The reason why i left for 2 years

No one probably remembers me, but i used to make kaisoo oneshots which so many people loved and wanted more. It’s been 2 years since i’ve been disactive on this site. I remember reading stories here everyday from morning to midnight and now i stopped after 2 years of being constantly active. KPop which was everything to me back then is now blank to me. Sometimes i even forget about this site. Which surprises me because here is literally  where i spent 2 years on. From waking up and fo going back to sleep, i didn’t even log in to facebook for 8 months because of reading. And as for exo, i’ve stopped stanning them ever since. I don’t get the tingly feelings of butterflies anymore when i see them. Maybe i’ve grown up or just moved on. But i still keep their poster hanging on my cabinet and i always forget to throw it away. Its literally been 5 years in there hahaha. 

I just thought of this site a moment ago at history class and it made me want to update people who dont even know me about my disappearance, so why not! Hahaha! Maybe i’ll be back for another 2 more years :P


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