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6 years as a Cassiopeia |  5 years as an Ever Lasting Family |​ 1 year as an ARMY

And you can call me Irene if you need to talk to me about anything ^^

About Me

[I am fond of long stuff, so this will be long]

Well basic stuffs about me. I love cats a lot and totally hate animal abuse. I don't pay much attention to girl groups. I take music very seriously so yes I hate crappy artists ad find them a complete disgrace. I'm Chinese, I am very thankful for the extra opportunities and options I have when watching subbed shows. I like reading and writing but sadly my work so meh. I absolutely hate how SM functions. I used to stan UG until recently like wtf stop messing with us cassies.

And my fandoms! For the first 5 years I was into kpop, it's only been DBSK & SuJu for me. Then in 2015 Bangtan decides to bang into my life lmao. Thus I'm currently stanning 5+13 men (or like children) with 7 boys.

I'm 18 turning 19 this year, and I guess I'm one of the older kpop fans alr oops. I prefer to address my idols as kids or just by their name because lol I've not called them oppa since like ever LOL maybe except for Oppa Oppa fan chants HAHAHA

Beast was my first intro to kpop, and Kikwang (with his adorable eye smile) was my first bias. Currently I'm not that much of a b2uty but yeah I like Hyunseung :) After watching Monstar Junhyung freaking rocketed up my list, plus he's really talented too... But on the overall Beast has great music so I'd give them for that.

Apart from my core groups, my absolute obsession nowadays is Bantan. They rocketed on my long list of boy bands (inclusive of EXO, Infinite, SHINee, VIXX, BTOB, B1A4, MBLAQ, UKISS, GOT7, BEAST, and Shinhwa) ever since 2015 and they sit firmly on the 1st place, overtaking EXO with almost ease, I would say. I'm the kind who likes groups easily, and I can have a temporary and short-lived obsession over a group (all the listed groups had their moments). I tend to explore into the group a lot, I would watch their shows (I got into a lot of the groups from Weekly Idol lmao), find out random bits about them, try out their music. But I wouldn't stay long, for it is really rare that I find a group that I'm more of less attached to (not anywhere near half as much for DBSK and SUJU though) - there were only two groups, and that is BTS and EXO. But I was only attached to the EXO as 12 - things changed drastically after all those lawsuits, and idk I was kind of disappointed in how they handled it (like yeah I'm in no position to speak but oh well that's my judgement bite me). Doesn't help that the songs released after 2014 are far from my style. I now stan Yixing though. The craze died as quickly as it came. I deleted all episodes of showtime from my desktop. But uh, I'm still an avid reader of exo fics though lol.

Bangtan came into the picture since their debut. They stand out with their unique style (and a few terribly dressed members lmao), Jimin's abs and the maknae who is just a month older than me. I kept a loose eye on them throughout. Their music wasn't my style in their earlier days, but I had a pretty good impression of them (mainly the 3 maknaes and Hoseok). Their dance was particularly impressive, I remember watching all their dance practice and being amazed at how on point it is. Then came I Need You and bam I looped the song for a full month, the dance was so beautiful and holy Yoongi's hair and just wow beautiful. The follow up song was just as dope as it's title, it totally grew on me, not to mention the dance is beyond cute. And all the bangtan bomb and all that show lmao they are super hilarious and always make me crack up. And there's this whole plot about their MV series of HYYH that intrigues me. And of course I discovered my favourite song of BTS, Let Me Know, through their live on A Song For You (which I regularly watch if I like the group since Kangin is the MC), and since then I dug out every single version of that and just gah beautiful. After watching prologue I fell in love with butterfly. And Never Mind had me fell for Yoongi (which is a first for me, because I usually don't appreciate rappers until Bangtan came along to me up). Then Run was released and I was beyond captivated, by the song, the dance, Yoongi's gorgeous new hair colour, and Jimin's feels, oh those feels I cry. If anything I fell in love with their entire pt2 album - like I can be very ing honest and admit that this is the only time I've downloaded the FULL album and actually listened to every single song repeatedly (the other time was for DBSK's Mirotic album, but I don't listen to half the ballads unless the mood hits me), in fact it was the only music I listened to throughout december (legit). I discovered bantan gayo and just fell deeper lmao. And I watched them on Weekly Idol where ing Kim Heechul was the MC and I screamed throughout lmao, somewhere in between I fell in love with Jimin during his modern dance and idk I was just sobbing it's so beautiful. So yep I'm happily staning this group and particularly staning Jimin, and if I were honest, I will not deny it if anyone calls me an ARMY (much unlike how I would strongly deny when called an EXOL) - I mean, I'm kind of close. And yep now I am an ARMY. FML. So GOT7 you need to stop tempting me.

But yeah, I won't yet. 'Cause to me, a fandom is a promise, not a one time fling. I will most probably settle for these 3 fandoms are a really long time. Honestly Bangtan is like an accident they're my first eye candy turned bias group in history .__. Infinite wasn't even close, I wasn't even emotionally attached by one bit; EXO was actually pretty close by late 2013 until all that lawsuit started. 

Yes if you have yet to notice, those groups mentioned above are not my core groups. I'm not sure if its hard to understand, because I do sound like I'm a fan of them, but I'm not. I like them to a certain extent, but that does not mean I'm a fan of them. Hell it annoys me how easily people claim to be a fan of a group like just hey don't be so easy about that. A fandom is a promise not a one-time fling. And yes the similarity between all those groups up there is that they have great live performances, and I'm talking about both the dance and live singing. Like I'm not a dancer, but these groups have great dances okay. And their live singing is all tolerable, some even good. That's good enough for me, because mind you if your standards are set by DBSK its hard to pass ks.