get along well. Tiffany actually had eyes on him first but her eyes quickly change direction when she spoted Doyoung at the club during the time they first met. She often ask Jaehyun to hook those two up but he always warn Doyoung not a guy she should date. 
Kim Taeyeon // 30 // Best Friend 


Minah and Tiffany both met Taeyeon the semster they arrived back from studying abroad. They had few classes together and the three of them often studied together. Even though taeyon a bit older then Minah, for some reason calls minah unnie because of her serious personality. Taeyeon  works for human resource at the same company as Minah. Since they are the same company. The two of them often hang out during their free time, Taeyeon would run from her department all the way to Minah. They often face time tiffany, so the three of them hang. Unlike tiffany, she engaged to her long time boyfriend and the next one to be married in the friend group. 

When Taeyeon met Jaehyun she qas shocked cause he was the opposite Minah go for. The two of them  seem to hit it off well since both of them were social and playful by nature. 


Wu Maisie // 25 // Neighbor/ Friend


Minah met Maisie through Sehun who gave her contact information when Minah was looking for apartment. The two of them were quiet awkward with each other, Minah assum3e she had a intimadating aura, but over time they slowly got to know each other from running to each other  from inside and outside the apartment. Slowly their interaction and getting comfortable with each other led them to being good neighbor and friends. When Minah learn Waisie likes sweets, she actually got her sweets from Minah's favorite bakery as a kind gesture. Sometimes Minah would offer Minah some sweets and drinks at her place and the two of them would talk and eat the tasty treat. Minah always encourage to bring Maisie dog along, so both pets can have  play date. Minah honestly has fun to be with Maisie and finds it nice to have someone else to talk to that not her in immediate circle.  Surpringly, Minah and Maisie company go to the same resturant during  company dinner. When Minah does go instead of skipping out, she offers to take Maisie home and sent a message to Sehun. Minah thinks it easier since both of them live in the same complex. 

Jaehyun and Maisie seem to right away get along and the fact he was a tattoo artist. When Maisie told him wanting a tattoo, he drew up few desins for her when she ready of getting it.  He see maisie as a friendly neighbor, but also Minah friend since Minah invites her over for sweets and play dates with the dog.
✤ Oh SeHun // 27 // Neighbor/ Friend


Minah met Sehun first  at her company, he was hired at a event coordinator a company end of the year party. Somehow she ends up in the position of running it cause no one met with her expectation. Surpringly, Sehun met with her guideline when he presented her his idea for party. The topic of apartment came when she briefling mention she currenty looking and Seuhun right away gave his wife contact information. Sehun became a regaulr hired event coordinatior for the company when events are being held since he knows how to get the job done well.  These two seem to become good friends after since Maisie and Minah got close and tend to have play dates with their dogs. Also, when Minah happen to be at the same resturnat as Maisie he would shoot him a message that she will drive his wife back home .

Jaehyun occasionally meets with Sehun by running into him here and there when he comes home. They tend to walk dogs around the same time, so they often walk the dog together and they would talk.They often talk about their wives and joke around about them.


Yoon Hyemi // 54 // Owner of Eden Hall 


Minah first met Hyemi during moving day and Hyemi went over to see the new tendents.  The two were talking and Hyemi happen to ask where her husband was. She was honestly expecting a tall handsome businessman coming up, but she didn't expect Minah to point at Jaehyun who was carrying boxes up to their place. Hyemi clearly didn't expect that, but that change when she saw Sarang following her father beside him and she starting talking how she wished Sehun and his wife start to have grandchildren even asking how they were blessed with a cute child. Minah honestly said...a default on a pregnancy pill. Jaehyun on the other hand staight up said his genes are warriros that defeats the odds. Earning a glare from Minah.  Overall, Minah tolerates with Hyemi since she is the landlady. She can't complain as much since the rent is afforable and the place they are in is nice. 

Jaehyun on the other hand, seems to get long with Hyemi really well. Minah claims they look like old ladies gossiping on the side of the apartments. Jaehyun often ask tips on how to cheer up his wife and some reason Hyemi always encourage that will save everything.




Minah met Jaehyun at a popular night club during one of Minah's girls' night with her best friend, Tiffany, and Taeyeon. Minah just came out of a 2-year relationship, with a man she thought might be different from the rest. Turns out he cheated on her with his co-worker. Two years wasted on a man who didn't deserve all her attention and two years she will never get back. Minah honestly was glad two trash can be together. Yes, she was hurt, his reasons for his actions were so stupid just because she was too serious and dominate for a woman. She was honestly glad that he didn't waste any more time with him cause he felt his masculinity was at risk cause of her. She thought he could shove this typical woman idea up his for all she cared.

Minah was at the bar after an hour of dancing. Clubs are not her thing. She not into loud music and hot sweaty people grinding against each other, but she into the drinks. During the time, Jaehyun was quite a womanizer and he saw an alone Minah sitting at the bar sipping on her drink and he waltzes his way over to keep her company. When the two couples met for the first time, Minah was annoyed as she just wants to relax and sip her drink. Jaehyun didn't seem fazed by her when she gave him a cold shoulder when he flirted with her. He likes a bit of challenge and he continues to talk. Minah finally had enough as she was not in the mood to hook up with anyone, plus she can sense what kind of man he is. 

"Shut up and go find yourself some other girl who would fall for your stupid pick up lines." 

Usually, Jaehyun knows when to quit but her being annoyed at him was quite fun. He called her "ice queen" and Minah tried to make him stop it but end up giving up when Jaehyun continues to tease saying her reaction was cute. Jaehyun tries to gain her favor and stop the flirt act and just get her a drink. Minah eased up a bit when he gave her drink and give him a chance when the two talking, getting to know a little about each other. They were starting to enjoy each other company. It was not until Jaehyun's past fling spot him and interfere when the two were talking. Minah sensing the type of man that he is when the girl nagged at him for ghosting her, she quickly escaped before Jaehyun could say anything. When Jaehyun tried to look for the mystery woman but end up realizing he never got her name, besides calling her Ice Queen. 

It was a few weeks since the two last met and Jaehyun seem to not get her off his mind. She was different from the others. It was not until Minah and her two friends walked into his tattoo shop when it was about to close. Tiffany and Taeyeon were out dancing and suddenly wanted to get a tattoo. Minah was dragged into the mess. Doyoung apologizes that they were unable to take anymore but Jaehyun seems to stop them from leaving when he came out of his office and sees his mystery queen in front of him.

" Fate." he thought to himself.

Minah was shocked that she sawed the idiot from the nightclub again. When she insisted on leaving since the shop was closing, Jaehyun swiftly disregard it and took them in. Minah didn't think of getting a tattoo and next thing she knew she was sitting on the chair and Jaehyun was doing her tattoo. She chooses two butterflies on her back as she was able to hide it easily. At first it was awkward, but Jaehyun dog Chopper came to the room and sat in front of Minah who was excited and kept petting him so the two eventually talked about the dog. Jaehyun was telling her a bunch of stories of Chopper as he tattooed her. When everything was finished, Minah went to pay, and Jaehyun claims it was on house and instead want to have dinner with her. Minah insisted on paying still but he still refused and took her out to eat when he closed the shop. The two of them had dinner at a Korean bbq and they were there for hours drinking and eating bbq. They were talking about each other lives, slowly learning about each other. When the two called it a night, Jaehyun gave his number to her and told her to text him anytime especially if she wants to see Chopper again.

Chopped was honestly the reason the two kept seeing each other cause a week after, Minah message Jaehyun if she could stop by and see Chopper after work, cause his face to seem to melt her trouble away. Eventually Minah would stop periodically bring dog treats with her. She would honestly visit and play with the dog and Jaehyun would drop what he was doing and hang out with minah. She would always nag at him to go back to work. Since their fate meeting, Jaehyun been starting to have feelings for Minah. He slowly stopped seeing other women cause the only woman's attention he wants was from his ice queen.  Minah however was honestly ignoring her feeling for Jaehyun despite always having a fun time being together. Even though she comes to see Chopper at first, it soon eventually led to just going to see Jaehyun. Just spending time with him made her feel at ease after a long day of work. She never laughs so much till she met him. Eventually she came to terms that she was having feelings for that idiot. 

Soon enough when both realize their feeling for each other, Jaehyun finally gathers some courage and asked her to be his during a night stroll after eating. Jaehyun showed her his favorite spot where they can gaze at stars.

" My Ice queen will you be mine?" 

" Of course, my idiot." 

Next thing she knew, Jaehyun was running around in joy screaming out.

" Choi Minah finally mine!" 


When the two began to date, their friends were quiet shock of the complete opposite couple. Minah especially shocked people around her as she usually goes for the clean cute white collar man, but now she in a relationship with a guy a complete 180' from a guy she usually dates. Many of those close to them were supportative and the two didn't pay close to attention on those who view their relationship negatively. The two of them were happy and in love . That what matter to them. 

Minah and Jaehyun dated about two years before Jaehyun popped the question and asked Minah to marry him. It was at the spot where they first became a couple. Of course, she said yes and Jaehyun nevered smiled so hard in his life when the love of his life said yes to him. Both minah and Jaehyun knew they wanted to spend the rest of thier life with each other. 

" I hope you know, you stuck with me forever?"

" I don't want it any other way." 



Post Marriage 

Just few weeks after coming back from their honeymoon, they recieved the news that Minah was pregnant. it was a huge surprise considering they were not planning it and Minah was on the pill. Minah had to take a series of test to make sure she was pregnant. The two of them didn't expect to be parents right away besides being a parents to Chopper cause these two have yet to get use to living with each other. it took a bit of time and when they were about to get use to that routine, Minah gave birth to Sarang. Being a parent was a whole new level in their relationship. It was a challange, but the two of them seem to push through and they believe Sarang gave then a new level of love for each other. Even though they didn't planned it, they would never change a single thing.

When Minah finish her maturnity leave, Jaehyun decided he be the one taking care of her when his wife at work. Jaehyun not a huge fan of leaving his baby at a strange place since he is his own boss, he decided he bring Sarang to his shop. Since he quit spoking since the birth of his daughter, he completly rerenvated his tattoo shop. He made sure his tattoo shop was now safe for his daughter, he even banned smoking in his shop. In his office, it also Sarang sleeping corner when Jaehyun puts her down to sleep. He only goes in when he has a client or to check out everything in the shop. Sarang and Chopper tags along of course. He has an area where Sarang can be in, chopper of course there and he can keep an eye on while he works. If she needs him, he right there, sometimes his workers or doyoung helps out if Jaehyun got his hand busy. 


✤ Because of work and parent life, they don't really have much alone together, but when the couple do have alone time, they take advantage of it. When Sarang distracted or sleeping, the couple take it as their full advantage. If they don't have much time until Sarang notice them missing, they would be in the corner stealing a moment like a kiss. They would do anything from cuddling on the bed with facemask on,  sneaking in some love making, sipping on a glass of wine while watching a movie in the living room , or just talking to one another catching up on anything and knowing how things are going. Usually their quiet time is when they do things as couple.

✤ Jaehyun lives off teasing and annoying Minah. He claims seeing her pissed off and annoyed with him cute since she always so composed and serious. He likes for her to relax a bit and for her to stop being uptight. Minah claims she gets annoys and dislike it, but when Jaehyun doesn't do it. Deep down she secretly feels like something missing, but usually when she thinks that that boy does something stupid to get her blood boiling again.

✤If they have an arguement, they have to talk it out. They promise to never go to bed angry, cause who wants to wake up pissed off. Minah claims she has too much stress already waking up to and she rather settle it before going to bed. If they have to talk all night they will, but usually they make up before it comes to that and they always have to kiss goodnight.

✤ When Jaehyun knows he did something wrong/ in trouble with his wife, he would buy her favorite pudding from the bakery and use Sarang to give it to her as he looks from the corner  with sad puppy eyes for forgivness. He would give prep talk to Sarang to be extra EXTRA cute in hopes for daddy to be alive. The pudding and Sarang cute love usually works and Minah less hard on him, but she does give him a lecture.

✤ When Minah having a bad day, she usually calls Jaehyun, sometimes hearing his voice seem to help ease her trouble. Jaehyun knows when she really having a rough day at work when she hugs him instantly she comes home and mumbles she needs extra love today. Usually the hug can  be enough till Sarang in bed and Jaehyun and Minah will cuddle. Minah always keeps her probelms to herself, but Jaehyun usually the only person she evers talks to, so she would talk while he holds her close. usually she feels better once she talks her problem out and he gives his intake on what she should do.


✤ Even though Jaehyun will never leave her and their daughter, Minah fear one day Jaehyun would have enough of her and leave her just like her father did with her mother with another woman. Jaehyun often have to defend himself his love and loyality for her. He tries not to get too upset with her cause he understand  events in her life made her think that way, but it does lead to bickering with Minah insensitive comments before Jaehyun ends it with her by holding her tight and saying he not letting go till she understands that he won't leave her, finishing off with a small spank on the as punishment for thinking that way of him.

✤ Jaehyun being too childish/ irresponsible at times and Minah would complain that he needs to grow up. Jaehyun thinks because he owns a tattoo shop he can do whatever he want. On days he has to be at the shop for a client, he at the kid amusement park, zoo, aquarium , etc with Sarang or he just randomly disappears from the shop. All workers know, if Sarang is not there that means he taken off. When Doyoung can't reach Jaehyun, the person to call is Minah. Which pissed off Minah cause she hates slackers even if it her husband. She will call him, telling his to go to work and not to use their daughter as a excuse to run away from responsibilities. When they at home, Minah would scold at him claiming she raising two children instead of one  because of his reckless behavior. She gets more pissed off when jaehyun claims he does this to create happy memories for their daughter. Of course he promise to behave next time, but Minah knows he going to do it again.

Jaehyun's schedule

✤ Jaehyun has an easy morning schedule since he doesn't really have to go to the tattoo shop till 9am, but he wakes up around 6:00am. Depending if Sarang come during the night to sleep with them, if she not there. They would honestly sneak some cuddling or a quickie before Minah heads to shower. Usually he sleeps a bit more or plays with Sarang till Minah finishes getting ready.
✤7:00AM- He takes a shower when Minah finishes and she takes care of Sarang. 
✤7:20am - Jaehyun ready and he would have breakfast. The couple will talk about what their plans for the day while both alternate taking turns with feeding Sarang. Jaehyun usually watch Sarang as Minah cleans up and packs lunch.
✤8:00am- He would kiss Minah goodbye, before he gets Sarang ready for the day.
✤8:30am- Leaves the house and goes takes Chopper on a walk while heading to the shop. (unless Jaehyun decides to skip that day )
✤ 8:45am - He arrived to the shop and sets up for the day, usually other workers be there. He checks on his clients schedule that day, he might have consoltations with potential clients or have tattoo sessions. 
✤ 1:30pm- Usually have the lunch with Sarang with the food  Minah packed for them. He usually takes an hour break during that he takes Chopper for another walk.
✤ 6:15pm Normally around this time, he will head home. He could leave earlier or later depending on his client session he had that day but if he skipped work. He home by 5pm from going out with Sarang or staying home playing princess with Sarang. He the one in charge of dinner, so he cooks dinner before his wife comes home.
✤7:00pm Minah would come home (unless she works over time or have company dinner) and they have dinner before Minah goes and get Sarang ready to sleep. Jaehyun would clean up and wash tv by then and if he feeling like a working mood, will do some sketches.
✤8:30pm, he finishes playing and the couple will put Sarang to sleep
✤8:45pm- Is when the couple will have their time for themselves. They would either do what they need need to do as a couple or having alone time. 
✤10:00pm - Usually in bed together honestly depending on that day but usually they would finish off their night just cuddling and talking about just about anything. Before falling asleep

Minah Schedule

✤6:00am- wakes up, usually checks her emails and 10 mins checking Jaehyun usually wakes up and is needy for attention. Usually they cuddle or have a quickie (unless their daughter there), or talking to each other while  Minah caressing his head. 
✤6:30am- usually up and out of bed , heads to the bathroom to shower and gets ready
✤7:00am- gets ready quick before she greets Sarang  and let her husband get ready. She usually cooks a quick simple breakfast and pack everyone lunch, while giving food to Chopper. She usually plays Sarang favorite show so she distracted as she gets her things done.
✤ 7:20am: Have breakfast and talks with Jaehyun going over their day and task that needs to be done.  When breakfast over, she finishes getting ready and do any touch up
✤8:00am- She kissed Sarang and Jaehyun farewell and heads to work. 
✤8:20am- Arrives at work, usually like to arrive half an hour early in case she has a 9am meeting or get a head start with everything so she has less work to do later.
✤ Works till 6:30pm, unless she has to work over time or force to go to company dinner (tries her best to get out of unnessescary ones as she rather be home with her family, but there some she can get out of, espeacially if it with a client, higher ups, or Chairman).
✤ 7:00pm- arrives home cause she never leaves on time or she stops to get pasteries. 
✤ 7:15pm- changes to comfortable clothes and eats dinner. Spends some family time together 
✤ 8:00pm- washes and sets Sarang to bed
✤8:45pm- Could be either alone time, or spedning time as a couple. Depending on their day, if they are doing their own thing, she sneaks watching couple anime shows or read some manga (guilty pleasure)
✤10:00pm usually in bed, if they been doing their own thing, will use this time as couple time and rewind with each other. 


On weekened it usually their family time, where they spend the whole day together, unless something comes up such as Jaehyun having a client  or Minah has an emergency at work. The two do their best to do family activities together and also relaxing time where they take it easy that day. Besides family time, it also the time where the couple can can get things out like going out doing errands. Minah would sometimes take Sarang to do errands with her (shopping) so Jaehyun can have alone time, he can go out with friends or be in his studio and do art projects that day. Once a month, there a girl / guy night out where both will go out with friends while the other at home taking care of Sarang. 

✤ Married on May 12, 2016
✤ They went to Hawaii for their honeymoon for 2 weeks.
✤ Minah gets annoyed/pissed when people question why she decide marry Jaehyun esp when they tell her she could have done better. 
✤ Jaehyun would help Minah choose her outfit of the day. 
✤ Minah was one of the reason why Jaehyun quit smoking, during the time they were dating she said he had to quit, cause she wants to grow old with him and she would smack him back alive if he die before her. He secretly smoked when he was in his shop , but when Sarang was born that when he completely ended his smoking habbit.
✤ Once or twice per month, depending on schedule they set up a date for just the two of them. The couple will get their friends, Minah's brother to watch the little princess. 
✤ The couple don't use condoms, why cause both feels it better without, so Minah still use the pill even though the pill had failed her already.
✤ They want to have a second child, but they have both their hands full and want to devote their attention to their daughter for now. In a year or two, they are open to having another child.
✤ Their friends/ acquitance were quiet shock of the news of their relationship cause both of them seem completly opposite and thought it be just a fling. Overtime, they realize the two of them were made for each other
✤ Minah is good at cooking traditional korean food while Jaehyun good at cooking international food.
✤ Minah doesn't mind Jaehyun's tattoo, she thinks it suits him and his choice and doesn't harm anybody.
✤The two of them are somewhat . Jaehyun once surprise Minah wearing just only an apron when she return home from work.Jaehyun let Jooheon  take Sarang to visit his mother in law for the weekened. A Perfect excuse to have fun with his wife.
✤When Minah gets ready for bed, her skin care involves a face mask. She drags Jaehyun do it with her.
✤ When Minah has time, she makes surprise visits at the tattoo shop . She usually buys treats for everyone at the shop as a thank you for dealing with her husband and continue to watch over him.
✤ The couple both a have a tattoo that represent Sarang. Jaehyun has Sarang baby footprints on his foot and Minah has Sarang name behind her left ear. 
✤ Minah's mother once took Sarang  back home early . The couple were doing it when she came and quickly tried to get clean up and make them look presentable. When Jaehyun open the door, he realize he forgot to take the other hand cuff off when Minah cuffed him to the bed. Minah was horrified the day and Yeongja was happy the couple was ually active in their relationship.
✤Jaehyun brings Minah favorite  pudding when he knows he is in trouble and when Minah upset Jaehyun, she makes him his favorite meal to cheer him up.
✤Minah favorite part of Jaehyun is his gummy smile, eyes and . For some reason, Minah likes to poke or squeeze his .
✤ Jaehyhun favorite part of Minah is her eyes and lips.


BACKUP : Kang Dongho

 Idiot/ My idiottMinah's nickname to Jaehyun, Jaehyun doesn't take offensive to the name as he knows she doesn't call him to be offensive and mean. Jaehyun likes it cause he claims he stupid in love with her.
Jae- a shorter version of his name, that friends and his wife would call him
Boss- His employee usually call him this when he at the shop working that day.
BIRTHDAY : June 18, 1990 (30 years old)
OCCUPATION: Tattoo Owner/ Tattoo artist
PROFANITY : Yes, but he does his best to control his mouth especially in front of his daughter. He typically speaks when he alone with friends or when he pissed off.
Gemini, ESFP, Blood Type B, Slytherin 

Positive: Sociable, Charismatic, Witty, Creative, Sensual, Practical

Neutraul: Independent, Warm-Hearted, Protective

Negative: Unpredictable, Sensitive, Irresponsible, Brusque, Mischievous 

Bang Jaehyun, is the definition the life of the party. He can make friends with just anyone, despite his intimadating outer appearance, it seems to right away disappear once people get to know him. Jaehyun can make friends with kids all the way to elderly. This boy is full of charms that can't help but make others around him like him. He is charismatic even Minah admits that Jaehyun has his way that makes him different from others that you can't help but like boy. Jaehyun knows how to make someone laughs, he not afraid to make a joke to himself if it can make someone laugh, especially Minah. He is witty and makes humerous remarks if it can lighten up the mood and make someone feel better. Creative, he hates staying inside the box. He has many things going on his head especially when it comes to his work as a tattoo artist. He loves his job as he listen to what his client want and let his creative juice flow and create art when he tattoos his art on the client body. Even when he comes with ideas or solutions that some don't even talk about. Jaehyun sensual, not only for ual pleasure, but his other senses. He likes to get his hands into things like art and create master pieces that pleases the eye. He even like to indulge in cooking for his taste and listen to music that please his ears.Surpringly, he is quiet practical, he is a do it type that makes his thoughts become to action. He is not the type that sits back, he makes it happen one way or another. 

Jaehyun is independent, not as strong as his wife but he knows how to pull on his own weight and doesn't rely much on everyone. However, he not afraid to rely on others for help. Jaehyun caring to those he trust and love only. He not the type that go out of his way to care for others, only those he consider good friend and family able to see that sweet caring side of him that many don't see often. Jaehyun has a carefree side about him, but he protective when it comes to his wife and daugther. He would do anything in his power to protect him, its brings a different side out of him when he becomes protective.

He tends to get easily bored and becomes restless as he looks for new excitment which usually means go to Minah and make her cure his boredome. This tend to lead him annoying her for attention and her being annoyed with him will ease his boredom. Jaehyun unpredictable, no one knows what that man will do. He can be a serious business man running a tattoo shop, before disappearing in the middle of the day going to amusement park with Sarang. Jaehyun is the sensitive type and can be emotional ( depending on the situation) he can easily react in anger or cry at a beautiful art that being displayed that happen to move him. When Sarang began to talk and her first words were Mama instead of Dada, he was sulking for two days cause Sarang was daddy girl. He is irresponsible and that what drives Minah crazy on how irresponsible her husband can be. Jaehyun tends to forget he a man who owns a busines but he likes to have fun and he " having special moments with Sarang " more important.  When Jaehyun doesn't like someone, he really shows it. There no holding back the man and he has no problem with his dislike of the person or the matter. He brusque and he shows it through his manner. He quickly switches off social charming boy to a true . Jaehyun is mischievous, there no knowing what goes on his head . For minah especially, he would pull pranks, do surprise visits to her office, just about anything to get her under her skina dn when she wabout to really yell at him. He quickly goes on puppy mode and ease his way back to his heart.


Jaehyun never had a family while growing up, since he could remember he always been in the foster system. His biological mother was young and naive and had him at the age of 16. Her parents decided for the future of their daughter, left Jaehyun at the doorsteps of a church.

Jaehyun been bouncing from foster home after another throughout his 18 years. He had the worst luck when being placed in his foster home. Jaehyun was place in 5 foster family. The first one, he was close of being adopted by them but when the parents got pregnant with their first child, Jaehyun was suddenly sent back. And that was the start of Jaehyun rough childhood. Since then he was placed in abusive, strict families throughout the course  of childhood and of course he rebel as the only person who will protect himself is him. On the day of his 18th birthday, he packed up his stuff and moved in with Doyoung. The only person he ever consider family. 

Art has always been something important to Jaehyun. It was the only thing that takes him out of his reality and made him forget his trouble he was in. Tattoo was a bit of a taboo in South Korea and it was associated with gangs. However, Jaehyun never thought of it that way and thought tattoos by itself are like art but on a human canvas. Each piece have it own story to tell. Jaehyun began his journey as a tattoo artist when he got his first piece done at 19. His mentor was his artist, and he was the reason for Jaehyun to discover his passion. His mentor, Kim Minho thought him everything about tattoos before he passed away due to illness. Minho never had family and Jaehyun during his years mentoring him was like family. He was like a father figure to Jaehyun even if it was few years that he was in his life. Minho passed his shop to Jaehyun who had the talent  to continue his business. Since then, Jaehyun was able to with his work was able to put the tattoo shop in the market as one of the best in Seoul. Jaehyun as a reputation for doing big celebrity tattoos. 
✤ Has about 15 tattoo through out his body and planning to get more. 
✤Favorite food is wife cooking, especially bulgogi and kimchi jjigae.
✤Has a car license and owns Jeep Wrangler
✤ Since he plays dress with Sarang, he often goes outside wearing a princess look that Sarang makes him dressed up in and he doesn't care if people judge him cause this for his daughter. 
✤ His wall paper is a family photo of Sarang, his wife and him
✤During his free time, he likes to paint or draw anything that comes in his mind or inspire him.
✤ Rarely gets angry, but a switch turn on if the safety of his family is in trouble.
✤ Wants to be the father figure he ever had for Sarang. Reason why he does anything for his daughter and create memories he never did as a child.
✤ Was a huge trouble maker when he was in school, gets into fight at least once a week. Teachers expected him to be a drop out and a bum
✤ Use to smoke, but quit for his family.
✤ When he plans to skip work ( cause he can cause he his own boss) he at least make sure there no client that he that day.
✤ Has done tattoo with lot of huge celebrity client. 
✤ He only works on the weekday, refuse to work on the weekened. He only ever works on the weekened when it a huge client and they pay extra for him to come that day.
✤Loves to joke around with people especially Minah, since she can be uptight, her getting taken off gaurd are the best.
✤ Hate disrespectful people, he not afraid to give them the same treatment back at them.
✤ Pepole who don't know judge him right away, thinking he a bad person, but seems to quickly change mind when he wins them over with his charm.

COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, SUGGESTIONS : I hope you like Choi Minah and Bang Jaehyun. I had lot of fun creating them.
✤ Jaehyun in trouble (again) from dipping out of work and using as sarang to give Minah her banana pudding  as he peeking from the corner with big puppy eyes
✤ A family moment with the three
✤ Group date night with all couples in the apartment 
✤ Minah and Maisie friendship moments
✤ Hyemi giving Jaehyun advice and Minah weirded out what her husband doing
✤Jaehyun and Minah moments <3
✤ All the wives have a girls night out


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