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I also make all of the images that are in my stories so far.


Feel free to PM me. I'll attempt a conversation with you for sure! 

I usually steer towards SHINee but I’ve occasionally written EXO 

I try and stick to only writing about the members as OC’s and such get awkward (she says adding OC's in)

Although, I’m not as good as a lot of the amazing writers on there that just implode my mind with their writing skill (seriously they’re amazing), I still enjoy writing.

Feel free to comment or PM me on a fic or idea you have about a couple and if I use it or write a one-shot using your suggestion or idea, I'll let you know if I've used your idea in another chaptered fic or a one-shot and credit you! I enjoy input and comments from others.


Anyway, thank you for reading.



About Me


My name is Kyungsoo's Wife. 

I wish... Just call me Exceeding! ^^;

It's a pleasure to be writing until my fingers bleed onto my keys, stressing until my eyes fall out, and publishing fanfiction for lovely readers such as yourselves. 

Please enjoy (well try to) anything I publish, it can be a bit crazy, a bit sad or just completely messed up but people will still enjoy it so pahh! 

Don't be scared to message me!  

I don't hate KaiSoo, it's quite cute but sh.

However: JongTae is love JongTae is life.

And OnKey is just amazing. 

I also ship OnTae, MinKey and other idols, (Ravi and Leo and Ken from VIXX but let's not get into that.) 


Group : Bias

SHINee : Key


VIXX : Leo

U-KISS : Soohyun




If you have any questions, just PM me!