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If Love Is Your Hunger, Eat Me





These are the fics I've posted, currently are working on or plan to - just so you all know what to expect ^^;  


*I will update the different boxes when I post new fics or have new fics to add that I'm writing or going to write




Currently Posted

Night With Wine - A ty one-shot with the pairing JongTae involving wine. Hinted OnKey.

If Love Is Your Hunger, Eat Me - A vampiric based fic with multiple pairings but the main pair being Jonghyun and Taemin.

Within The Bunker - A WWII-based fic with the pairings of JongTae and OnKey.

Breaking Kibum - A dark fic with the main character as Kibum, and multiple pairings.

Dressing GownsA one-shot with the pairing TaeKey, in a hotel room together on a holiday in Europe.

One Shot - A one-shot of JongTae that I want to expand on.


Potential* Fics In Progress (Titles May Change)

*May or may not be written or posted

Breaking Kibum (Part II) - A small update on the characters lives a few years after the events of the first fic.

The Six-Year-Old, Her Mother, And The Teacher - A fluffy JongTae multiple chaptered fic based on a little girl and her mother and the teacher.

{no title} - A saucy rated M Mafia based fic with the pairing OnKey (not sure on the length)

{no title} - A MinKey one-shot with the theme of kidnapping.

{His Warmth, His Hugs} - An OnKey drabble based on Onew hugging Key and how Key perceives the 'innocent' hugs.




Currently Posted

That Attire, Makes Me Dire - A cross-dressing ty one-shot with the pairing XiuChen because... why not.

Pen To Paper - An experimental teacher-student one-shot I started with the pairing TaoHun and now writing it as a chaptered fic. 

Destroy The KaiSoo - A funny crack pairing one-shot of TaoSoo with the rest of the EXO members from OT12 involved.


Potential* Fics In Progress (Titles May Change)

*May or may not be written or posted

{Please Understand Me} - Omegaverse fic where timid Beta!Sehun has to convince Omega!Baekhyun that he can find someone who wants him and that they're closer than he thinks... 

{no title} - A crack fic with KaiSoo and JongTae from SHINee where being a Zombie can also come with having a horrible temper.

{SOO Ticklish} - A cute Reader x Kyungsoo (D.O) fic where the evil Soo decides the perfect punishment for you is tickling... until you find out just how ticklish he is back.




Potential* Fics In Progress (Titles May Change)

*May or may not be written or posted

Their First Kiss - LeoxRavi one-shot where N has to help Leo with his insecurities of his relationship with Ravi!
*uploaded before but taken down as I felt it needed more depth for storyline

{Please Don't Go} - LeoxReader where Leo takes you out on a date but when it's time for you to go he holds onto you!

{no title} - RavixKen one-shot ty bedroom scene.

{no title} - NxReader where N wants to talk to you but you just want to sleep, he ends up coming to see you and things develop from there.



Feel free to share your ideas on any of them!

E.g - I think ___ should be written because of ____. 


I think ____ should have a part 2!

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