The Marriage Life of Mr. Byun
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A lipstick stain.


There’s a tiny splotch of red lipstick on the bed.


Why is there a lipstick stain on the bed?!


You close your eyes, trying your hardest to breathe evenly in spite of bad thoughts popping up in your mind one after another.


“Okay, no, he won’t do that,” you state out loud, “Baekhyun loves me. He loves me, he won’t cheat on me because he loves me.” You even try to joke it off but you can’t recognize your own laughter. The horrible sound that flows from your mouth makes you wince, and the more you speak out loud, the better you know how much does your voice begin to shake.


You try to think about any logical excuse that can explain about why is your husband has been receiving phone calls from another woman while avoiding you and why is there a lipstick stain on your bed precisely in the color you never wear. But no matter how hard you ponder around, and no matter how much your head starts to spin and makes you feel even more nauseous than you already are, the only logical explanation you can find is: Baekhyun is cheating on me.


“But he loves me. He loves me…” That’s when your voice cracks. “… right?”


You’re too shocked and frightened, that you begin to feel numb. The tears—the hot frustrated tears that have been strolling down your cheeks after your one-sided phone conversation with Baekhyun—suddenly begin to stop. You’re breathing properly but you can’t feel the ground beneath you. It’s as if the world is constantly moving, but you’re standing still. You’re screaming with all your heart but the room is a void, swallowing your voice and banish it into oblivion.


It’s when your phone rings that you begin to feel like you’re alive again. Not entirely, but it’s a start.


The ringtone screams louder with more seconds passing by and you’re somewhat feeling conflicted about picking it up. You’re hoping that it’s your husband calling you to apologize, but in another way, you hope that it’s not Baekhyun because you know you’ll just snap at him and ask stupid, unnecessary questions starting with “Are you seeing another woman?” and ending up with “No, you know what? You’re just making excuses. I can’t believe you’re cheating on me!” That will only crush your barely-there relationship with him.


But since when did you become such a coward? The old version of you would have just asked straightforwardly without thinking. Since when did you become so weak?


Come on, goddammit, get yourself together and just pick up the phone!


Without looking at the caller’s ID, you answer the call on the seventh ring. If this is Baekhyun, I’m going to ask about this. Slowly, carefully. I just have to, no matter what. Otherwise, I would just continue on doubting him. “Baekhyun—”


Wrong!” An awfully cheery and extremely familiar voice comes crashing into your hearing zone. “This is your most good looking, irresistibly charming, and never been even slightly annoying oppa, Lulu~” And he makes sure to slurs the ‘lu’ in his nickname to prove that the last fact about himself cannot be anymore wrong.


“Lu Han,” you sigh and it surprises you on knowing how relieved you are. Maybe it’s true… No matter how much you will yourself to be ready, you’re still afraid to confront the truth that Baekhyun is cheating on you.


“Honey, please, it’s either Oppa or Lulu. Show some respect,” Lu Han, your best friend since childhood, jokes around as if it’s in the middle of the day of a weekend when it’s completely the opposite of that. “Why aren’t you asleep yet, darling?”


“Why aren’t you?”


“Ha, okay,” Lu Han giggles. “So call me psychic or superstitious—but just don’t call me ugly because that is the most horrendous lie in the world and I never pegged you as a liar. Anyway, I just finished working on this paper your lovely ex-boyfriend asked me to and then I thought of you and how dumb you were when you were in love with him back in high school—oh God, it was awful—”


Oh, the timing is awful. “Lu Han—”


“Sssh, Honey, I’m talking.” Of course, he won’t listen. “So I was drinking my coffee while thinking of you and then my hand slipped and I broke the glass, and you know how paranoid I am about things like this ever since Karma slapped me right on the face, right? Okay, so I thought ‘oh , maybe something wrong is happening to her’ so I decided to call you—because I’m such a good oppa and all—to check up on you myself, so what’s up?”


Hearing Lu Han running his mouth like that is somewhat annoying, but it somehow makes you feel less alone and oh dear Lord, you really need that right now. “Well, I’m…” You glance on the lipstick stain on your bed, feeling like yet another heart attack crushing your chest till you can’t breathe. “I’m…” You contemplate harshly in your mind. Should you tell him about this? About your suspicion? There’s no proof whatsoever and that lipstick stain is maybe not a real lipstick stain, and maybe you’re just thinking too much over this whole thing.


Three seconds pass by. A smile, then, “I’m fine, Lulu.”


Lu Han pauses for another two seconds before he speaks in a serious manner. “Listen here, Dongsaeng. I rarely call you and I’m sorry for that, I know I’m an . But when I do call you, I do it because I’m worried sick about you. And I miss you—no, I miss you a lot. And now the first thing you’re doing is lying to me, how do you think that makes me feel? Am I not your friend anymore? Can’t you talk to me like you used to back in college? Back when we were kids?”


In any other occasion, you would’ve smiled. This is just so like him, demanding for answers, breaking into people’s privacy in order to make sure that they’re okay. You can’t do that to Sera because you’re scared you’ll hurt her in the process, but Lu Han is never like that. He’s just so straightforward, wanting to make everything better even if it means he’ll hurt you in the beginning. He just wants you to be happy no matter how hard it is.


And so you cry, stating out Baekhyun’s name and telling every doubt you have toward him. You don’t realize this, but every time you voice out what you think he’s doing behind your back, you always say, “I’m sure it’s not like that,” or “I’m just thinking about it too much,” like you’re trying your best not to believe any word you said. And at the end, it gets even worse when you’re begging him to “please prove me wrong”. But Lu Han never speaks a word. Not once.


“I don’t know what I should do,” you sob, crying frantically into the phone. “Lulu, I’m scared. I’m scared on how I’m having t-these doubts about him when he’s probably there, ocean away from me, in order to work hard to support our family. I am the worst… But I can’t stop feeling like this—Lulu, w-what should I do?”


You’ve expected him to be angry about Baekhyun, or maybe scold you because how awful you are being to your husband right now, or even shush you down with calming words to get you through the night.


But you do not expect him to say, “I see,” and then shuts off the phone entirely.




You sure act like you’re the most important person in the world, don’t you?


You bite your lip to contain the frustration flowing out of your mind in the form of tears. His words… They keep repeating themselves over and over and over, inciting pain that still hurts exactly the same like the first time.


I don’t need this. I don’t need you. I’m done.


You’ve been crying all night long and you know it wouldn’t do any good but the pain is so vivid for you to ignore. The more you stay idle on the bed, the more you can feel yourself cracking apart, sinking deeper and deeper into nothingness.


You should’ve been grateful that I’ve been responsible enough to take care of you.


The fear of him leaving you is even stronger than the fact he is presumably seeing another woman behind your back right now.


If you’re already sick of me as much as I’m sick of you right now, then leave!


You can’t handle it anymore. You jump down the bed, tie up your hair without even looking at the mirror and not giving a care in the world just how horrible you look at the time. You toss away your pajamas in exchange of a pair of loose jeans, and you grab the nearest shirt you can find. You can feel your babies kicking inside your stomach, probably begging their mother to go back to sleep but you just rub your tummy, shushing softly as if they can hear you. “I’m sorry. Mommy can’t take this anymore, okay? I have to find him before I go insane.”


Grabbing a coat and your purse on your way out of the bedroom, you wipe away your last tears with the back of your hand, and proceed to the front door. You know what you’re doing is crazy, but it doesn’t look crazy enough until you slip your feet into your boots and unlock the door with so much haste—


Only to find Chanyeol, panting, with his cheeks red from the humid air, looking like he’s about to knock on the other side of the door.


“Chanyeol…?” You frown, letting him breathe for a second as you wait for him to speak.


“Lu… Lu Han is… Oh my God, I should’ve worked out more often…” He inhales loudly, desperately clutching one hand to his chest. “Lu Han wanted me to see you right away, so I ran like hell to get here to check up on you.” Panting hard and wheezing like he’s in the middle of an asthma attack, Chanyeol lays one hand on the wall to prop himself and another one to swipe his bangs off his sweaty forehead. “Ugh, I think I just puked a little inside my mouth. Anyway, are you oka—wait, where are you going?”


It’s only when you say the word out loud that you realize how stupid it sounds. “Japan.”


“Japan?” Chanyeol blinks. “As in Japan, Japan?”


You ignore him and take a step forward.


“Wait—whoa, okay,” he laughs, placing both hands on your shoulder to keep you still, “I don't know if this is because of the lack of sleep I’m having or is it because Lu Han screamed so much into my ears that I’ve gone deaf, but I swear to God, I just heard you saying that you were going to Japan. You, with your eight months old babies in your belly, going to Japan at four in the morning. Crazy, right?”


“Please don’t tell Baekhyun about this.”


“Baekhyun? If you go, I am going to call the police! Or child adoption!”


“Okay, well…” But you never really explain yourself and just give him a pat on the shoulder before you move past him.


“Wait!” Chanyeol immediately blocks you again, this time looming over with one arm plastered against the wall in front of you. “Okay, you’re scaring me. Where are you going?!”


“I’ve told you! I’m going to see him.”


“He’s in another country!”


“I know. I think I can get a last minute ticket at the airport—”


“That’s not the problem—You’re crazy!”


“I AM!” At that point, even your ears start to ring from how loud you just screamed. Never mind the whole neighborhood is sleeping. Never mind the babies inside your stomach is kicking and crying for you to take a rest. Never mind the universe and its plan in ruining your life because you’re losing it. And if you’re going to stay for one more hour, you think you’re going to lose everything this time. “Chanyeol, I am going insane and I can’t sleep and I’m so scared and lost and I need to talk to my husband so please, please, step aside.”


Chanyeol looks speechless for a second there, but for the first time in his life, he reacts rather calmly this time. “Listen,” he says, voice careful but pressuring. “Do I have to remind you that you have two babies in your stomach right now? You need to rest and it’s freezing outside. You can’t go.”


“I’ll be fine.”


“No, you can’t go!” You barely open your mouth to complain and he already begins to flail. “No! NO! Oh , Lu Han’s gonna kill me. Everyone’s gonna kill me. I am so dead!”






Wow, so much for being calm, but at least he tried.


You take a few seconds to let him breathe and the small panic attack slowly dissipates from his face. “Look,” You gently squeeze his arm to assure him. “I don’t want to bother you, okay? This is not your problem.”


“The second you step a foot outside, it becomes my problem.”


“Chanyeol, you shouldn’t have come in the first place. You can just pretend you didn’t see me.” And he looks even more horrified at that. “Okay, bad idea, but hey I’m fine—I’m just—”


“Shut up, you’re not fine. You’re frantic and you’re going to get me killed.” Chanyeol takes your hand and drags you back into the room. He sits you down on the couch and when you shout his name in protest, he quickly embraces you, wrapping his hands around your head and shoulders to press your body to him. “Ssssh, it’s all right. I’ll hear you out so just stay calm, and let’s think this through.”


“I can hear your heart racing.”


“I ran for a mile and I am panicking, so yes, my heart is racing. Whose fault do you think this is?” He grumbles, stroking your hair. “But you, you need to stay calm. Ssshhh. It’s all right. I’m here.”


What is it with men and their hobby to babysit you? You sigh, breaking away from him. “So Lu Han called you and asked you to visit me?”


“Correction: He called me and threatened to kill me. Do you want to hear what he said through the phone? I actually recorded the whole conversation.”


“How could you actually record the conversation?”


“I was recording myself singing with my iPod—”


“You were recording yourself singing?”


“Yeah, I was. I sing when I’m happy and I record my voice from time to time—it’s nice to hear yourself sometimes, you know? Like you can actually—no wait, why am I humiliating myself in front of you? Jesus. Anyway, here. Listen.”


Chanyeol was singing Eyes, Nose Lips—in an overly dramatic way that would’ve made you snorted and laughed if your heart wasn’t torn in pieces—when Luhan suddenly called him through his phone. The second Chanyeol pressed the answer button and his ringtone ended abruptly, Lu Han’s voice was on speaker.




“H-hey, Lu Han Hyung—”




“I… guess?”




“B-but I served my customer well this morning—I even got some tips—”




“I-in my room—sleeping…?”




“Hey, that’s rude! I could’ve really been sleeping and totally not recording myself singing right now—and even if I did, it’s not stupid—people have got to stop saying that!”




“But Hyung, you don’t know where my house is, do you?”




“How can you ‘google map’ it when you don’t even know the address or even the area I’m in—”




“I am so sorry. Anyway, can you stop screaming—”




“What? What happened? Is his wife giving birth?”




“Baekhyun’s not cheating on her—”




“Hey nobody is killing anybody—”




“It’s in the middle of the night! Morning, even! I could get murdered on the street!”








“This is crazy!”




“You need to listen to me first—”




“Okay, okay! I’m going now—geez!”




“I’M TRYING—” The recording ends there. There’s a few seconds of silence that you feel too awkward for you to break but Chanyeol tucks his iPod back into the pocket of his jeans, and asks, “So, yeah. A death threat.”


“That was a lot of screaming.” I’m glad you’re not deaf, yet.


“I’m sorry, what?”




“That recording would work as a proof, though.” You try to smile, as genuine as you can. “I mean if you do end up dead, Lu Han can probably get arrested because of that phone call.”


“I’m sorry, I stopped listening the moment you said something about me being dead,” Chanyeol grumbles, sighing while lifting a hand to rub the side of his face. He looks so tired and sleepy, and you feel sorry that you’re the reason why he’s like this, so you mutter softly, “I’m sorry. I got you all worried, didn’t I?”


Chanyeol glances to the side, staring at you with weary eyes and appears like he’s contemplating about something. Soon enough, he groans and grabs a handful of his own hair in frustration. “Ugh, God, this is really not funny anymore. You got your eye bags back and I know that you didn’t eat dinner today since you’re too stressed out to eat. Baekhyun wants me to take care of you while he’s gone but now you’re like this because of him. Just what in the world should I do? It’s supposed to be a joke!”


You blink twice, fairly confused. “What?”


“I’m talking about you,” Chanyeol says, looking at you like a little kid who’s caught between lying to save his friend, or coming out honest to save the victim. “I’m talking about Baekhyun. I’m talking about this fight you’re supposedly have with your husband—who, by the way, is not really a genius mastermind when he’s pranking someone and ends up getting people like me involved when I’m supposed to be sleeping soundly in my bed! Or posting something awesome in Dubsmash!”


“A prank?” you ask, eyes widening slightly. “What do you mean a ‘prank’?”


“UUUUUGHHH GOD!” Chanyeol whines loudly—much louder than he’s ever been that you start wondering whether the windows in your apartment shatter a little because of that—and he lands both hands on your shoulder. Glaring at you, he shakes your body back and forth while sputtering out, “Wake up! Do you think Baekhyun is really cheating on you?! Do you think he can say such rude things to you when you’re carrying his kids?! I know your gullible sometimes, but for God’s sake, smack some sense back into your head and WAKE UP!”


And when you become speechless with a horrified look on your face, Chanyeol immediately apologizes and brings you back into his arms. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scream, please don’t cry.”


“I’m not crying.” You’re about to, though. “I’m n-not…”


“Oh Lord,” Chanyeol exhales, unconsciously jutting out his lower lip as he places his head on top of yours. “Look, come on. You love him, right?”


“I do, of course, I do.” It’s not even a promise anymore. It’s already engraved in your soul. “No matter what.”


“Then believe in him.”


“It’s not that,” you say, pulling away from him. “I mean, yes, I do worry about some… stuff—but the reason why I’m feeling so messed up right now is not just because I’m jealous or I’m thinking that he’s seeing someone behind my back. I am scared of losing him.”


“Listen.” Chanyeol looks at you like a knowing mother. “You are not going to lose him—”


“But Chanyeol, he won’t even pick up my call!” You can’t believe you’re beginning to whine. Pathetic. “All we did was fighting over and over again. He doesn’t want to talk to me, he doesn’t even want to—”


“That’s because he’s forcing himself not to.”




“Oh Jesus,” Chanyeol glances at the ceiling as if he was looking for an answer from God. He looks conflicted, dealing with options you don’t know and whispers, “He’s gonna kill me, he’s gonna kill me, he’s gonna kill me, everyone’s gonna kill me,” under his breath before he takes out his iPhone, punching out some numbers to the screen, and makes a call.


“Who are you calling?” you ask, panic creeping inside your stomach and making you want to vomit.


“Your husband. Sssh,” Chanyeol says, harshly shushing. When he sees you on the verge of shrieking, he glares at you and adds, “Be cool! If you want all of this to be over soon, be cool and leave the rest to me!”


It’s not like Chanyeol to be ordering someone around but he does get one thing right. You want this to be over soon. Biting your lip worriedly, you give him a weak nod.


“Yo, Baek?” Chanyeol speaks to the phone after another two seconds passed by. He rubs the back of his head, looking awkward and guilty while you on the other hand, are sitting on the edge of your seat, staring at him with wide eyes because oh God, Chanyeol is calling Baekhyun. Is he going to ask about the fight? Is he going to tell him I’m planning to go to Japan to see him?


“Yeah, no, she’s fine, I’m not calling because of that.” Chanyeol says to the phone. “Well, I mean, I am calling because of her, but not because she’s having troubles with her babies, I—wait. Are you crying?”




“No, you are. You are, don’t lie to me, ByunBaek.” Chanyeol places a palm over his phone and mouths “He’s crying!” to you while pointing his head towards his cell as if you didn’t hear him loud and clear the first time. You mouth back “Why? Is he hurt?!” And Chanyeol shrugs, looking lost. Frustrated with the whole situation, you send a shove to his shoulder and tell him to, “Put him on speaker!”


Chanyeol looks like he just heard the most brilliant idea in the world when it should be obvious to him by now. He carefully and secretly presses the ‘loudspeaker’ option on his phone and now you can hear your husband’s stuttered breathing. He sounds like he’s indeed crying, or at least trying his best to muffle his sobs that’s already quiet to begin with. You crease your eyebrows in concern. What is he doing at this hour and why is he crying when he’s supposed to be asleep? He told you he was going to bed, didn’t he?


“Dude, come on,” Chanyeol says, looking at you with wicked eyes as if he was on the verge of laughing but trying to sound sympathetic. “You know it’s me in our group who’s supposed to cry a lot, right? Why are you crying?”


“I’m not crying!”


He is, he totally is, you think and you clamp your mouth with your hand as well. This is so like Baekhyun. He’s always like this when he’s embarrassed. He rarely cries, but when he does—sometimes over an unexpected cheesy story about a man and his loyal dog Hachiko—he always denies it and gets upset when people about it.


“Okay, then tell me why you’re upset,” Chanyeol paraphrases his line. “Tell me what you're worried about.”


“I told you I’m not crying!”


“I wasn’t even saying that anymore! I’m asking why you’re upset!”


“Oh…” Baekhyun sniffles, and perhaps he’s pinching his nose since his voice sounds a little bit weird when he speaks. “I’m just… Okay, listen. We had a plan, right, Channie?” At that point, Chanyeol gapes and mouths at you in the way that he looks like he’s screaming, “He’s calling me Channie! This is serious!” but no voice can actually be heard.


“And it’s been going well,” Baekhyun continues, voice hoarse. “I’ve bought her a new apartment, we tried to make her jealous with all the midnight calls and you backing me up. And it’s been going so well but she just called me like an hour ago, and Chanyeol… Man…” Baekhyun sighs, sounding worse than feeling guilty and filled with regret. “I’ve never heard her so broken before. Do you think we’ve gone too far? I mean, she’s carrying my babies—two, remind you—and I don’t want to put her under a lot of stress but…”


“So now you’re backing out from your own prank?” Chanyeol asks, almost grinning.


“No. I mean… I don’t know. Like, it’s supposed to be a big surprise, okay? She’s been wanting to find a new place where our kids can have their own rooms but she knows she can’t pressure me about it because it will take a lot of money and I know how much she cares about me. But with your help, I’ve gotten this new apartment which is perfect with a really good price and I wanted to make her feel like everything is going to hell before I say, ‘Hey, surprise! I’m just joking and I got us a new place!’”


“Yes, yes,” Chanyeol says, rubbing his temple. “You’ve told me about your so-called evil plan plenty times before. So now what?”


“I don’t know, I’m… I feel like I’m going too far? Do you think I’m being too mean?”


“I’ve been saying that since the beginning of time, Baek.”


“Why didn’t you stop me then?”


“Again, I’ve been saying that since the beginning of time. Right after you said, ‘Yeol, dude, I have a plan. I’m gonna make my wife suffer!’”


“But I mean, I thought she’d be okay! I didn’t expect her to have a sudden mental breakdown, you know?”


“Well, thanks to me, she’s not having that just yet. But she did almost go to Japan to see you.”


“What? She’s— But she can’t! I’m staying at Joonmyun’s place at the moment.”


“I know. And I know how you’ve never been to Japan for the last month.”


“Right, which is why she can’t go there! This is not in our plan—Why would she even go—”




You don’t realize you’re screaming into the phone until you hear yourself. Chanyeol looks so startled; he almost drops his phone. Frowning at you, he mouths, “What happened to be cool?”


That’s when you remember that you’re not supposed to speak. And that’s when awkward silence comes roaring into the room.


Baekhyun, scared and startled, gulps from the other side of the phone. “S-Sweetheart?”


“Oh, screw it!” You snatch the phone harshly from Chanyeol’s hand, and the tall man looks so horrified at your brute strength, he nearly yelps. “BAEKHYUN!” You scream, loud and clear into the phone. “How could you do this?! This is a prank?! What’s that supposed to mean?!”


“U-umm—I—” Even without seeing his face, you know he’s begging for someone to cover him. Even someone who just betrayed his like Chanyeol. “Why are you—”


“Come home! Come home right now! We need to talk!”




“BAEKHYUN!” When you scream his name, you’ve planned to do it in your angry tone but all that comes out is a broken sob and a train of desperate, longing plead of “Baekhyun, please! I miss you… please


You’re not sure just how upset you are but it’s probably terrible, because Chanyeol is leaning closer to you, placing his hand on your back and asks you to calm down. Baekhyun does not say anything but you can hear his breathing get heavier.


“Please come home to me, Baekhyun.”


And that does it. Baekhyun does not waste any more time. He sounds more definite and with no regret when he says, “I’m on my way.”


When he clicks off his phone, you stare at the screen with your breath stuck in your throat. “He’s coming home…” You say, eyes still wide in disbelief and stinging with hot tears. “He’s coming home to me… I haven’t lost him yet…”


Chanyeol sighs but his lips are curved up in a smile. “I don’t think you’re ever going to lose him.”


It’s like you can’t hear anything else. It’s just relief, washing over you again and again and you never, never feel so blessed in your entire life that this whole nightmare is just a little, stupid child-like prank. Now that you think about it, it’s so funny. Some things are obvious, and Baekhyun might be a great actor but he’s not the best. If you had stayed calm enough, you’d know he was lying the whole time. If you had trusted him enough, this wouldn’t have happened.


“I am such a bad wife,” you whisper into your own hands as you bury your face in them. “I should’ve known he wouldn’t do this. What was I thinking?”


Chanyeol doesn’t say a word. He probably notices that you’re becoming to worry again, not about your husband, but how low you’ve become. And he probably thinks it’s better to just keep his mouth shut and give you some time to let you sort your thoughts yourself.


Then the doorbell rings.


You jolt in surprise and Chanyeol immediately has his eyes on the hallway leading to the front door. “He’s already here? Isn’t Joonmyun’s house supposed to be like a half an hour away?” he asks, confused, and you probably would’ve shrugged if you weren’t so tense. The doorbell rings again, more impatiently this time. “And doesn’t he have his own key?”


You don’t answer him. You’re too busy trying to place a hand on your chest and calm yourself down. It’s a prank, Chanyeol and Baekhyun’s previous conversation confirms it, but why are you still nervous?


When you’re about to stand up, Chanyeol does it quicker so he can help you by holding your arm. You wanted to throw a grateful smile but you can’t. Not yet. Not until you see your husband. You’re so eager but even then, you find yourself stopping just a few steps away before you reach the doorknob.


Why can’t I move? What am I afraid of?


Chanyeol raises an eyebrow, puzzled, but soon he recovers and reaches for the door for you. And as he opens it, the world falls in slow motion. Baekhyun appears little by little. His light brown hair disheveled. His lungs catching on fire. His temple glinting with sweat. And those pink, pouty lips of his, are stating out your name with a tone desperate enough that you can feel the shiver in his voice.


He’s here. He’s really here.


“Oh God,” Baekhyun says, pushing the door open and running to you with open arms while Chanyeol is shrieking in the background because he didn’t take off his shoes first. “Sweetheart, I am so sor—”


You slap him on the face, hard and fast, painting more red on his already scarlet cheek. Chanyeol shrieks, almost femininely, as he takes a step back and bumps his head against the wall in the process.


Baekhyun blinks, staring blankly at the floor with his lips parted in a silent gasp. The pain stings. It stings so badly when he thinks he’s supposed to be numb from the cold air. Slowly, he averts his eyes back to you, expecting you to glare at him but all he sees is you, biting your trembling lip so you won’t scream in relief with your hands curling into little balls of fists. And you’re crying, tears flowing down your cheeks but you try your best to muffle your sobs.


“Idiot!” you shout, with your voice breaking followed with small gasps breaking free. You place your hands on his chest in intent to shove him away but you find yourself curling your fingers against his white, slightly oversized sweater, pulling him in with not so much strength left on your grip. “Idiot. Idiot!” You punch his chest once, twice, but everytime he takes even one step away, you pull him back to you again. “You’re such an idiot!”


Baekhyun’s previously tense expression begins to soften and he takes a step forward, following your weak tug. Softly, gently, he wraps his arms around your shoulders and embraces you tightly to his body. “I am,” he says, smiling tenderly. His breathing still tatters a little bit when he adds, “But I’m home now.”


You sink your face into his chest, bawling against his knitted sweater that smells just like him and you can’t help but sob a little harder when he has his hand on your hair, carding his fingers through your strands. “You’re an idiot!” you say, again and again, and crying until you can’t breathe. “Look what you’ve made me do!”


“I know.” Baekhyun runs his hand up and down your spine. “Sssh, it’s okay. I’m here now. And I’m sor—”


“Don’t you dare say you’re sorry,” you grit your teeth in order to quiet down your sobs. At this point, you’re nearly sinking your fingernails into his chest from how hard you’re holding the front of his shirt. “Don’t you dare say it.”


“Okay,” he says, kissing the top of your head, soothing you down. “Then what am I supposed to say?”


You bite your lip again, hiding your face even better by curling up to his embrace. Your shoulders still shake quite violently as you keep crying your eyes out. “I…” You snivel. “I hate you so much.”


“I understand why you do.”


“How could you do this to me?”


“I didn’t know it would lead into this—I’m an idiot.”


“You are. You’re so stupid. You make me want to slap you again just to make that sink into your stupid head.”


Baekhyun chuckles, warm and airy, and you know that this is real. This is the exact way he laughs. The exact reason why you fell in love with him, and why you still do.


Baekhyun never lets you go. He waits without a word as you try to take a few minutes to collect yourself. He just stands there embracing you, stroking your hair and shares his body heat. It’s when your breathing gets slower that you say, “I’m sorry I slapped you...”


“It’s okay, I kind of deserve it.”


“You do. You even deserve another one.”


Baekhyun chuckles once. “Yeah.”


“Just what kind of a husband would leave his wife for a stupid prank in the middle of her eight months old pregnancy?” You finally look up to him, glaring with the best scowl you can manage but he looks at you like you’re the most adorable thing in the world. “And for a prank?! You should be ashamed of yourself!”


“I am, I’m a terrible husband,” he says, stopping your hand that’s about to smack his jaw (not too hard, just to wipe that lovesick smile off his face) and holds it with his bigger palm. “But if you would still accept me—”


“Oh, shut up—get away from me!” And you want to twist your wrist away from his hold but he cutely laughs and pulls you back in a big, teddy bear hug. “No, Baek, I’m still angry!”


“Yes, yes,” Baekhyun says, not intending to release you at all and even start swinging from side to side with you in his arms. “God, I’ve forgotten how cute you are.”


“Let me go!” You protest but you can feel your face grows hot. You can’t believe you’re blushing. Even after the whole thing that just happened, you’re still blushing. “You’re taking irresponsibility to a whole new level, Baek. I hate you!”


“Hey, I walked around the building for like two to three hours everyday to make sure I was nearby in case something happened to you.” He finally stops to explain. “I never really did leave you alone, you know.”


“Ah, so that’s why he came by so fast!” Chanyeol finally joins in, remembering you that he’s indeed, still in the apartment watching you with two huge, rarely blinking, and borderline creepy eyes. “Wait, if that’s true, didn’t you see me running to the building before this?”


“Yeah, but I thought it was some crazy guy looking for something to hump so I ran and hide.”


Chanyeol frowns. “But I wasn’t ,” he says, trying to be rational and not even offended.


“I saw you running like an idiot.” Baekhyun probably feels less sorry at that point, since his sassy mouth still works perfectly fine. “You already looked like a crazy guy. I wasn’t going to stay there to check whether you were really .”


“Hey, thanks.”


“Don’t mention it.”


Chanyeol squints his eyes at him but Baekhyun only throws him a kissy face in return. “Damn,” the tall man sighs, “If I know you were nearby, I wouldn’t have run from like a thousand blocks away to check up on her.”


“Yeah, why were you?”


“Because Lu Han-Hyung threatened me to! Didn’t you get his call?”


“Ah no, Lu Han and I aren’t really phone buddies,” Baekhyun says, and you are aware on how he keeps hugging you closely even when he’s chatting with his friend. It’s as if he’s trying to assure you that he’s there, he’s home, warm and happy. So you secretly smile and keep your ears focused to the lively way he talks. “I have his number and he has mine, but we rarely talk on the phone.”


“But this is emergency, ByunBaek. Lu Han-hyung managed to threaten to bury me alive but he didn’t even call you because you guys were ‘not really phone buddies’?” Chanyeol makes an air quote with his fingers, clearly annoyed. “What the hell?”


“Well first, I rarely answer his call. And when I said ‘rarely’, I meant, ‘never’ because he is damn annoying. Well, there are some moments when I did but—”


Baek,” Chanyeol suddenly lunges forward and grabs the smaller man by his shoulders, nearly toppling you over. “If this was a different scenario, and something happened to her in the middle of the night while you weren’t there, and Lu Han called you to let you know but you didn’t pick up, what would you do? What if you were too late to help her because you didn’t know what happened? Can you forgive yourself after that? Huh? Can you?!”


Chanyeol has a point, and the way he puts his words makes Baekhyun stops and stares for a second. You can feel his arm unconsciously tighten around your waist and you never say a word, just waiting for his answer.


“Of course not,” Baekhyun says, his tone serious in the way Chanyeol begins to be afraid and starts loosening his grip from the other man. But Baekhyun isn’t really upset and even if he is, it doesn’t show in the way he smiles kindly at him. “But I have you, right, Chanyeol?” he adds, grinning boyishly but sincere. “I never—no, we never,” Baekhyun includes you in the topic, “call you a hero or anything, but you are, Yeol. You’re our hero. I wouldn’t have married her if you didn’t knock some sense back into my head. I wouldn’t have agreed to become a father if you didn’t convince me how lucky I was for even having the options to choose. I wouldn’t have been standing here, with the most beautiful woman on earth to sort out my dumb prank if you didn’t call me. You’re always there, Yeol. As annoying as you are, you’re always there to help us. And I’m sorry for never showing how grateful I am to have you, but I hope you’re listening to me now.”


It’s all so sudden for Baekhyun to be this honest that it surprises you both. Chanyeol is even way much ahead from being startled. He actually blushes. You’re about to shake yourself awake and think that it’s probably your imagination but then Baekhyun says, “Okay, now, chill down, buddy. No need to go all gay on me now.”


That slaps Chanyeol back from his reverie. “A-ah no, I—” He becomes awkward; his long limbs being thrown all over the place. “I-It’s just been a while since someone took that much notice of me, I’m…”


And you finally realize, Chanyeol is dying for affection. He’s become so alone that even a small, sincere compliment from his male friend manages to make him feel this happy. You’ve been so busy with all this things happening with Baekhyun to notice that Chanyeol’s problem isn’t over. It’s never over and the fact that his fake smile becomes entirely natural now in your eyes is even more saddening.


Baekhyun smiles at the sight, stroking the back of your head when he speaks. “He’s so dumb, but I love him. Do you think we can keep him in the attic when we grow old? He can help us clean the toilet once a week.”


“I heard that, ByunBaek.”


“You’re supposed to, Channie.


“Ha, what a generous offer,” Chanyeol says, laughing modestly at the joke and a bit shy with the nickname. “So are you guys going to kiss or what?”


You sniffle and look up at Baekhyun at Chanyeol’s question. Baekhyun smiles down at you, gently, tenderly, as if he’s seeing his most favorite thing in the world and being as careful as he can not to break it. You feel it directly in the way he swipes his thumb along your lower lip.


“May I?” he asks, small smile turning sheepish. But beneath all that, you can tell he’s nervous. Baekhyun’s probably think that you won’t forgive him for this.


And yes, you still haven’t forgiven him yet. But you figure that you have an eternity to spend to about it. Plus, with the way he tilts his head to the side, staring at you through his eyelashes, how can you resist? And you really, really miss his affection right now so when he asks again, you laugh, softly, and you hold him tightly against you with your fingers curling at the back of his sweater.


“Idiot,” and you give your true response in a form of a kiss, lips pressing warmly to another pair. Yes, yes, many times yes, and as if Baekhyun could hear that, he smiles, parting his lips to take you in. A train of content hums spilling from the back of his throat.


I love you. I’m so in love with you.


Baekhyun holds your chin, angling your face better as he deepens the kiss, and you let him lead. You feel like you’re about to explode from all the feelings you bottle up in your chest. All that matters is him. The way his hair falling over his closed eyes, the way he wets his lower lip before he kisses you again. And the way he just sighs into the kiss, as if kissing you is all he ever wanted.


Baek—” you breathe out, almost a mix between a gasp and a sigh, and Baekhyun leans closer, whispering, “I’m here. Feel me more,” right onto your lips. You nearly stumble down when he adds more force but he swiftly wraps his arms around your waist, continually peppering small kisses to your jaw when he misses your lips. You embrace him once more, holding onto him by hanging onto his shoulder.


I love you,” you say, almost breathless and you’re wondering why is it that deep down you can still feel your heart aching? Are you still afraid that he’s not going to say it back?


Baekhyun stops trailing his lips against your skin and pulls back to gaze at you. He frowns a little when he sees you looking away, your heart racing in anxiety. And when he opens his mouth, you nearly clamp your hands against your ears because what if he says no?




“I AM SO TOUCHED!” Chanyeol shouts, clapping his hands loudly and his voice sounds like a thunder in your ears. You have, yet again, completely forgotten that he’s still in the room, witnessing the whole thing. “This is so much better than the TV series I just watched. Beautiful! Amazing! Now tell her you love her, Baek. Go tell her! Tell her, tell her!”


Baekhyun is glaring at the man, his jaw clenching. “I was about to, you .”


“Oh… Right…” Chanyeol actually has the decency to look awkward. “I mean, you’re taking a long time to respond so I was just—”


“Get out. Get out of my apartment right now.”


“Wait, what did I do? Hey, stop pushing! Wait—no—hey!” But Chanyeol was already outside, still calling Baekhyun’s name, followed with a groan and a “Oh man~ Is this how you guys repay me?! Seriously?!”


“Can you believe that guy?” Baekhyun says, annoyed, as he locks the door and makes sure that he locks it twice just in case. “Ten years. At least I’ve been friends with him for ten freaking years, and he still knows the way to annoy the hell out of m—”


“Please say it back.”




“The words,” you say, unconsciously moving forward to grab his sleeve and you wonder perhaps it’s your way to keep him stay? “The words I just said to you. Please say it back.”


Baekhyun frowns, his eyes searching yours in concern. “Sweetheart, what’s—”


“Please,” you beg, desperate enough to start crying again. “Please, Baek. I haven’t heard you say it since that time we fought.”


“But the fight wasn’t real—”


But still,” You place your forehead against his chest. “Please say it to me.”


Please tell me you love me.


Seeing the shivers running through your shoulders, Baekhyun looks crestfallen enough to the point that if he can slap himself across the face, he would’ve done it. You don’t see the kind of face he’s making, but you can tell how terrible he feels right now when he squeezes your upper arm with one hand and cradles your head with another.


Baekhyun kisses your temple and he takes his time, murmuring your name against your skin before he breaks into a soft sigh, “I love you,” he says, shutting his eyes tightly as he hugs you again, whispering into your ear this time. “I love you. God, I’ve never loved anyone more than I love you now. I love you so much and I am so sorry for making you feel like this.”


“It’s okay,” you can finally smile between the tears that once again start rolling. Perhaps you never really did stop crying. “It’s okay. Thank you.”


But Baekhyun never lets go and you let him hold you as much as he wants. “I love you. I love you, I swear,” the way he chants the word is just so sincere that he probably doesn’t care whether you heard him or not. He just wants to say it out loud. “I am so in love with you. I’ll never stop loving you. Please don’t ever feel insecure about this. My feelings won’t change. Believe in me.”


You begin to laugh, not so much, just enough to make his chest feel warmer. “Okay, okay.” You run your hands up and down his spine, sometimes patting him. “I believe you.”


Baekhyun finally backs away at that, pushing your bangs away from your eyes and they are still wet from your tears. “Why do I keep making you cry?” he asks, though he’s smiling a little himself when he sees you grinning at him.


“These are happy tears, so it’s fine,” you smile, and Baekhyun leans down to playfully rubs the tip of his nose against yours before he steals a peck from your lips.


“Were you crying from joy since the beginning?” he asks, pressing your foreheads together.


“Oh no, the first one was finally, the returns! Let me slap him on the face while I cry about it.” Baekhyun can’t hold back his chuckle at that, softly pushing you back so you begin to walk backwards, deeper into your apartment.


“So from Husband to ,” Baekhyun comments, kissing your cheek before moving down to your jaw as he walks you back to the bed room.


“Indeed, from Husband to .” You continue, letting Baekhyun lead you and settle down in the pleasure of his reassuring kisses. “And the second one was look at this , still not saying he loves me, what a douchebag.”


“Now from an to douchebag,” he grins. “I think I just leveled up.”


“Not really, no,” you correct him. “It does sound better, but it doesn’t make you any less of an . Think about it as the slightly fancier version.”


Baekhyun shakes his head, and you can feel his smile when he kisses your ears. “Noted.”


“Mmm,” you close your eyes, feeling his warm breath painting your skin.


He moves his lips to your cheek and places another soft kiss to your mouth before he gently sits you down to the edge of the bed. He takes off your coat and goes down to one knee in front of you and takes your boots off one by one. “I can’t believe you’re really going to Japan to see me.”


“I was frantic,” you reply, “I thought my husband was seeing another woman behind my back. I’ve decided that I don’t want to lose you, and going to Japan was the first thing that came into my head so…”


Baekhyun’s movements slows to a halt when he listens to your words. When he lifts up his eyes to see you, you can see how terrible he feels inside. “I am so sorry,” he says again, and you only smile in return. It’s clear how messed up Baekhyun feels right now knowing that he doesn’t even complain when you have clearly doubted his loyalty.


“I swear on my life that I will never cheat on you,” Baekhyun promises, taking your hand and unconsciously rubbing comforting circles against your palm. “I’ve decided I don’t want to lose you as well—probably even way before I asked you to marry me. I’m not going to change my mind now. Not today, not tomorrow, not in this life.”


“Stop sweet talking me, I’m already yours,” you reply, trying to ease the tension but Baekhyun doesn’t even smile at that.


“I’m serious,” he adds, firmly.


Your chuckle tones down into a smile. “I know you are.” And Baekhyun seals whatever that comes next from your mouth with a kiss.


A few minutes later, you find yourself lying down on the bed, safe and sound next to your husband. He keeps stealing glances at you, pushing out the bangs from your eyes, and taking care of you in a way you have forgotten that he’s capable of doing so. “Everything that I said when I last saw you is not true,” he says, caressing your cheekbone. “You know that, right?”




Every single thing.”


“Yes, yes,” you chuckle, leaning closer into his touch. “So I didn’t buy too much dolls for our kids?”


“Okay, except that one.”


“!” You jab him in the stomach but Baekhyun just laughs it off before he snuggles even closer. It’s a bit difficult for you two to kiss and touch each other considering you have a huge baby bump on your stomach but it’s not impossible. And Baekhyun has never been the one who gives up easily when it comes to touching you.


“So, Baek,” you start, lifting up your face to give him better access in kissing down your throat.


With his voice muffled with your skin, he mumbles, “Yes, Sweetheart?”


“So now that we know that it was just a prank, can you tell me who’s been calling you at night?”


“Oh right,” Baekhyun finally retracts his hands to himself. “Okay, so how much have you heard from Chanyeol already? I’m kind of , and I know you have two babies about to pop from your vajajay but you’re really cute and I love you so I want to go through this as fast as I can. I won’t repeat what Chanyeol already told.”


“Chanyeol barely told me anything.” You narrow your eyes in annoyance. “And please control your , Mister. I am still fairly pissed about what you’ve done.”


“I am so sorry.” Baekhyun says, and even if he’s distracted, that apology still sounds sincere. And a bit scared. “Okay, so you already know I bought us an apartment.”


“Which I would celebrate with all my soul if you had told me normally during dinner.”


“Yeah, but where’s the fun part?”


You glare at him.


Baekhyun hangs his hands in the air. “Again, I am so sorry. I’m an idiot and yes I should’ve told you normally. Anyway, the apartment used to belong to Chanyeol’s sister—Park Yoora. Ever heard of her?”


“A few times from Chanyeol.”


“Do you know she’s hella rich?”


“Well, knowing how rich Chanyeol is—I mean was…” You feel bad about it, and you realize that you need to thank Chanyeol later for what he’s done. “That shouldn’t come as surprise.”


“Exactly. Okay, so Yoora-noona used to stay in this really cool apartment with her roommate. Three bedrooms, a beautiful kitchen with dining table and everything, and guess what? She has her own bathtub too!”




“Yeah! So it’s supposed to be really expensive, but she sold it to me like it was nothing—well no, not really nothing. It still cost me like five years of my paycheck, and I had Chanyeol loan me some money too but she was really nice and she said I could take as many time as I need to pay the rest. She even said that we could move there right now if we want to!”


“It’s…” You don’t really know how to respond properly. “This is all too good to be true.”


“I know, I feel that way too. So I did a little research and guess what? Turns out that she was forced to marry this rich investor dude who owned like three banks in the country or something, and she’s pissed because he’s seeing another woman behind her back. Yeol said she never really loved him, but I guess this is still humiliating for her. So she starts buying stuff like cars and clothes and even like her own penthouse with his money for revenge.”


“Why doesn't she just divorce him?”


“She asked him to do so once. But since he’s a public figure and everything, that will give him bad publicity so he’s literally buying her anything she wants to keep their marriage in check.”


“That’s so messed up.”


“Yeah, but she looks happy so no problem. Anyway, she’s the one who’s been calling me. You can check the history in my phone if you want.”


“It doesn’t really change anything for me, though.” You can’t help but to pout and Baekhyun is easily distracted with the way you jut out your lower lip. “I mean, you were still being too friendly with her.”


Baekhyun laughs, pinching your nose. “What, you’re scared she’s making her moves on me? I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen.”


“Why not? She’s a woman too. And you…” You look away, pouting. “They… Women always find you attractive so…”


“I am so flattered.” He chuckles, poking your cheek. “And when is the last time I saw you blush? So cute~”


You nearly bite his finger off his hand. “Stop it, I’m serious!”


“Well no need to worry about that, believe me.”




“Sweetheart, hey. Listen to me.” He cups your face and lifts it up to gaze directly into your soul. “First of all, I will never cheat on you. Ever. I wish I don’t have to convince you about this but if there’s anything you want me to say or do to prove it to you, I’ll do it. And second of all, Noona swings for the other team.”




“She’s not gonna be interested in me, since she’s not interested in men in general.”




“Yup. Moreover, she told me that she found you cute when I showed her your pictures. Perhaps you need to convince me that you’re not gonna suddenly start swinging for the other team and leave me for her.”


“W-well… I mean, she’s really pretty.” You pretend to look embarrassed to . “Does she really find me cute?”




“Kidding, kidding. Okay, you can kiss me now.” And Baekhyun has a triumphant look on his face as he sings, “Yay~” and leans in to kiss you. He barely lands a kiss on your lips when you suddenly push him away by the shoulder. “Hey wait, the stain on the bed. Was it her doing as well?”


“Noooo, I will never bring another woman into our apartment without your permission. That was my—I mean, Yeol’s doing.”


“You just said ‘my’.”


“No, I said Yeol’s.”


You squint your eyes.


“… and mine.”


“See? It’s not that hard being honest, is it?” This time, you’re the one who’s pinching his cheek without mercy to the point it gets all red. “Did you buy your own lipstick?”


“Actually no, I’ve already owned that one since way back in college.” You give him a look. “I-it’s not for anything weird, I swear! Lu Han asked me to!”


“I am so curious about what happened to you and Lu Han in college,” you say but you figured it’s not important yet now. Anyway, why isn’t he calling you again? He must have been worried about the whole thing. “Baekgu, can you check my phone?”


“Yeah, sure.” Baekhyun leaps off the bed to grab your purse and check it for you since it’s hard for you to sit up and get down the bed with your belly looking like that. “Oh, your phone’s dead.”


“It is?”




“Oh… Did Lu Han call yours again?”


“Yeah, I kinda lied about him having my numbers earlier. Well not really, since he does have mine but not the correct one.”


“You’re an .”


“Apparantely tonight, I’m an , an idiot and a douchebag.”


“I see you’ve learned your lesson.” You grin and open up your arms again to welcome him. “Now come up here and touch me again.”


Baekhyun’s eyes glint in the dimness of the room, before you see him smirking at you. “Yes, Ma’am.”


The second he hovers on top of you, you grab a handful of his hair and brought his face down to smash your lips together. Baekhyun is only eager to comply. It doesn't start as fierce at first, but soon it becomes a messy battle of tongues, and oh, Baekhyun tastes somewhat like milk tea. Suddenly the thought of him wandering around your apartment building, sipping milk tea while crying a little from worrying over his wife enters your mind and your husband becomes a thousand times cuter in your head.


Baekhyun notices how you are grinning when he expertly runs his tongue along your lower lip. Pulling back, he asks, “What?”




“You just grinned at me.”


“I grin when I’m happy.”


“No, you grin when I have celery on my teeth or when I feel a little bit upset about Hachiko.”


“Baekhyun,” You caress his cheek once before you pinch the soft skin. “You weren’t a bit upset when you saw the movie. You were bawling your eyes out, don’t try to save your pride like that. I saw you.”


Baekhyun pulls away, cheeks ablaze. “Well, that dog is the saddest creature on earth and you people have no heart if you watch that movie without crying!”


“Ah geez, you’re so annoying,” you say, but when you pull him down for another kiss, you can’t stop yourself from smiling again. Baekhyun doesn’t want to lose though. If he can’t force you to tell the truth, then he’s gonna wipe that smirk off your face himself. teeth grazing upon soft lips before you break the kiss because you can’t handle back a moan when Baekhyun’s hand find their way down your body. “So, Baekhyun…”




“I heard is great for pregnancy.”


Baekhyun throws a small laugh, kissing your collarbone. “Not when your due date is in another two weeks, I think.”


“Oh, so you do know.”


“Of course, who do you think I am?”


“And yet, you still did the damned prank.”


“You’re going to remind me everyday about this, huh?”


“Probably,” you let out a heavy, impatient sigh when Baekhyun is being real slow at touching you. “Okay, are you gonna me or not? Because I don’t want to get my hopes up for nothing.”


At first, he seems startled at the way you place your words, but then Baekhyun seems really tempted to have it your way even though his conscience is still pure. “In a way,” he explains, “I really want to be responsible and take care of you like a good husband—”


“You already failed that one with your stupid prank, .”


“T-true.” He gulps, a bit stunned with your quick, snappy comeback. “But in another way, I am also so right now, probably even more than you. I just want to t-tie you down to the headboard and put my d-di—”


“No one asked you to , so just calm down and kiss me.”


“Oh thank God, because I am losing my skills.” Then Baekhyun kisses you relentlessly, pulling against your clothes and everything. Being the man, he’s taking the lead and you don’t need to move around to much for you to feel pleasure creeping up your body because Baekhyun is doing a really great job at it (as always).


But the moment shatters when Baekhyun spreads your thighs apart and touches you down there above the clothes. He freezes and looks down.


“Honey?” Baekhyun asks, frowning. “I’m happy to know that you’re already this wet when we just barely started but…”


“What?” You knit your eyebrows together, trying your best to sit up and look down as well. That’s when you feel water slipping between your thighs.


No, no, no, this is not—!


“Oh dear,” Baekhyun pulls away, looking a bit horrified. “Are you peeing?”


“No, you idiot!” It only takes two more seconds for you to start panicking. “My water just broke!”


“Your water—” Baekhyun gapes, looking lost. “But how?!”


“I don’t know Baek, it just did!” What should you do? With everything that happened, you haven’t prepared yourself mentally or physically yet to be delivering two little angels to the world, but now your water just broke and Baekhyun is supposed to be in the phone, calling the hospital or at least someone mature enough to know that you’re not peeing in your bed!


Oh God, okay,” you take a deep breath, exhale, and repeat it once more. “We need to stay calm. Where’s the baby bag?”


“What baby bag?!” Baekhyun has already begun to shriek, which is not a good thing.


“The one with the thing I need during labour!”


“I DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT IS!” Okay, wow, he’s screaming now. “Are you going to have the babies now?! Aren’t you supposed to have them in another two weeks?! Why are you—what are you doing?!” He jumps off the bed, placing one hand on his chest because for God’s sake, your husband is having a panic attack right now and he’s having a hard time just to breathe. “What even,” he coughs twice, hyperventilating, “I’m not ready for this—oh my God—”


“Okay calm down, Baek. You’re having a panic attack—”




“Oh I’m sorry, you’re right.” You stare flatly at him, even though your heart is racing just as fast. “Let me squeeze my and tell the babies to shut the hell up and stay in there for another two weeks, will that be good enough for you, Mr. Byun?”


Baekhyun suddenly stops moving at that and you thought you’ve offended him, but when you’re about to apologize, he asks, “This is so weird, and you’re not gonna believe what I’m going to say, but I you not, what you just said kind of —”






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Park Yoora is a beautiful, beautiful young woman who, as far as I know, is confirmed to be a legit and healthy heteroual. This story is FICTION and I am sorry for using her in this way YOORA-UNNIE I LOVE YOU AND IF YOU WERE REALLY GAY, I WOULD HAVE PROBABLY GONE GAY FOR YOU TO JUST SAYIN


I, too, wanted to write Baekhyun as a young, responsible, completely mature type of husband who will not do the following actions: 1) pranking his wife when she's carrying his late 8 months-old babies, 2) being easily over the word '', 3) screaming when his wife is about to deliver his babies to the earth. But then I remember, wait, he's a dork. and my version of baekhyun is much dorkier and lamer than the real one, but you claim that you LOVE him so just shut up and read and continue loving him no matter what. Adios!

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Chapter 34: its been more than a year :( pls update soon ilyy
Eunsmoon 73 streak #2
Chapter 34: They're finally having the babies! I don't know if you still update this at l but I'm going to stay subscribed cause its super cute.
Eunsmoon 73 streak #3
Chapter 17: Ok this is the fluffiest, cutest chapter I have ever read. I love this so much! I hope that I get a proposal like this :)
I've read this fic in persian.....I luv it!
It's so funny and this type of baekhyun is so hot
Chapter 34: It's been two years since the last update, yet I still find myself always coming back to this masterpiece. It's my favourite fanfic of all time tbh - as in favourite of all EXO fanfics and all fanfics in general including different fandoms. I hope life is treating you well, and want to express my gratitude for this story and the fact that you left all your great work up for everyone who loves it to keep rereading it! Thank you <333
visiting this story again~~~~
fgtalks #8
Chapter 34: The babies probably two yo now. Well. Hello. I hope you're always healthy and happy author. And i hope the babies are okay. Yay. Uhm. This story is fantastic. Well, but if you don't want to continue this, uhm. I'll try to be fine. It's okay. As long asthe babies are okay. And maybe now Chanyeol is finally happy again, right? Either he's moved one already or just got back together with his ex. Have a good day (^^)/
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Chapter 27: I love them all! And i can't see Chanyeol got broken heart ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ He deserves to be happy too!