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The Ghost Whisperer

Kwon Haneul has a gift. She can see the spirits of those who have died - both good and bad. When a newly deceased spirit approaches her, he only asks for one thing. To look after his little brother, Myungsoo.

Dream and Fate

Shida Mirai was a young maiden that dreamed to travel the world. What would she do when the King of Hakumei ordered her to marry the second prince, Yamada Ryosuke? What would she choose when the prince himself offered to help her escape the marriage?

Bygreyrani updated
CharactersMain casts: Yamada Ryosuke & Shida Mirai. Supporting casts: HSJ members (Kota,Yuya,Kei,Hikaru,Daiki,Keito,Yuto,and Yuri),Morimoto Ryutaro (ex HSJ member),Kamiki Ryunosuke,Ohgo Suzuka,Nishiuchi Mariya,Nakayama Yuma,Kawashima Umika,Kawaguchi Haruna,and OCs.
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Meeting You (The Series)

This is the continuation of my one-shot story I wrote under the same title "Meeting You". Before you read this, you need to read that one-shot first. Here is the link for that oneshot Anyway, enjoy! >_<

Bygreyrani updated
CharactersYamada Ryosuke, Shida Mirai, Hey! Say! JUMP members, Nakayama Yuma (NYC), and OCs
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Tantei Gakuen Q - The New Beginning

Some years after the case of King Pluto, everyone went back to their normal lives: Kyu Renjo was now attending Shibusawa Academy along with Megumi Minami and Ryuu Amakusa. Yes, this was the same Academy were the group had to solve the case of "The Collector". They were only in second year of junior high when the case happened, and in the end, they grew rather close to that school and decided to attend there. 

Bychina19 updated
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Suzuki Ryosuke (Yamada Ryosuke) is a guy who looks like a girl. His sisters enjoy dressing him up as a girl since he looked like one. Without the guidance of his father who is working abroad as a teacher, he misunderstood, thinking he’s a gay and swung the other way ar

Bylonergirl updated
CharactersYamada Ryosuke, Shida Mirai, Kamenashi Kazuya, Fujigaya Taisuke, Takahisa Masuda, Oomasa Aya, Naka Riisa, Goriki Ayame, Fukuda Saki, Kawashima Umika
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Shida Mirai is a senior high school girl who is considered a mood maker of her clique because of her cheerful character. She is well-liked by her friends, Umika, Chinen, Suzuka, and especially Yuto who has a secret crush on her for years. She is born in a family of four, and her elder brother Daiki is the apple of the eye because of his perfection in every aspect of his life. Mirai and Daiki may bicker everyday, but still they cared for each other. She may seemed to have the perfect life and

Bychuamx updated
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It Has Always Been You

Honestly, Mirai has never had a boyfriend. She's pretty, smart, and sweet as some would say. But that didn't mean she couldn't kick- if she wanted to. Everything was supposed to be alright. It was the last year of High School! She's a senior! Nothing interesting happens to her, and she wasn't abducted by aliens yet. But then, it came back; Love. Yes it was corny but it

ByMountainTree updated
CharactersYamada Ryosuke and Shida Mirai
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Three Surprises and One Fate

They say that childhood crushes are merely fancy dreams, a must have when growing up but never quite achievable. Yamada Ryosuke never thought it was possible to meet her, his childhood favourite child actress, Ichinose Miki again, but fates have given a second chance, to the heartbroken little boy and his oblivious crush to meet three times in a roll. This time, the three surprises are the charm, the form

Byyamie85 updated
CharactersYamada Ryōsuke, Shida Mirai, Chinen Yūri, Nakajima Yūto, Kamiki Ryūnosuke and others
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The Lost Prince

The state of Aoihoshi (Blue sky) was once peaceful, glorious and people in Aoihoshi lives in peace and harmony under the ruling of King Tanaka Akiyoshi. However, Tanaka Minoru, brother of the King Akiyoshi wanted to upsurb the throne and decides to attack the ruler. Minoru massacred all the royal subjects and guards, including King Akiyoshi and his family (comprising of Queen Umi and Tanaka Ainosuke). Ever since, the state of Aoihoshi fell into the hands of KI

Bychuamx updated
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To humans, it is considered a monster- a threat.! To non-humans, it is considered a savior!

Bysana_11 updated
CharactersRyosuke Yamada, Mirai Shida, Umika Kawashima, Yuri Chinen, Yuto Nakajima, Kazuya Kamenashi, Maki Horikita, Jin Akanishi, Tatsuya Ueda, Yukie Nakama, Johnny's Juniors, other Johnny's members, and various AKB48 members.
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The Castle of Cakes

Welcome to Castle of Cake! Many choices of cake are available for the customers. Blackforest? Tart? Rainbow cake? Name it and we will wrap it up for you! We also accept order for special occasions.  Cakes are sweet. Like honey. Like sugar. But life isn't.

Byochan_desu updated
CharactersYamada Ryosuke/Suzuki Daichi, Shida Mirai/Minami Megumi, Kaname Jun/Kurisu, Kato Seishiiro/Takeru, Tani Kanon/Hinata, Fukiishi Kazue/Haruka, Kamiki Ryunosuke/Yosuke, Kojima Fujiko/Takeda Maria, N Yuto/Kouji, Hayame Mokomichi/Goro Hachisuka
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Mix Up

Mix ups can be a good thing :D

ByMountainTree updated
CharactersYamada Ryosuke and Shida Mirai
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Perfect Life 2 : Where My Heart Belongs

Konnichiwa Minna~!  Its me again ! XD Because of the positive feedbacks I get on Perfect Life, I've decided to make a sequel ^____^ Yey ~! So in this sequel, it will be focusing on the married life of Ryosuke and Mirai, as well as to the pairing of Haruna and Yuto ( though it is not clearly seen on the first story) I hope you guys will still read this ~!   Arigachuuuu ^3^   -Gumi

Bynivallreakk updated
CharactersNakajima Yuto, Kawaguchi Haruna, Yamada Ryosuke, Shida Mirai, Hey Say JUMP
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Will You Be Mine?

This was it! University life! She should be excited right? Meeting new people and learning new things. What she didn’t expect was to fall in love… Was it exaggerated? Did she really fall in love in such a fast pace? Or was it just a crush? But why did she always feel so excited whenever she saw Ryosuke? He was just her friend right? At least to him she was, what would he want with a plain-looking girl like her? She should have just walked away and not entertain these feelings,

ByMountainTree updated
CharactersYamada Ryosuke and Shida Mirai
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Our 21st Birthday

This is a super late birthday oneshot for YamaShiMiki <3   Hope you like it.. sorry for all the wrong grammars and typos ^^   Comments are <3  

Bynivallreakk updated
Charactersyamada ryosuke, shida mirai,
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Chanyeol has been infatuated with his next door neighbor the moment she appeared in front of him. He believes that she deserves nothing but the best confession and the best treatment. Now, how exactly does he intend to show that he wants to be m

BySeyensay updated
CharactersPark Chanyeol and Shida Mirai; Ft. Byun Baekhyun and Zhang Yixing
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Sakura Saita Yo

When the day comes that I won’t see you anymore I’m left with nothing but fear But what I should be happy about is before that time comes I have gathered enough strength already I want to forget everything, but everything reminds me of you In order to erase it all, I discarded our credits roll You go on your own way while I go to the other route, sti

ByMountainTree updated
CharactersYamada Ryosuke and Shida Mirai
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Meeting You

Just a random idea popped out in my mind about Yamada Ryosuke and Shida Mirai.

Bygreyrani updated
CharactersYamada Ryosuke, Shida Mirai
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Perfect Life

  Synopsis: What if your life will be changed by one decision, a decision that you never expected to happen,  a decision that will change your life forever.?   What if you met someone that you hate and it turns out that he is the man you’ll going to spend your whole life with?

Bynivallreakk updated
Charactersyamada ryosuke, shida mirai, nakajima yuto, kawaguchi haruna
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If you ship YamaShi, welcome.

Bypakinglu updated
Charactersyamada ryosuke, shida mirai, kawashima umika
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Reason to Live

hi minna ? its been a while since I last posted a fic/continuation here :)   sorry for not updating , kinda busy with other things :(   this is the first KamiShi fanfic I write, hope you like it, sorry for the errors.    

Bynivallreakk updated
Characterskamiki ryunosuke , shida mirai, yamada ryosuke
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Beautiful Culminate Revenge

"Do you believe me? I will prove again about my feelings... "...First, I always want to have you. Yes, you just made ​​mine alone. It was proof of my like's feeling. That sense of want to have. "...Secondly, I want to always take care of you. I dont want anyone hurt you. That is evidence of a sense my dear to you. The sense always wanted to keep..

ByAmamiMiharu updated
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Lost Friends

Mirai just doesn't understand Yamada sometimes.

Bymasterk3y updated
CharactersYamada Ryosuke, Shida Mirai
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My last year in Horikoshi High

Summary: It is Mirai's last year in Horikoshi High. It's the last year she can ever physically see him. Although she and Ryosuke have been classmates ever since they were enrolled in Horikoshi, she never got the guts to talk to him, because she likes him. She always do. But she know as an average person, she does not stand a chance with him, so she just hide herself from him and the other celebrities from the class. One more year and they will graduate and from then, she will only

Bychuamx updated
CharactersYamada Ryosuke, Shida Mirai, Chinen Yuri, Nakajima Yuto
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Close Shave

Shida Mirai, a popular actress is harrassed by a stalker. In a frenzy, you dialed the number of your manager....but someone else whom you have not met for many years came to your rescue....What if this dangerous encounter is a blessing in disguise...

Bychuamx updated
CharactersYamada Ryosuke, Shida Mirai
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My fair lady

Shida Mirai, an average girl is dating her long time best friend Yamada Ryosuke who is also a pop idol from Hey! Say! JUMP. Love with a celebrity as everyone knows is coupled with challenges, and one big hurdle they need to overcome is Mirai's mother. Her mother believes that Ryosuke cannot give her daughter happiness, and she does everything in her means to stop their love. She forced Mirai to attend a relationship workshop: Know the Right Guy For You, for females only, and this caused Mir

Bychuamx updated
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