abandoned webtoon

Idk if you all know about this, but I used to be an artist and I have always been drawing instead of writing. So I was browsing through some webtoons last night and I found.....my webtoon LMAO yeah it's the webtoon that I created and uploaded but then abandoned bc I got a job and had no time to continue it anymore ajshdgfhjgh it's only 2 chapters posted what am i doing with life


Last update was 2 years ago but I still receive notification of people who are commenting on that abandoned webtoon until these days. I feel really sad seeing them commenting stuff like "pls update this i've been waiting for so long :(" or "this is so good, why did you stop updating?", though I also get some rude comments like "you're just lazy to update this" or "boo you choose work over your webtoon" which is kind of funny HAHAHA

I remember browsing through the comment section and cried a little seeing so many people supporting my trashy webtoon with tRASHY ART AND TRASHY GRAMMAR i'm so ashamed of myself

I actually liked the plot for this webtoon yeah I've wrote down the entire plot so the only thing I have to do is just draw and idk maybe someday when I'm no longer this busy, I might try to continue it (if I still remember how to draw) and by that time, I may not be writing fics anymore because writing and drawing take a lot of time and it's impossible for me to handle 2 at once hahaha i ain't a superhuman

But it's still far away in the future tho. Right now I'm still busy working my off to pay my shopping bills and feed my botomless stomach 

For those who have read it pls tell me if i should keep it or delete it from the website hahahah thanksssss



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Wow, why is the universe so unfair? You got all the awesome talents!!!
I checked it and woah! you are really talented to this field (graphics and etc.). y so gifted? :c and look at me i am just potato. it'll be nice if you'll continue it. you really left your readers hanging lmao
sehunexom #3
omggg you're so talented!!!! haha hope you got back in the mood to continue it sometime later!!!
Omg you're so talented???? That looks so good?????
Of course you should keep it in the website! Might not be updated but you can't take down something so beautiful;-;
I have never read any webtoon before yours, josilka. I don't have that much of interest to begin with. I'm not saying this because you are one of my precious friends but your art made me see webtoon in better light. you have talent and you are willing to put an extra effort to make this webtoon happened. you are an amazing artist.
Wow... gambarnya keren.. suka banget mata ceweknya... sama covernya juga. Keren.
Aku nggak bisa komen di webtoon nya, load page nya aneh di hpku T_T

Btw, apakabaaaaarrrr.... epep muuuu...??? Hihihi
aku belom baca... huhuhu kangen baby Taotao.
Yang malaikat itu juga aku belom beres bacanya, padahal kemaren udah nemu epep mu yg baru2... God, aku ngapain aja ya.. sigh
Your drawing is so good! I want to know about what will happen in your webtoon, but then you said that you might stop writing fics TT and I can't give up on your beautiful fics TT
You should keep itv^^
JiYuKuo #9
have u read the Unknown Call? or the shriek?
Oh my God I can't believe it! You are not only an amazing writing you are also a great artist! The drawing were awesome!! I really like it!
Girl, you never stop to amaze me!
FakeLove #11
Just checked the webtoon. Damn you're a very talented girl. Just keep it, don't delete, It's really good T.T