Kyungsoo can fly, too


The flightless bird thinks
“It must be good to fly”
It gazes at the heavens
And laments over its flightless body


Ah, why is everyone else so unfair, why is it only me
Who was born with these wings

Those who can fly, gracefully fly high
They surpass me one by one
I won’t care about such things
But I’m only pretending to be strong

The truth is, it’s painful…

The flightless bird thinks
“Recently, I do nothing but complain”
It dejectedly lowers its head
And gazes at its feet

Ah, that’s right! After all, I do have
These two feet to advance forward

Crossing over fields, crossing over mountains
Kicking the earth
With a determined face
One step at a time

Those that fly in the sky, those that walk fast
Even so, I will surpass them

Those in front of me, go ahead, don’t worry about me
It’s good for everyone to go at their own pace
Whether it’s flying in the sky or slowly walking
We will continue progressing forward


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