Can you help me...? (is this plagiarism?)

EDIT 19/12/18

The story was taken down by mods, but the author reposted the story

Lmao why is this happening to me what do I do now


Earlier in the day, I got a message from a user saying that they found a story that has similar plot with my story Dragon's Treasure. If you've read the story and remember how it goes, please help me deciding what to do about this matter :') 

This is the story that has similar plot with mine:

The first thing I noticed is that the author is subscribed to Dragon's Treasure, which means they've read it before. The story starts up in similar way: The omega was sold by his mother, then taken away to be trained as a heartless assassin, and then he was sent to kill an alpha king. The omega was told that the alpha king is evil (even though he wasn't) and the omega ended up getting his heat in the process. 

At first, I thought that it's normal to see stories with the same omegaverse au like mine, but after reading the first few chapters, I notice that the scenes in their story and mine are too similar to be called coincidence. I'll give you some examples or proofs or whatever you call them.


In my story, there was an assassin who took the main character away in the beginning of the story:


In their story, there's also a very similar scene: 

In my story, there's a scene where Tao hesitates to kill because of a certain reason: 


In their story, there's also a similar scene with similar reason too:

In my story, there's a scene where Tao was told about Yifan: 


In their story, there's also a similar scene lol:


There are still a lot of similar things that I found in their story, but I can't screenshot them all cause then this post will be too long and I'll be wasting your time :'). I was told about this by a reader, which means that it's not only me who found the similarity in our plots. I'm not sure I can blatantly call this plagiarism since the author didn't copy word-by-word, they just take like 50% of the idea and made it into their own story, so I really don't know how to deal with this. 

Should I messaged the author and call them out? Should I comment on their story? 

Honestly, I hate to have my idea stolen so much that I even think about removing the story from AFF all togehter, but it's a ty thing to do cause I know there are people who like that story and it's selfish for me to take it down just because of this, but I really despise it when things like this happen because I worked really hard to come up with the plot and someone else just took a chunk of it and made it their own without saying anything to me. 

Can you help me about this? What should I do?

Should I just take my story down lmao I'm tired



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