Oatmeals story

About a year ago on a warm summer day a tiny cat came into our yard. She kept on meowing for food and attention. So we got some food for her and pet her a little bit. We thought she was just lost so we didn't think much of her. But as time passed she continued to stick around and we continued to feed her. We decided to name her oatmeal but we called her Oaters. She was so sweet and one of the must upbeat cats ever she welcome everyone that crossed her path. But then recently oatmeal started to get sick and then today someone came to our door and said there was a dead cat and I went out to see oatmeal lying on the ground stiff. I was so sad to see you like that it broke my heart. You were apart of the family and always will be. I love u oaters. I'm sorry I couldn't do anything for you. You detoriated so fast. I hope your out of pain now and are prancing around in heaven eating all the cat food you can ever want I know you would like that I promise we will be reunited again. Love you oatmeal may you rest in peace.

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