Help me

So a while ago I posted stories a lot. And posted frequently, since then I have forgotten some of the new usernames of the people who made amazing posters for my stories, cause some of them changed their usernames. I plan to still write stories on here, but I also want to take them to diffrent platforms too. But I want to give them the proper credit. So if you have made posters for any of the following stories then please do let me know I would like to give you proper credit the stories are as follows with the names of the users old usernames. I think one of them didn't change but I still wanted to out it in their just in case

Memories of the past- TakenbyJungoo

We are closer then we think- TakenbyJungoo

It's one or the other TakenbyJungoo

Sincerely yours- Moon-Walker

Partners in crime- Lazy Graphics Shop

Love Struck- Lazy Graphics shop

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