I realized something I should have realized along time ago (Please read because this is a worldwide problem everywhere)

So all the time from Kidnegarteen-7th grade I had horrible things done to me I use to get bullied every day. I would come home everyday telling my parents about the kids bothering me instead of telling them about the fun things in school. All the time I got bullied and I would hide it from everyone. One time in 7th grade I got a death threat and once that happend I realized somethign I should have done along time ago. I am not a doormat and I cannot just let everyone bully me and walk all over me like I am just a peice of carpet. And from that day on I never let anyone bully me again and I finally figured out that they do what they do becasue they know they can get a reaction out of it and they know they could hurt me in some way. I ignored the until they walk away and realize that it does not bother me. And now every time I see someone get bullied I put a end to it. Like today in school this kid had a funny mask on and was making fun of him and calling him a power ranger. I did not like that at all and you bet ya I told them of and I did that because I do not want to see what happend to me happend to anyone elese and I know I can't stop everyone from getting bullied but I want to stop as many Bullies as I can. And I one thing to say to all of you reading this don't be just that one kid in the corner watching the kids get bullied don't be a bystander. And don't be that one kid that targets kids put yourselfin there shoes would you want to be made fun of or be called names because of the way you look I don't think so. I want you to be the one to take action to stop bullying when you see it happening. If you any of you guys reading this and you need someone to talk to just send me a messsage. And if any of you guys reading this have been bullied or are still being bullied send me a message I would love to hear your storys I want to know how you guys delt with it or if you are still dealing with this. I have decided to every once in a while to write something like this. I hope you guys really took this message seriously because bullying is no joke share this with whoever I don't care. And people who are getting bullied just rember that you are not alone we are in this together.

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