Hey guys it's me Watermelonlover59 and I'm back I know it's been a while since I have been on and updated my stories or talked to anyone. I was gonna be on during the summer but I decided to take care of mental health first but I'm doing much better now and ready to be back. Not much to update on life but I did start school and I'm a junior now so that's fun. If you have discord and would like to chat my Username and Tag is Jungkookieoppa101#8748 don't be afraid to message me on there or here. I hope everyone is doing alright and ok. So that this isn't a super short I will do this Blog this I did like a year ago and you should do it also here is the link to my Original one just going to combine the 3 I did now. 

Name- Emma


Fears:heights, being alone, death

3 things I love- music, friends, family

4 turn ons- Being caring, open minded, enjoying cuddling, fluffy hair lmao

4 turn offs- ignorance, bad breath, rudeness, not using common sense

My best friend- A couple of my friends on discord I can't pick just one

ual orientation- Straight 

My first date- Never been on one

How tall am i- 5'6

Favorite color- yellow

Favorite quote- "I would rather die than live without passion". -Jeon jungkook

Favorite food- bananas 

Do I use sarcasm- ofc

Shoe size- 9 in women

Eye color- one blue eye and one green eye

Hair color- Brown

Favorite style of clothing- either athletic shorts or sweat pants, a t-shirt of some kind, and a hoodie

Favorite movie- Charlotte's web

Favorite Song- K-pop:Euphoria English:Heavy

What is the worst injury I’ve ever had- I've had some bad ankle sprains in the past but that's pretty much it.

What is you username? Does it have a meaning

Watermelonlover59 and it my first ever username I ever created and I first used and still is my roblox username (you should totally add me shawty come on you know you wanna play roblox)

How many years have you been writing on AFF?

Almost 3 years now

How many fanfics have you written/publised?

Currently 9

Who usually features in your stories?

Bts and other K-pop bands

What is your first Story? Have you re-read it?

In trouble with love, of course I have re-read it

What is your favourite story that you have written?

Probally partners in crime but it isn't done yet

What inspires your stories?

Songs or my dreams 

Do you have any stories you regret or would want to change.

No, the reason is they show my growth that I have had in writing and I learn more each time I out a chapter or story

Do you have any pet peeves when you write?

Let's see autocorrect, autocorrect, and autocorrect 

Do you see yourself writing in 10 years from now? Where do you see yourself going?

I will definitely be writing on here mostly likely but I can't see myself doing this as a career in 10 years I will probably be out of college and be getting ready to start a family

Are You Named After Anyone?


When Was The Last Time You Cried?

Yesterday, I had a really bad headache 

Do You Have Kids? If No, How Many Do You Want?

I mean I'm 15 so no. But I think I want around 4 but idk we will just have to wait and see

If You Were Another Person, Would You Be A Friend Of Yourself?

Depends, maybe if I knew myself 

Do You Use Sarcasm A Lot?


What’s The First Thing You Notice About People?

There personality, like are they shy or more outgoing 

What Is Your Eye Color?

One blue and one green eye 

Scary Movie Or Happy Endings?
Happy endings but I like my scary movies

Favorite Smells?

I like warm scented things like, vanilla, coconut, and apple 

What’s The Furthest You’ve Ever Been From Home?

Minnesota which is like 8 hours from where I live

Do You Have Any Special Talents?
Super flexible

Where Were You Born?

What’s Your Zodiac Sign? Do You Believe In It?

Libra and yes the personality is pretty accurate and describes me 

What Are Your Hobbies?

Gaming, drawing, and watching anime

Do You Have Any Pets?
Haha let me get out my list

Yeah I have a cat

Do You Have Any Siblings?
Yes 2 older brothers 1 in heaven 2 older sisters 1 In heaven and 1 younger step brother 

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?
Mechanical engineer 

Who Was Your First Best Friend?
A girl named gloria but then she moved we haven't talked since

How Tall Are You?
I am 5’6

What Is The Least Favorite Thing About Yourself?

My confidence

Funniest Moment Throughout School?

That's hard to pick just one, probably hoemcomeing we were all just dancing and messing around 

How Many Countries Have You Visited?
I’ve never left the US

What Was Your Favorite/Worst Subject In High 

English I'm good at it but don't like to read

What Is Your Favorite Drink? Animal? Perfume?

Drink- diet coke

Animal- turtle

Perfume- Any that are bath and body works

What Would You (Or Have You) Name Your Children?
If I had a girl Iris

If I had a boy either Malachi or Ren

What Sports Do You Play/Have You Played?
Can't really play many ports cause of medical reasons but I do like basketball and volleyball

Who Are Some Of Your Favorite YouTubers?

This will be along list xD but I’ll link them so you guys could see what they are like

Aphmau, Labrant Fam, Familia Diamond, Piper Rockelle and all of her squad members 

28. How Many Girlfriends/Boyfriends Have You Had?

I have had 3

29. Favorite Memory From Childhood?

I'm still a child but currently meeting my neice and nephew

How Would You Describe Your Fashion Sense?
Not bad 

What Phone Do You Have? (IOS V Android?)


Tell Us One Of Your Bad Habits!

Telling myself I'll never find love 

3 Things That Upset You?

1. When people dont listen when I'm talking 

2. When people mock me

3. When people break there promise

3 Things That Make You Happy?

2. Food

3. Listening to music 

How Is Your Relationship With Parents?

It's ok I guess

What’s On Your Mind?

Should I get a snack?

What’s Your Talent?


One Word That Describes You?

What’s Your Favorite Quotes?
"I would rather die than live without passion "

Any Pets?

What Is The Farthest You’ve Been From Home?

Are You An Extrovert Or Introvert?


Are You Left Or Right Handed?
Right but can write with left

Do You Consider Yourself A Good Cook?

Does Your Name Have A Special Meaning?

If Money Were No Object What Would You Get For Your Next Birthday?


If You Could Live Anywhere In The World Where Would It Be?

Florida but there's let's of crime 

What’s Your Favorite Gadget?

My phone

What’s Your Longest Relationship So Far?

My longest relationship lasted 2 and a half years I still care a lot for them but we are better friends then a couple 

Anyways that's all if your still here there I love you, your amazing and if you wanna copy and paste the format and do it to I would love to see it *Hugs and Kisses*. Bye


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