Don't tell him to stay in the group -___- 
i'm quite worried about his current state. he has been getting injuries from performing! and you still want him to perform?! give him a rest. for me, i don't think he's happy with his life style now. and i feel the same with Kris and Luhan. 
do you know what it feels like to get followed at by crazy fans each day?! 
Do you know how to deal with the stress?! 
Really, it's sad that he'll leave but wouldn't it be even more sad if he gets hurt? I thought you guys would understand the situation he's in. But you guys need to think first.
Tao is still young. He needs to enjoy life, too.


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xoxodenisee #1
I agree with you! But I also don't want him to quit if he doesn't want to and his dad is pressuring him to quit. It should be what Tao wants to do. I just want Tao to be happy and SM to treat their entertainers right!
I agree with whole heartedly. He's been getting injured since they debuted.THIS IS NOT OKAY.

I just want Tao to be happy.
komala #3
I do think the same, he's no longer have the spirit like the cool-happy-panda since kris's leaving isn't?
Me too, i agree about what you say. After reading a post i kinda of noticed he was always hurt somehow....
Yeah,I Agree. Just let him go. I can't stand to see any of EXO's members is injured.Whatever happen in the future,my pray is always with him. Also Kris and Luhan too. They're human,not a robot who can work 24-hours without stop. If SM is really a good and nice company,they will never allowed Tao to buy his own medicine,I am quite shock when I saw Tao bought medicine with his own body,not his manager nor SM's staff.