「 Royal — Serena : Lead Dancer 1 」

The Royal
Park, Eunmi
NAME » Park Eunmi
NICKNAME » Kangaroo, Yellow Lover, Dream Girl
BIRTHDAY » November 22, 1996
AGE » 19
BIRTHPLACE » Busan, South Korea
HOMETOWN » Seoul, South Korea.
HEIGHT » 166cm.
WEIGHT » 44kg.
LANGUAGE(S) » Korean (Native), English (Advanced, she loves learning English, watching American movies and reading English books)
FACE CLAIM » Red Velvet Irene
GALLERY » Tumblr
BACKUP FACE CLAIM » Juniel (I forgot to change the second picture to Juniel, sorry~)
GALLERY » Tumblr
APPEARANCE » Eunmi has dark hair cut in layer. She would always have her hair tied up during practice. She also has easily chapped lips. Eversince she was little, Eunmi didn't eat a lot which caused her to have a very skinny body. She maintained her body by dancing and exercising (mainly jogging and gymnastics).
FASHION STYLE » Eunmi has lots of warm clothing as she gets cold easily. She has a whole closet full of sweaters, coats, jackets etc. Most of her clothes are pastel colors. She always wears a hair accesory, like beanies and headbands. She prefers to hang her purse or bag over one shoulder. She also wears reading glasses.
BACKGROUND » Eunmi is the youngest child of two. She has one older brother, Park Minhyuk. Her parents used to be famous idols back in their days, her father being a rapper and dancer while her mother, a singer. They wanted at least one of their children to follow in their footsteps.
Eunmi was born in Busan and moved to Seoul when she was just 11 years old. The reason for their move was because her brother got a scholarship to a prestigious high school.
Her parents always pampered their children with music. Due to this, Eunmi took many music classes. She loved playing the violin, guitar and harp. Her mother taught her singing techniques while her father made her take dancing classes. People would think that this was a huge task for such a little girl but Eunmi enjoyed every bit of it. Well except for the part where her father tried teaching her how to rap freestyle. It didn't end well and the two never tried it again.
When Eunmi's brother decided to pursue a doctor's degree, Eunmi's parents went to Eunmi to try to convince her to be an idol. Eunmi was only 13 years old when she first auditioned at Pledis Entertainment. The reason? Well her parents are good friends with the CEO and wanted to leave their daughter in the hands of someone they knew and trusted. It took three tries for Eunmi to finally get into Pledis Entertainment.
FAMILY » Father | Park JaeHyun | 46 | Perfectionist, Humorous, Protective | Dance Instructor | 8
Mother | Jung Rian | Age | Humble, Caring, Protective | Music Teacher | 8
Older Brother | Park Minhyuk | 24 | Humorous, Work-a-holic, Independant | Surgeon | 9

FRIENDS » Best Friend | Park Jae-In | 19 | Caring, Motherly, Friendly | University student | 8
Friend | Lee Hyura | 19 | Girly, Friendly, Brave | University Student | 7
Friend | Il Yeomi | 19 | Clumsy, Loud, Quirky | University Student | 7
Friend | Shin Jaehwan | 20 | Helpful, supportive, Athletic | University Student | 6
Friend | Lee Jihoon | 19 | Funny, Strict when it comes to singing | Seventeen member | 7
Childhood Friend | Yoon Junghan | 20 | Kind, Helpful, Playful | Seventeen member | 7
OTHERS » Brother's Fiancee | Cho Iseul | 23 | Kind, Sweet, Shy | Nurse | 6
PERSONALITY TRAITS » Playful, Polite, Sneaky, Gullible, Calm, Friendly, Compassionate, Short-Tempered, Retentive
Eunmi is loved by a lot of people as she is always cheerful and super friendly, even to strangers. She would always be wearing a smile on her face even when she's tired. When she's close to someone, she would be playful with him/her and show a lot of skinship. She's the sweetest person you'll meet.
Eunmi grew up to respect her elders and those around her. Even if they're her friends, she has drawn a line to where she can be playful with (she knows when one topic can offend the other person). She always greets her seniors, superiors and other idols.
Eunmi is very short-tempered and usually lets her anger out when she was a little girl. But as she grew up to be more mature, she learned to be more calm with her feelings.
Eunmi easily falls into someone's prank or trick. She would always fall for it everytime, even if it occured more than once. When she's in a mood where she's acting devious, she would actually prank them back but most of the times she lets it go. Eunmi also has a good memory and can easily remember dance moves, song lyrics and trivias.
- She knows how to play the violin, guitar and harp. She's currently learning how to play the piano/keyboard.
- Her favorite color is yellow and she would go fanatic when she sees it.
- She loves sweets and would sometimes get a sugar rush and jump around. Hence the nickname Kangaroo.
- She's a good cook but fails when using the knife
- She has a collection of hair accesories
- Her favorite idol is BoA and wishes to perform with her or meet her
- Her ideal type is someone who would stay with her through thick and thin. Someone who would be sweet and caring.
- She mentioned that when her future husband proposes she would ask him, "Would you stay if I fall?" meaning would he still be there for her when she's in the time of need?
- If she wasn't an idol, she would be a Mathematics teacher
- She loves dancing to BoA's songs.
- She would always have sweets with her.
- She has motion sickness.
- Her stagename, Serena, means clear, tranquil and serene.
- Dancing
- Her instruments
- Hot chocolate and lemonade
- Ice Cream
- Ballads
- Fall
- Movies
-Using the knife
- Freestyle rap
- Alcohol
- Insects
- Reading
- Solving puzzles and maths equations
- Listening to music while staring out the window
- Watching movies
- Exercising or jogging
- Dancing

- Rubbing her nose when she's concentrating, it's a natural instinct to do so
- Playing with her hair when she's nervous, it's either pushing her bangs back or twirling her hair around her finger.
- Singing a random song before going to bed
- Crossing her legs when sitting down and sit with her back straight, like a princess.

- Furrowing her eyebrows when she's annoyed

- Ghosts and horror movies/stories
- Insects
- Falling; even sitting in an airplane scares her, you never know when the floor breaks and you'll fall.
- Zombie apocalypse
- The dark
PLOTLINE » The Angel
POSITION » Lead Dancer 1
SINGING TWIN » Red Velvet Irene | LInk [ Secret Sunhwa | Link ]
DANCING TWIN » Skarf Ferlyn (She's now called Ferlyn G) | LInk (This is my fav. from her, she's the blonde girl) [ Red Velvet Irene | Link  Irene has her hair let down]
RAPPING TWIN » Idol Name | LInk [ Backup Idol | Link ]
TALKING TWIN » Red Velvet Irene | LInk [ Juniel | Link ]
AEGYO TWIN » Jessica Jung | LInk [ IU | Link ]

LOVE INTEREST » Yoon Junghan
PERSONALITY » Eunmi always looked at Junghan as an older brother, someone who she can depend on. He would always take care of her and be there in times of need. He's sweet, a bit on the mischievious side, and loves to joke around with her.
RELATIONSHIP » The two first met at high school (Hyangnam High School) and were classmates. The two became close when they were put in a group project together. From there on their friendship blossomed. Eunmi looks up to him as an older brother. She was ecstatic when she found out he was going to be in Seventeen. The two spent more time together as both were training together. Recently however Eunmi began to develop some strange feelings towards Junghan (It started in early 2014).
He was always on her mind and when she thinks of him, her face turns red and she would feel hot. She would feel nervous whenever he was around and her heart flutters when she hears him laugh.
OUTCOME » Both of them liked each other. Neither of them confessed first instead, the mischievious Hoshi blurted it out in front of both Seventeen and Royal that they both liked each other.
SCENE REQUESTS » Eunmi and another dancer in the group dance to 'Be Natural'. Junghan and Eunmi sweet interactions. Five of the members, including Eunmi, perform this song. Eunmi performing a violin piece on stage. Eunmi and Junghyun performing this song together.
COMMENTS & QUESTIONS » I hope you like her and I hope you like the password
PASSOWRD » Majestics or Loyal (Love + Royal)



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