Kim Jung Yeon

My Dreamy Ulzzang Gallery



()   Kim Jung Yeon





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Hey there

I wanna thank you for this gallery haha it surely is lots of work
these ulzzang galleries help me out so much
great job :)
Chapter 16: Oh wow, does anyone know what ethnicity is she? Mixed Chinese and...Indonesian? *random guess* OTL
Chapter 73: Baek Seumin doesn't smile too often, now does she? xD
emeraldramis #4
Chapter 9: Yeobo-seyo <3
He's my greatest idol ever <3 lee chi hoon
he's so handsome and hots !
Chapter 17: I thought I'd just let you know that this is not Bae Sang Gon. This ulzzang is Kim Shi Hyeong. :)
Chapter 59: where can i find more about her?
Chapter 16: Where is she from??
HaeraKim #8
can you help me please?
Do you know she is?