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Girls' Generation :: The Next Generation
Cho Iseul

Into the New World
Character Name: Cho Iseul
Other Official Names: -
Nicknames: Seullie, Sunshine
Date of Birth: November 22, 2019
Place of Birth: Gyeonggi, South Korea
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Ethnicity: Korean
Height + Weight: 170 cm + 51 kg
Blood Type: A
Languages: Korean (Native), English (Semi-Fluent)
Face Claim: Ann
Gallery: Click here
Back-up Face Claim: Kim Jung Yeon
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Brief description of their fashion style:
Iseul likes wearing comfortable outfits and is never seen without a hair accesory. She has a lot of jackets, coats, blazer, etc. She easily gets cold, that's why her parents bought her tons of warm clothing. She likes wearing winter boots.
Dancing Queen
Personality: Iseul has both her mother's politeness and her father's dorkiness. She's shy around strangers but warms up when she gets to know them better. She greets everyone with a smile. She is a big imaginer and is a child at heart. She would always make you laugh with her corny jokes and contagious laughter. Iseul is really kind and emphatic, she is a great listener and would always have a great advise in store for you. A smart student, she strives hard to reach the top. Iseul is kind of emotional when singing or playing musical instruments, she can make you feel the emotions she's delivering. As much as she denies it, Iseul is a spoiled princess. She likes being pampered by her father, who always buys her toys and video games. She is a real scaredy-cat though, one spook and she'll scream. The fun thing about her is that she doesn't bring up the past so she doesn't hold a grudge much on someone who played a prank on her, which makes her an easy target for pranksters.
Background: Iseul was born on the 22nd November, 2019 to two wonderful parents. Her name means 'dew' in Korean, it was the first thing her father came up with when he looked out the window and stared at the hospital garden as his wife was in labor. Combining Cho and Iseul together, it means beautiful dew. Iseul was a carefree child who inherited her parents' smart brains. She learned how to play the violin at the age of 10 and started practicing the harp at age 14. She loved music, especially classical. Growing up with two amazing singers as parents, Iseul found her passion for singing. She, like her father, joined the choir club in school. SM Entertainment scouted her when she was in a school showcase, playing 'Ave Maria' on her violin and singing short ballad version of 'Into a new World'.
- Bunnies
- Playing her musical instruments
- Flowers
- Gaming
- Mathematics
- Smoking and smokers
- Horror
- Messy places
- Bugs
- Heights
- Playing the violin and harp
- Reading
- Gaming
- Watching her father gaming
- Watching the sunrise
- She would always visit 'Milky Way' cafe
- She has a box full of video games and her father installed a computer in her room with tons of games
- She wants to go to Harvard University, taking Mathematics as her course and become a Maths teacher
- Her instagram is @FlowerSeul and it's on private
- She can play the violin and harp
- She likes listening to her parents' old songs
- Iseul only liked singing as a past time and never planned to sing as a career
- She wakes up early and watches the sunrise
- She has a huge crush on Woo Hyunseung
- She wants to confess to Hyunseung like how his mother did (Check out the webdrama 'Milky Love' staring U-Kiss Kevin and Laboum ZN)
- She gets cold easily
- She always calls her parents when she's away from them (like a field trip) before she sleeps
- She wants to get to know the child(rens) of her parents' old groups
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How Great Is Your Love
Mother: Seo Joo Hyun
Date of Birth: June 28, 1991
Occupation: Doctor
Personality: Joohyun is kind-hearted and supportive. She's not that strict but her scoldings really slap you in the face. She hates it if Iseul is hurt and wants the best for her daughter. She's the perfect mother in Iseul's eyes. She's really caring and smart. She is still slightly strange and quite quirky. She is still the maknae of SNSD, who is respectful, mature, wise and a goguma-lover. She is also still childish but doesn't show it in front of her husband as he would always for it.
Father: Cho Kyu Hyun
Date of Birth: February 3, 1988
Occupation: Professional Gamer
Personality: Kyuhyun loves pampering his daughter and is over-protective of his family. He is still the 'evil' gamer-loving maknae of Super Junior. He loves teasing his wife when she's acting childish.
Parents' Background: Both were the maknaes of two majorly popular groups in SM Entertainment. They were labelled as SM's best official/unofficail couple. They started dating in 2013. Even though they were different (she's an angel, he's the devil) but they were perfect for each other. Kyuhyun proposed during SuJu's last concert in front of many fans and they got married.
Relationship Status as of 2037: Married
Name | date of birth | occupation | 4-5 key personality traits
Love & Girls
Love Interest's Name: Woo Hyunseung
Date of Birth: January 17, 2017
Occupation / Company: Barista at 'Milky Way' (a cafe which is owned by his father, Kevin Woo Sunghyun)
Personality: Unlike his father, Hyunseung is very cocky and a real bad boy. He emits a carefree radiance, that attracts a lot of females to him. One of his charms is that he would always have a smile or smirk on his face and could brighten up any atmosphere if he wanted to. Fortunately he is really polite, just like his mother, and sometimes clumsy when he's with Iseul. He's actually quite the joker, something he and Iseul have in common, and sort of dense. He is often described as a ladies' man and a playboy but he doesn't have any experience in love (he's actually deeply in love with Iseul).
How They Interact with Each Other: Hyunseung is a real sweetheart towards Iseul, a side he only shows her. He always makes her laugh. But he seems clueless about Iseul's romantic interest on him, at least that's what it looks like from Iseul POV. Actually he likes her too, and like her, he is constantly waiting for the right time to make a move. (Their relationship is like on 'Milky Love' minus the accident).
Love Rival's Name: Nam Woohyun
Date of Birth: August 23, 2018
Occupation / Company: Trainee at SM Entertainment
Personality: In contrast with Hyunseung, Woohyun is the nice guy with a dazzling smile. He's known as the flower boy around the SM trainees. He's really kind and caring. He's quite dorky and is sometimes called 'Nam-Idiot' by his friends.
How They Interact With Each Other: He is one of Iseul's close friends. He would always take care of Iseul, such as bringing her snacks, giving her some vitamins and such. He's there for her when she's upset or tired (whenever she's not with Hyunseung). He also can make her laugh but she often cries in front of him. He has a slight crush on her, but those feelings disappeared when he met Choi Seol-Mi. After his meeting with Seol-Mi (and gradually falling for her), he treats Iseul like a friend again. But Hyunseung doesn't like how close Woohyun is with Iseul.
Rival's Name:
Date of Birth:
Occupation / Company:
How They Interact With Each Other:
Other Friend(s):
Choi Seol-Mi | June 26, 2019 | Hair Stylist at SM Entertainment | Cold, beautiful, snarky, Arrogant (kind of like Yoo Rachel from 'The Heirs') | 4
Girls' Generation
Stage Name: Iseul
Position: Lead Vocalist
Trainee Years/Time: 3 years
Trainee Life: Iseul was just your average trainee, but with lots of talent in the instruments department. She diligently practiced and often beated the other trainees during exams. She managed to balance her trainee life and school life. Iseul didn't really want to be a singer but she once accidently read her mother's diary about how Joohyun wanted her daughter to follow in her parents' footsteps.
Pre-Debut Activities:
- Won a few musical recitals
Post-Debut Activities:
- Acting career
Singing Twin: Soloist Juniel
Dancing Twin: Secret JiEun
Tell Me Your Wish
Your username & alias/nickname: Ami_A_Rin & Rin
Comments?: Just for info, Hyunseung is the son of U-Kiss Kevin and Park HyeIn. He looks like his father. His parents' love story is exactly like the webdrama 'Milky Love'. I hope you like Iseul.
Questions?: What's their debut song or concept, is it going to be the same as 'Into The New World'?
Scene Suggestions: The girls watch their mother's concert or performance. The girls go to 'Milky Way' and Hyunseung and Iseul intertact a bit. The girls question about their mother's friendship with each other over the years (especially about the Jessica scandal). The girls incounter the children of their mother's friends (idol's children)


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