Forward, she goes.


How does one move from one place to another? There's a term for it in science, right? Or in physics was it? 


In physics, "motion" refers to the change in position of an object over time.

I remembered having this (sort of) debate with my nephew about what motion really means. I firmly said that it is required for an object to change its location in order for it to be considered doing a motion. 

"What if it moves but doesn't change place?" he asked.

"Then there's no motion done." I answered.

"What if it does many movements but still remained in its place?"

"Still, no motion." 


I was so sure back then of what I was saying. Google can't be wrong anyway. In physics, that's how things are.


But how about when it comes to moving on? It should be consisted of two things: "moving" and "on".

TBH, I've only done the moving part. Now as to on... Well, maybe I'll take more time? I'm just moving but not yet able to change place or location. Anyway, it is said that motion involves time. 

And sadly, I need all the time that I can get.



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