Big Bang last dance MV analysis

Not a VIP but damn the MV got me so emotional (thank god I heard FXXK IT first I was jamming so badly to it lol). They're some of the strongest going group from the 2nd gen that still has high public support, and god if words can even explain how as a Cassiopeia, my envy for them keeping their lineup.



I think this song is about Big Bang's fear of losing fame and fans by the time they return from the army.

There's a lot of scenes shot in empty, isolated places that definitely were bustling with activities once upon a time (eg the theatre, the warehouse/factory); and when there are scenes with people, the member is being ignored by them (seungri), deserted by them (daesang), or the people rushing to somewhere else (just like how public only has eyes for the "hot" group). For the case of GD's scene, he was ignored by everyone except that one girl who invites him for the one last dance. I feel like the girl represents VIPs who have grown up and have greater responsibilities such as work and family and hence cant dedicate to the group as they used to, and that's why Jiyoung looks so reluctant as he dances with her (and he lost his dance partner in the end right).

GD also had a lot of scenes where he's seen standing/sitting high above on a plank, overlooking on the city. I think this contains two meanings. Initially, this is because BB is at the top, looking down. But afterwards, he looks all alone because BB is known as a huge senior artist, but that's only the past (just like the other 1st & 2nd gen groups, people vaguely remember them as legends, but only a minority are still active fans). GD was chosen for this because he's leader so he best represents Big Bang.

Taeyang also has a quick flashback scene in his solo shot, where he watched 5 kids play around in the set (which consists of musically related things like the piano) while smiling fondly. It represented the young Big Bang, I guess, and this scene may stand to represent how the members may actually think in the future (its likely that they'll see even less of each other and have different focus of career, and I'm not sure if they still dorm together but even if they still do they'll eventually live on their own) so they can only look back at past memories of themselves.

The crash of the theatre may symbolise their musical failure in the sense that people aren't attending their concerts and events anymore, hence the many papers (flyers) scattered on the floor, ignored, and the theatre can no longer stand without its audience to fill up the arena.

And of course, there's the applause, which represents recognition, past glory and what all artists crave for, and the accompanying scenes were all happy, joyful; then there's the final closeup on Seungri, his eyes shone with something I can't put into exact words (forlorn? pride? "ah those are the days"? idk its hard to put in an exact word or phrase). I think by ending it with the applause, Big Bang is trying to make it end on a hopeful note or sth.


Idk. This is kind of what's happening in my two bias groups (DBSK & SJ) and I think it's possible that Big Bang fears the unknown future and the inevitable loss of fame. Or maybe I'm over-reading things because Big Hit has ed with me so many times lol.

But honestly, I hope most VIPs won't give up Big Bang! I really really envy yall that Big Bang managed to keep their 5 member line up for so long, when as a Cassiopeia I'll never get to see all 5 of DBSK together again 3 Please don't give up on your group!!! They must have a lot of fear and uncertainty, just like you do, but its not impossible and it has been done before by other groups! Its gonna be really hard with college and work and family and life but don't give up on them, you've walked so far together... 3

PS: I've been told that they explained it on vlive too you can check it out. I wish I can explain the camera angles but I don't know much about cinematography, but the complex and ever-changing angles may imply the uncertainty they feel? Idk XDXD



And about the lyrics

1. Fears of being forgotten is a definite theme ("the world goes on just fine without me"), and uncertainty about the future ("I don't know where I'm going now")

2. Reminiscing their past, as the young BB that were less known when they just debuted, considering how YG wasnt even one of the big3 then ("When I used to be happy despite having nothing, it seems like only yesterday")., and maybe some fear that they have lost their initial intentions for music ("Yeah, I think I’ve come too far, I can’t remember").

3. Promise of returning and plea for fans to stay (the chorus lyrics "I will sing this song, and I will return to you") ("Give me a chance, I am here waiting for you. Please just once. I promise you, it won’t be long"). And in particular there's my favorite lyrics "If I can see your beautiful self again, I will listen to this song with you and dance for the last time". I think its because not just Big Bang is thrilled to see their fans back after the 5 years, but also that the fans will also be their "most beautiful self" because didnt you fall for them in your best years. This was such an attack to me because I can tell you anytime Super Junior sings Marry U to me at Super Shows I will cry and feel 13 all over again, the most foolish yet most beautiful days of mine. This is honestly my favorite lyrics of this song.


I still haven't figured out what the traffic light means, there was also mentions of the colours of the traffic light ("Red orange yellow green") in the lyrics. Let me know if you have a guess haha.


Overall the lyrics match really well with the MV. Like for eg when the chorus goes "I will return to you", GD is climbing that ladder to the girl. When Seungri sings about how the world goes on fine without him and he's foolish to ever thought otherwise, it matches with the scene where people are walking outside the gate without looking at him. Taeyang watching the kids play while lyrics talk about the past. And many more.

Amazing MV, amazing meaning and amazing lyrics in general. That's about all from me thanks for keeping me up until 6am Big Bang lol


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Omg I haven't listen to the mv yet and I'm not a VIP but this got me like woah. I'm gonna listen to it now
meemow123 #2
I'm tearing up already just reading this
and I don't even listen to Big Bang
But I am definitely gonna watch this MV
(I swear I love your blogs haha)
I guess fear of being forgotten is a big thing for all idols and like you said, the 2nd generation ones who are older but stil super popular
And the SuJu thing, I feel like that too T.T same with DB5K T.T miss them .. They'll be out of the army soon though, right? :)
Damn why did I have to read this now, now I'm going to have tto find the MV once I've gone tto sleep and woken up again .. So long to wait D:
thank you so much for your support for bigbang! it really means a lot! vips will stay loyal to so emotional rn haha...i hope your faves to reunite as well, maybe in the future:)