Insontis (The Marriage Life of Mr. Byun: Chanyeol's Side Story)

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It was an innocent young love, that turned into something more.

Something deeper.

Something real.

And something that doesn't last forever.


Another spin-off from my EXO fan fiction called The Marriage Life of Mr. Byun. You can read this one without having to read that first, but this story have big connections with Baekhyun's story and my Lu Han's side story. It would be great if you can read them all because these stories are all interrelated and therefore really only one series. Chanyeol's story will be all fluffy and fun games, but as the story progresses, you'll realize that they're not as happy as they look.

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gretzelle #1
Chapter 3: Am reading in 2017... Praying for an update. Whatever it is, I hope you are doing well.
Namgyuri14 #2
Chapter 3: Kaasian ama pcy astaga ngakak!!
Namgyuri14 #3
Chapter 2: Ngakak liat chanyeol idiot2 gt astaga
Namgyuri14 #4
Chapter 1: Polosnya chanyeol
I miss you :*
baozimaknae #6
Chapter 3: i've been keeping up with the marriage life of mr. byun but i just managed to read this story and goosh chanyeol and sera is definitely something xD i think i'm gonna die from all the laughters xD they're so dumb and awkward but also cute and super fluffy all at the same timeeee! look forward for the next updates and works from you author-nim~ fighting!
Exotic91 #7
Chapter 3: OH. MY. GOD. They're so damn Fluffy. I could die out of all this fluff and I know I'll come back to life due to the fluffiness. You are absolutely AWESOME ♡♡♡
sweetcherry21 #8
Chapter 3: Another chapter soon author-nim?? 'First Winter' ?? :)
Biakdiki #9
authornim ..did u give up on this story???
plis update it for xmas present ...i beg uuuuuu plis
momonica #10
Omg you are one on my all time favourite authors! Your stories are all bomb