Relapse Part I

The Marriage Life of Mr. Byun
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a.n: this chapter takes place before chapter 3.


“I mean, like, it’s going to be just us boys and you and your friend,” Lu Han said, sporting a boyish smile that was almost too innocent to be real. “Just you, me, Baozi, Yeol and his girl. Come on, honey, it’s Christmas’ Eve. What better way to spend it other than with your best friends? Barbecue night at the beach house, baby! WOO-HOO!”


“I will come if you stop saying ‘woo-hoo’,” you stated, on the verge of rolling your eyes. “So is it really going to be just… us?” You almost winced at the end of your question because there was no way in hell you would come to a party with that particular eyeliner boy involved. Vomiting on his shoes was one thing, but being blatantly ignored or humiliated in public by him whenever he felt like it was the very reason why you’d choose not to go to Chanyeol’s private beach house if Baekhyun was going to be there. Sure, you were a little bit (read: extremely) attracted to his looks and his y, bad boy attitudes but he didn’t seem to emit the same kind of feelings towards you. In fact, he looked like he hated you to hell.


“Yeah, sure,” Lu Han said and when you threw a suspicious look at him, he sighed and folded his hands on his chest, giving you a y look. “Honey, do I ever lie to you?”


You figured that, fine, okay, maybe putting your faith on him wouldn’t be such a bad idea.


But damn it, you were wrong.


“Oh no,” Baekhyun said on the next morning, right on the second his eyes met yours. “No no no no no no—”


Seeing how he already had a backpack filled with clothes and swimming trunks, you gasped and screamed at the same time with the eyeliner boy.






“Yah! Move your fat to the side,” Baekhyun complained, struggling to have more room on his seat and you were this close to punching him on the face because there was no more room left on the van for you to move.


“Hey, screw you, Princess,” you said, elbowing him on his ribcage. “If you want to sit freely then get out and go sit on the roof—”


“Don’t you order me around!” He barked in return, throwing a y glare. “This is all your fault, you !”


“Why on earth is this my fault?!” You were a second away from grabbing him by the collar.


“Because you’re so fat and ugly, and I feel grossed out sitting next to you,” Baekhyun huffed, throwing his bangs out of his eyes. “And because you dress like a trucker—”


“Well, you wear your make-up like a stripper! And I’m not fat!” You bantered, shoving him away by the shoulder. “Get off me! And what is this smell?” You scrunched up your nose, feeling dizzy from the weird smell that didn’t suite your taste. You could tell it was coming out from around Baekhyun’s nape (not like you were sniffing his neck, but whatever).


“Calvin Klein’s Eternity,” Baekhyun answered smugly. “What, don’t tell me you’re attracted to me already? I know this perfume makes it unbearable for you to stay beside me without doing anything.”


“Eew, God, no!” You were attracted to him, yes, but not because of that smell. “And yes, it is unbearable to stay beside you because you stink!”


“My God!” Baekhyun dramatically gasped. “You did not just say that! This is a godly, alluring scent! I am terribly sad that you can’t appreciate such a great—”


“And why the hell is it called Eternity anyway? Does that word stand for Eternity of Pain and Sadness?”


Baekhyun mimicked your every word with a chipmunk voice and an ugly, annoying expression (though you still found him to be slightly adorable). “Funny, Sweetheart. You could use some. I know you look like a trucker but that doesn’t give you the excuse to actually smell like one.” When you kicked one of his feet and shoved his shoulders again, he went back to whining. “Hey, stop pushing! Damn it, why are you even sitting beside me?!”


“Do you think I like sitting beside you, you —”


“Of course you do, everybody does—”


“WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP IN THERE?!” Lu Han screamed from the driver seat, tilting his head slightly to check up on you and Baekhyun’s faces. You were faced with a glare but that wasn’t deadly enough if being compared with yours. “Guys, can’t we be civil for the next few hours and just—”


“Lu Han, watch out,” Kim Minseok said in his big brotherly voice and Lu Han immediately turned his head back just right in time before he almost drove his van into a speeding truck. Lu Han suddenly hit brakes and slammed the steer to the side, successfully managing to avoid the accident (thank God and everything holy though you were too busy arguing with Baekhyun at the backseat to notice).


“HEY!” Lu Han screamed with half of his head lolling out the window. “WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING, YOU DUMB !”


“Jesus Christ,” Minseok said, rubbing his forehead and leaned his back to the seat. There was a reason why he was settled on the front seat and that was to keep people alive. “Keep your eyes on the road, Lu Han. You’re going to get us killed.”


“I can’t concentrate on driving when those two bastards keep yapping at the back!” Lu Han complained, continued driving angrily as if he was the main lead in Fast and The Furious.


“This is all your fault, you Chinese bastard!” Baekhyun complained loudly. “You said she wouldn’t come! You told me it was going to be just us boys!”


“’Us boys’?” You repeated, almost mocking a laugh. “You mean, three boys and one sassy ?”


“I’m going to throw you out of this van, I swear to—”


“Then do it, Baek, I dare you.”


“I would’ve done it by now if your wasn’t as big as a freakishly huge donkey’s—”


“Guys, guys!” This time it was your friend who screamed her lungs out. She was sitting on the middle seat of the car, just right beside her boyfriend, Chanyeol—who, by the way, didn’t look so good at the moment. She splayed a comforting hand on her boyfriend’s back and carefully massaged his shoulders. “Guys, Chanyeol isn’t feeling well so can you two please be quiet for a while?”


Chanyeol made a weird sound as if he wanted to throw up (maybe he did a little in his mouth). “Carsick,” he muttered, face already drenched with sweat.


“Oh God,” Lu Han moaned, slamming his hands to the steer and Minseok watched him cautiously. “Yeol, you ing owned a car, why would you have a carsick—”


“Maybe it’s because you’re driving so carelessly,” Minseok muttered, hands moving to tightly grab his seat belt for extra safety.


“What are you talking about? I’m basically driving like Miss Daisy here—” And then Lu Han suddenly hit brakes again and pressed the horn with all of his power. “YAH! WHO THE TAUGHT YOU HOW TO DRIVE?! ING HELL THIS AIN’T YOUR ROAD, HONEY, NOW GET OFF!”


Minseok spared a glance to the car Lu Han just screamed profanities to. “The driver is an old lady.”


“I know,” Lu Han exhaled impatiently, eyebrows knitted in fury. “Stupid hag.”


“You just screamed to a grandmother,” Minseok said again. “That is very rude.”


“What do you want me to do, Baozi? She suddenly stopped, it wasn’t my fault—”












“THAT IS IT!” Minseok finally blew up, deciding that the situation would only be getting worse if he didn’t quickly do something about it. “Lu Han, pull over.”


The Chinese man frowned, preparing his long protest. “But why, I was just going—”




Lu Han gulped. “Yes, Sir.”


After cleaning Chanyeol’s digested breakfast off the carpet (Lu Han offered to do the job since he felt sorry when he saw Chanyeol’s girlfriend tried to do it—or maybe because Minseok ‘told’ him to), Minseok took care of the driving and asked Baekhyun (which he agreed happily) to sit next to him on the front seat to prevent more commotion. You stayed on the same spot as before but now, Lu Han was sitting beside you. Chanyeol, who looked more refreshed after an hour of rest and a bottle of fresh water with some Meclizine to reduce his motion sickness, was happy and ready as a puppy when their trip continued.


“Ah~” Baekhyun exclaimed from the front seat, hands folded behind his head as he smiled from ear-to-ear. “There’s nothing like having your own seat without some trucker with giant trying to steal it away.”


“You sound so happy,” you commented and Baekhyun hummed in agreement. “So tell me, Baek, does it bring that much joy to you from thinking about my ? I mean, you can’t stop talking about it.”


Lu Han broke out a laugh. “Nice,” he said, offering you a hand to do a high five.


You jabbed a finger to his stomach instead. “Shut up, I’m still mad at you. You lied to me!”


“I prefer the word ‘tricked’,” Lu Han replied, wincing as he rubbed the pain off his abs. “And come on, it’s clear to me that you still have a crush on Squishy Baekbunny there so stop pretending like you hate this whole thing.”


“WHAT?!” You gasped, face flushed and hot when your heart screamed its approval of Lu Han’s words. “I DON’T HAVE A—”


“Stop calling me ‘Squishy Baekbunny’! And girl, even I know you have a crush on me—”




“Such a peaceful day,” Minseok muttered to himself, wishing to God that he could be somewhere else at the moment. “Why did I even agree to this?” Then he remembered Chanyeol’s private Jacuzzi. “Oh yeah right, that’s why.”


“Oh! Oh!” Chanyeol shouted, sitting up straight on his seat with a wide grin on his lips. “Guys, we’re here! This is the beach! You can see my house from here! There!”


His girlfriend slid closer to him and moved her gaze to the spot that Chanyeol’s finger was pointing at. “Oh, Chanyeol, your house looks beautiful!”


Chanyeol shyly glanced to sneak a look at her face and he kept his eyes there. “Yeah,” he said, eyes lingering on the small mole below her eyelash and the blush on her cheek. “So beautiful.”


“Oh God,” Lu Han grunted, “I can already smell the sappiness from here. Somebody get me off this car before I throw up.”


“Do you want me to pull up? You can always walk.”


“I was kidding, you meanie Baozi.”


“Well I wasn’t, so feel free to ask.”




Give it up to Lu Han for always bringing out the stupidest idea for the whole gang to do (and weirdly, to approve on it too). After settling the luggage back at Chanyeol’s beach house (which was so beautiful and huge, what with all the large outdoor terrace with view to the sea, and large windows made by crystal glass), Lu Han asked (read: forced) the gang to go to the small mall downtown (which was located about half an hour from the house) to buy some food for their late night barbeque party. It was all a great idea, sure, but not the part where he asked (again, read: forced) you and the rest of the dudes to play bowling.


“Bowling?” you asked, not actually hating the idea but not really loving it either since you already felt so tired from the entire trip. “Why bowling?”


“Just because, Kiddo,” Lu Han said, patting your head. “And possibly because I’m broke and I don’t want to pay for dinner so hey, here’s an idea! Let’s split up into three teams and battle our skills in this ten-pin bowling game. Whichever team scores the most will be the winner and they’ll get to pick who’s paying for our grocery shopping.” Before anyone could decide their partners, Lu Han already swung an arm around Minseok’s neck and claimed, “I’m gonna partner up with Baozi!” Minseok only sighed but let his friend do what he wanted.


“Hyung, I can pay for dinner if you want, there’s really no need to do this,” Chanyeol said, rubbing the back of his head. But his girlfriend shyly tangled her fingers with his and gave him this delicate smile before she said, “But I want to play this together with you, Yeollie.”


Chanyeol made this stupid-but-somehow-adorable gurgled sound that probably didn’t mean anything more than, “YES. OKAY. I’LL PLAY. MARRY ME.”


You almost muttered ‘Aaw look at how they’re so obviously in love with one another’ but then you realized something.


“Wait,” Baekhyun raised a hand, protesting. “Does that mean I’m going to partner up with this dumbo right here?”


“Hey, right back at you, ,” you spat though you would be lying if you said you weren’t excited with this situation.


“Yeah, now come on,” Lu Han said, suddenly looking all jittery and happy. “Go grab your balls and get ready to lose.” He took Minseok by the hand and dragged him to the end of one of the flat wooden lanes. “Come on, Baozi. Let’s show those kids how it’s done.”


You huffed in defeat when Lu Han took a ball in his hand and rolled it down the lane, successfully managing to knock down all ten pins. “YES! IT’S A STRIKE, BABY, WOO-HOO!” He crooked his finger at your direction and challenged, “Try go and top that, Dongsaeng.”


“Smug bastard,” you muttered under your breath. It was your team’s turn now and you wanted to ask Baekhyun who should go first but the sassy already had his hands on the brightest pink ball you’d ever seen.


“Move, nerd,” Baekhyun said, his eyes fierce but his smirk was constantly teasing. “Let your master show you how it’s done.”


“Oh?” you asked, raising an eyebrow as you crossed your arms in front of your chest. “So you’re good at bowling?”


“Please,” Baekhyun scoffed loudly, getting into his professional pose as he prepared himself for the throw. “I’m good at everything, Sweetheart.”


But the thing was, you were actually pretty good at bowling. And being good at it makes it easy for you to tell that Baekhyun actually knew literally nothing about it. Actually, even for anyone who’d never heard about bowling before, they would still know that he at it.


Baekhyun didn’t swing the ball forward. He literally threw it, shouting, “! My fingers!” (and yelping like a girl) while he was at it. The ball dropped to the ground and created this loud, thundering sound when it met the wooden surface. Some people turned their heads to look at the ruckus he made and you only provided them with an awkward smile and a small “Sorry!”


The shocking pink ball rolled to the side, sliding right to the gutter and hitting not even one of the pins.


“Wow,” you commented, slow-clapping even when Baekhyun was glaring at you as he rubbed his fingers. “You’re such a great player. There are amazed tears in my eyes, do you notice?”


“My hand slipped, you ,” Baekhyun muttered back and you only replied with a mocking laugh.


“Gee, Baek,” Lu Han didn’t forget to join in to put more salts in his wounds. “Next time you scream, you might want to sound less of a girl that you are.”


“Why don’t you let me break your fingers first and see how you scream after that, hmm?”


“Oooh,” Lu Han cooed, “Not very friendly.”


“Go screw yourself, Lu Han.”


“How many times should I tell you?! It’s Lu Han-Hyung!”


When it was Chanyeol’s team’s turn to play, your friend looked nervous and twitchy. She had a navy blue ball on her hands but she just stared at it while she nibbled on her lower lip worriedly. “I… I don’t know how to play,” she admitted. “This is actually my first time playing this.”


Chanyeol flashed this excited (too excited, to be honest) grin on his face and pressed his hands on her shoulders before moving them down her wrists. “Don’t worry, Princess,  it’s really easy!”


“You’ve played this before?” her girlfriend asked and she was entranced with the way Chanyeol’s fingers settled gently on top of hers, holding the ball together with her.


“Of course! I’ve played it for like eight hundreds times or something,” he answered, still sporting that same grin. “Here, let me show you how this works.”


Chanyeol gave her a delicate push on the shoulders and she walked forward until she stood nervously on the end of lane with her boyfriend standing closely behind her. She could feel his breath on her nape when Chanyeol bent his head down and whispered in her ear.


“You put your hand around the ball like this,” he whispered, moving her hand to the right position with his own and she shuddered under the low timbre of his voice. “And put your thumb, middle, and ring finger here.”


“O-okay,” she said, taking a deep breath and blushed violently when his warm breath fell to the sensitive skin behind her ear.


Your friend had only been dating Chanyeol for like a month, but they looked like they’d been seeing each other for a year. They’d grown comfortable with each other’s presence but there were also cute (read: gross, cavity-inducing) moments where they made each other blush and nervous only with a small touch from their fingertips or a meaningful glance from their eyes. It was cute, you supposed, that your friend could find someone she could stare at with so much love in her eyes like that. But she was naïve, innocent, and possibly still knew nothing about love. She’d never gotten her heart broken like you did because of Kris and you just hoped that Chanyeol wouldn’t be the one to do so.


Baekhyun, who was still rubbing his fingers (they were fine, not even red let alone bruised like he said they were), stood beside you and suddenly struck out a conversation. “I bet they’re not thinking about winning but more like thinking about ing each other instead,” he commented with an audible sigh.


You made a face, scurrying off from his side. “Don’t talk to me,” you said, “I’m allergic to s.”


Baekhyun only gave you a look. “That was such a creative remark, my dear, I am truly amazed,” he pointed sarcastically.


Lu Han yawned loudly and laid his chin lazily on Minseok’s shoulder. “I’m sorry, are we battling here or are we playing soap operas? Because I’m not sure I want Baozi to be my star-crossed lover if that’s the case.” Minseok didn’t even give a respond and only continued playing with his phone.


Even though you were sure that the idiot couple heard all the snarky remarks coming from their friends, they seemed to be able to easily ignore them and just casually moved along with their own world. It was always like that with those two.


“Now,” Chanyeol whispered again and this time he let his lips brush slightly against her earlobe. “Swing the ball forward and slowly let go of it with your thumb first. Aim straight and give enough power to strike down those pins.”


“Y-yes,” she stuttered, face already flaming in red and tried to do as her boyfriend say. With so much effort (but little concentration since Chanyeol was still practically hugging her from behind), she ended up with throwing the ball to the ground as well like Baekhyun. Only on her case, she looked adorable while Baekhyun was just flat out embarrassing.


“Oh…” she said, when the ball rolled to the side, hitting nothing in its way. “I’m—I’m sorry, I—”


“Hey, it’s fine,” her boyfriend immediately assured her. “It’s totally fine. It was actually rather good! Come here.” He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and kissed the top of her head. “You didn’t hurt your fingers, right? Everything’s okay?”


She nodded and buried her face in his chest and Baekhyun made a gagging sound.


“All right, well I’m through with this ,” Lu Han said, grabbing another ball even though it was Minseok’s turn to play. With another spin of the round thing, Lu Han managed to knock down all ten pins again. “There, I win.”


“Not so fast,” you said, swinging your ball forward and earned a strike yourself. Lu Han gaped when you threw a winning smirk at his face.


“I am very by you right now,” Lu Han mumbled with his jaw hanging low on his face and you only laughed and playfully rolled your eyes.


Baekhyun whistled wolfishly and put on that one familiar smirk on his face. “Not so bad, Sweetheart. Maybe if you win this for us, I’ll let you kiss me good night tonight.”


“No thanks, I’m winning this for myself, Baek,” you snapped, “And stop sounding like a third class hooker, Jesus, you’re a dude.”


Chanyeol stretched his arms widely above his head before he grabbed his ball and locked his gaze to the straight lane that was spread under his eyes. His girlfriend leaned up on her toes and pecked him on the cheek, telling him, “Win this for me, Yeollie.” And you could imagine steam coming out from his ears as his face turned tomato.


“I’M GONNA WIN THIS!” He roared out loud, and it actually looked like he was about to win (even the ignorant Kim Minseok took his eyes off his phone to watch him). But when he rolled the ball, it just went straight to the side even before it reached half of the lane. He was just a bit better than Baekhyun but that wasn’t really something to be proud of.


There was an awkward silence before Chanyeol break out into this shameful grin and admitted that, “I actually at bowling.”




“So tonight,” Lu Han said, sitting on his jacket so his precious jeans wouldn’t touch the grey white sand. “Under these heavenly sky and stars, I announce that I have never tried to sleep with my gym class teacher. Not because he was a dude or the fact that he was not my type but because I actually excelled in sports, not like all of you lousy es. If any of you ever thought of doing your gym class teacher, drink up!”


Minseok held his beer can on his left hand, not even lifting a finger. You, Chanyeol, and his girlfriend did the same, but Baekhyun raised his can to his lips (and lifted his pinky) before he drunk almost half of it.


When he noticed that all of you were staring at him with an I-need-an-explanation-for-that look on your faces, he slurred drunkenly and tried to explain though his vision was already blurry from alcohol. “What?” he asked, sounding defensive. “My gym class teacher was a woman and though she was tall and huge, she had really big , okay?” And then there was silence before he hiccupped and added, “May you rest in peace, Mrs. Kwon.”


“Well, I’ve never thought of that,” you said, but you took a sip of your beer anyway because you felt like it. You would never say that you’re addicted to alcohol but the second you start drinking one, you wouldn’t be able to stop until your system couldn’t handle it anymore.


To sum up what was going on that night: after consuming huge amount of beef, sausages, and paprika, you and your gang decided to play the I-Have-Never game. You guys took turns, announcing the wildest things you could think at the moment that you’d never done before. Lu Han and Baekhyun always said ridiculous things about dirty secrets they did in the bedroom (or on the couch, the library, the closet, the bathroom stall, you name it) so you didn’t get to drink much but you did anyway. Chanyeol and his girlfriend were still totally sober since they didn’t have any experience regarding oral, , face-sitting, cowboy position or anything related (but it did make them blush so hard to the point you were starting to worry that their faces were going to blow up). Minseok also didn’t drink much, but you hardly guessed that it was because he was lacking in experience when it came to .


“I have never,” Chanyeol said, looking at each person from eyes to eyes, “seduced my teacher just to get a high score for my test.”


Lu Han, who was already so drunk, looked dazed for a few seconds before he shrugged and downed his beer.


You were still sober enough to ask, “You slept with your teacher just to get good grades? That’s low, Oppa.”


“Low? That’s not low. You know what’s low?” Lu Han demanded, hiccupping in the middle of his sentence. “Trying to seduce that old lady in our cafeteria just to get more soup.”


You almost threw up your beer from chocking on your laughter. “What? Eew, who did that?”


Lu Han didn’t say the said person’s name, but after a quiet moment passed by, Baekhyun croaked out in a hushed voice. “It was a cold, cold morning,” he said, wrapping his arms around himself as he stared blankly at the campfire that was created two hours ago by Chanyeol and Minseok. “Our campus’ cafeteria was still empty—people were probably still sleeping. And I was hungry. And cold. So, so cold. That lady gave me soup… it was so warm and good, and I wanted more… But she wouldn’t give it to me just like that…” Then Baekhyun sniffed and suddenly buried his face in his hands. “God! I just wanted to get more soup! I just—” And the eyeliner boy suddenly cried out of nowhere, tears splashing down his cheeks. He continued screaming and screaming (“GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE?! I’M A TRASH OF SOCIETY!”) until he suddenly passed out and lied on his back on the cold sand.


Chanyeol blinked his eyes thrice. “What just happened?”


“I think he just recalled some bad memories,” his girlfriend answers, voice perfectly steady. “And then he fainted.”


You hiccupped; suddenly feeling really warm and just wanted to… touch Baekhyun. Just… run your fingers through his fluffy hair, caress his cheek, trails your thumb across his lower lip. You thought you were just imagining it but you were actually doing all those things. Your vision was blurred, but you could still make out the soft skin under his cheekbones… and how you wanted to press your lips against it.


“Mmm…” Baekhyun moved in his half-awake state, slowly opening his eyes and looked dazedly to the sky before he moved his eyes to meet yours. “Hey, you…” he smiled, reaching up a hand to cup your cheek.


“You’re not…” You hiccupped again. “You’re not a trash…”


Baekhyun smiled, pulling your face down to close the distance. “Well, you’re not fat…” He slurred, giggling like a drunken retard that he was. “And you don’t dress like a trucker. You’re actually… beautiful.”


If you were sober, this would’ve been great because you’d still be able to remember this conversation in the morning. But tonight you were so drunk, you could barely speak.


“Hey, hey, hey,” Chanyeol said, nudging Lu Han’s side with his elbow. “Shouldn’t we stop them or something?”


Lu Han groaned, clutching his head that felt hurt from the loudness of the tall boy’s voice. The alcohol in his system didn’t help much too. “Ugh, why?”


“’Cause they hate each other and now they look like they want to kiss—” Chanyeol and his girlfriend gasped at the same time when you lost your balance and fell on top of the eyeliner boy. Baekhyun, surprisingly, caught you by the waist and flipped your position. On the next second, you were lying down on his jacket with Baekhyun hovering above you, meeting your mouth with his in a sloppy kiss.


“Hyung!” Chanyeol panicked, clutching to Lu Han’s shoulder. “They’re kissing! They’re kissing, Hyung!”


“Yeah, I can see that now stop grabbing me—” Lu Han suddenly got distracted by a flash on his phone’s screen. “Hmm? Hey look, Sehun texted me.” The Chinese man opened his mailbox with half-opened eyes that got slightly wider after he read the text message. “Oh he asked me to meet up. He’s alone right now at Christmas’ eve—he—he doesn’t like to be alone—I need to go see him—” But when he stood up, he got a head rush and almost fell down with his face against the sand if Minseok didn’t catch him by the wrist.


“You can’t even stand, don’t kid around, Lu,” Minseok said, his tone scolding like a worried father to his son. “Come on, I’ll drive you home. I need to go back anyway.”


“What?” Chanyeol asked, eyebrows furrowing in concern and disappointment. “But Hyung, whyyyyyy? We just barely got here!”


“Did something bad happen?” Chanyeol’s girlfriend asked in a similar tone.


“No, it’s just…” Minseok tried to explain with an assuring smile and it looked a little bit shy—and Kim Minseok isn’t the type who gets embarrassed often. “I just realized that I need to spend Christmas with my girlfriend too. I want to see her.”


“Oh…” Chanyeol uttered, puppy’s ears going down in dejection. “Well, I guess I know that feeling. I wouldn’t want to hold you back.”


“Thanks, Chanyeol, I’ll see you back at the dorm?” he asked and the younger one nodded his head. “I’ll take Lu Han with me and drop him off at his place.”


Lu Han chuckled, leaning in to kiss his best friend’s cheek (which earned a grunt of disapproval from him). “Baozi, you’re such a sweetie little baby~”


Minseok looked like he was a second away to shoving Lu Han back to the ground but he tried to be a better man. With an impatient sigh, he picked up his best friend by placing his arm around his waist and carried him away slowly. “Have fun and Merry Christmas, you two.”


“Take care of him, Minseok-Oppa,” Chanyeol’s girlfriend said with this beautiful smile wrapped on her lips. “Drive safely and send my regards to Baozi-unnie~”


Minseok playfully rolled his eyes at that nickname but smiled anyway. “I will. Goodbye.”


“Bye-bye, Minseokkie-Hyuuuung, Lu Hannie-Hyuuung,” Chanyeol said, waving his hand  like a five years-old as the two figures disappeared into the night.


“So,” Chanyeol said, smiling timidly at his girlfriend. “Where were we—” He got interrupted by the low moan coming from Baekhyun’s lips when you grind your knee against his crotch. “Eew! EEW!” The deep voiced man immediately covered his eyes with both hands when things between you and Baekhyun grew much more heated and not exactly PG-13 material anymore. “I did not need to see that! Urgh! Come on, let’s go!”


Before his lover could even comprehend what you two were doing in the middle of the night at the beach behind Chanyeol’s house, she already got dragged away by her boyfriend and went back into the beach house.


“Are we going to just let them stay out there?” she asked, worried but didn’t actually want to go back there because you could’ve been already under Baekhyun’s grasp at that moment.


“Yeah, they’re going to be fine,” Chanyeol said, sliding open a door that was made by glass that shone like crystals. He the lights and went his way to the kitchen. “So, do you want something to drink? Or eat? I think my mom still have some French wine in here somewhere…” He bent his head down and checked his wine cellar.


His girlfriend tottered after him with a small smile and heart filled with warmth. Chanyeol was wearing dark trousers and navy blue knitted sweaters that showed his broad shoulders perfectly. His long legs and strong arms could really make a girl fall head over heels for him in one sight. His bronze hair wasn’t curly anymore (he had continuously straightened it out after she’d told him she liked that hairstyle on their first date) and it was usually smooth but tonight the wind had ruffled it too hard. To be honest, he looked even more adorable and young with his hair stood messily on his head. And as if that wasn’t enough, Chanyeol was also wearing a salmon colored blanket around his shoulders, using it like a hood. His cheeks were red from the cold and she stared at him fondly because although he looked like he was a warm, fluffy giant teddy bear, Chanyeol was actually weak against the cold.


“Ah, here it is!” He exclaimed happily when he found a bottle of French wine he’d been looking for. “This should taste good.”


“Is this your sister?” his girlfriend asked when she discovered a picture that was framed by golden oaks. “She looks like you.”


“Yeah, that’s Yoora-Unnie to you,” Chanyeol said, looking proud as he poured the wine for the two of them. “Noona and I weren’t exactly that close before but now we are. She’s really awesome.”


“And very beautiful,” she commented, smiling softly to the picture and Chanyeol looked at his girlfriend like she was a treasure to be found. “Ah, Yeollie, is this you?” She showed a picture of a little boy who was a bit chubby on the cheeks and wearing glasses while holding a ferret in his arms. Chanyeol blushed at that photo and nodded with his eyes staring down at his wine glass.


“Yeah, that’s me,” he said, laughing a bit awkwardly. “I used to have a ferret as my pet. I was in some kind of like a ferret club or something and I had to carry it around with me.”


“You were so cute!” She giggled happily, almost hugging that picture to her chest. “Can I keep this photo to myself?”


“Why would you want that?” Chanyeol asked, strolling forward to close the distance and offered her the wine. “I was so fat, it’s embarrassing.”


“You were adorable,” she corrected, placing the photo back to the table and took the glass from his hand. “Oh, I didn’t know you were so cute. I want to put your baby in me.”


Chanyeol laughed, eyes crinkling at the end. “I don’t know if that’s—wait, what?”


When Chanyeol’s eyebrows knitted into a frown, his girlfriend noticed the words she just said and how they came out so, SO differently from what she intended to say.


“Oh my God, no! That’s not—” She went flushed and blushed even harder when she saw Chanyeol’s face getting red in a matter of seconds. “What I wanted to say w-was that you were so cute that I wanted to put your baby—” She gasped again. “I—I mean, the baby version of you in my p-pocket! Oh God—” She unconsciously started taking a few steps away from him out of shame and she stumbled against a coffee table near the couch. The wooden thing got toppled to the ground, followed by some pens and papers and she was beginning to freak-out. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry—I made a mess, I don’t know why—”


Chanyeol placed his glass away to the nearest cabinet before he kneeled down next to her and helped her pick up the papers that were scattered on the carpet. “Hey, it’s okay, I totally get it,” he said, his tone playful and casual so she wouldn’t be nervous.


“I—I don’t know why I said that,” she said, laughing awkwardly and Chanyeol could see her fingers shaking slightly. “I—I must have been so nervous since we’re suddenly alone in here and—umm…”


Chanyeol honestly didn’t think much about the fact that they were alone in his house, at least not until she pointed it out. The second he realized it though, his heart sped up and the tremble in his fingers started to match hers. “W-well, I mean…” he threw the weirdest laugh ever. “It’s not like I’m suddenly going to j-jump you or something, so…” he wanted it to be a joke but when it came out of his mouth, it only made the situation even more worse because she blushed madly and Chanyeol felt his stomach doing somersaults when she looked at him that way.


“U-umm,” He tried to change the topic, quickly standing up and rubbing the back of his head. “D-do you want to take a tour around the house? I didn’t get to show you around before.”


She was still overwhelmed with the whole situation, but she answered, “Sure.”


Chanyeol tried to contain the fast beating of that damn thing behind his chest and also tried to not show his lovesick grin that often. He really did try but God wouldn’t let him do it that easily. Especially not when she kept glancing at him with those beautiful eyes.


“Oh right,” he mumbled, “Here.” He wrapped his blanket around her shoulders and she took a sharp intake of breath because it smelled like him and it shouldn’t be this pleasant. “So you won’t get cold.”


She smiled delicately and Chanyeol got easily reminded why his favorite fruits were apples and peaches. They reminded him to the color of her cheeks when she looked at him. It was beautiful. She was beautiful.


Chanyeol escorted her to every space of his three-level house. The beach house was definitely stunning, combining contemporary design features with eastern influence and you just loved the way it clicked in so many good ways. The house had four bedrooms, each with its own adjacent bathroom and there was an additional den on the third floor overlooking the great room. Chanyeol introduced her to each room, telling her that the pink and cream-colored room was his sister’s, and the one with the golden silk bed was his parents’. The guest room was a little bit plain if being compared to the others. There were no bookshelves or a private mini fridge in there, but it was still very nice. She could see Baekhyun had already set his luggage there, but the poor boy was now freezing his outside making out with the girl he was supposed to hate. But Baekhyun was always honest when he was drunk so maybe that hatred was never really there.


All the bathrooms were tiled and had either stall showers or Jacuzzi tubs with showers. The master bath had a heated floor, two sinks, an oversized shower stall, and a separate toilet room. She knew Chanyeol was rich, but she didn’t notice that he was this rich.


“And this is my room,” he said, opening the door to show a king-sized bed draped with black-slash-maroon colored sheet and fluffy pillows. There was a balcony, separated by crystal-like windows and showed the most beautiful view of the beach. The room smelled like sandalwood and the night breeze and it felt refreshing.


Chanyeol had a big wardrobe with slide doors that covered almost an entire wall and when he opened it, it was filled with various kinds of hats. “I like to collect all types of hats,” he said, his eyes sparkling like a child. “I don’t know why but I just do. Mom said it was a waste of money but I just can’t stop buying more and more of it.”


She adored the way his eyes twinkle when he was talking passionately about something. It was something that she could never grow bored in seeing.


“You’re surprisingly very neat,” she said, noticing that almost all of the things (comic books, papers, Star Wars’ action figures) were aligned and well organized in his room. There were also no dirty clothes hanging around the floor or sitting on the bed.


“Only because I don’t come here too often,” Chanyeol said, chuckling. “My family and I only use this house when summer comes. Other than that, my housemaids stay here to keep it clean.”


The ceiling was the one that caught her eyes the most. It was made of glass, so clear and almost entirely transparent, making it possible for people to lie down on the bed and stare at the clear night sky. The sight was breathtaking and she used to envy the stars for being able to sparkle so brightly, but now that she’d seen Chanyeol’s smile, she didn’t quite feel that way anymore.


Chanyeol chuckled at her dazed eyes and patted her head before he suddenly turned the lights off in his room. “We can appreciate the scenery more when it’s dark,” he explained as he threw himself on the bed. “You have to try this,” he said, laying his head on the pillow and tapped the empty spot beside him. “Come on and lie down with me. The sky is clear tonight. It’s beautiful.”


She didn’t think much before she agreed and lay down next to him. She could see that there was almost no cloud in the sky, just stars and the crescent moon that was shaped like the Cheshire cat’s wicked smile


“See that constellation over there?” Chanyeol said, voice as soft as a lullaby as he pointed his fingers to a group of stars that shone brighter than the others. “Those seven stars look like an hourglass, right? That’s Orion. It was named after a hunter in Greek Mythology. Three of the brightest stars are named Rigel, Betelgeuse, and Bellatrix. Cool, huh?”


“Wow,” she said, glancing at him with a teasing grin. “You’ve never sounded this smart before, Park Chanyeol. You’re not making things up, right?”


“No,” he said, snickering. “But I did kind of search on it before on Google to impress you.”


She laughed and threw a playful slap to his chest.


“This is beautiful,” she said, eyes looking dazed as she stared at the sky. The two of them were lying so close now. Their heads were almost touching each other’s. “I feel like I’m actually outside, lying on the sand and not on your… bed.”


The moment she said it, the situation got tense and awkward and she felt like her head wanted to explode. She didn’t dare to move—too embarrassed to even do so. The sound that could be heard throughout the room was only their breathing and Chanyeol appeared like he was about to pass out from being too nervous.


And then he moved, trying to prop himself up on the bed but his hand touched hers and the sudden warmth of her skin startled him. “Oh, u-umm…” he stuttered, “I, uhh…” He broke out into a small chuckle. “I don’t know why I suddenly become all tense and weird and awkward. I mean it’s not like we’ve never been in one bed before, right?”


Chanyeol was always honest when it came to speaking out his mind and his relationship, but it sort off brought out those memories from the last time she had her boyfriend lying on her bed.


“I—I mean,” Chanyeol stated anxiously, “S-sure, the last time we were in a bed together, we were so close to having s-, but it’s not like we’re going to do it now, right? I m-mean, I can’t say that I never thought about it—about you… on my bed… and…” He shook his head when he realized that he was rambling. “I mean, no, our first time should be special. We c-can’t just like have because you’re in my bed and you look so pretty and I just wanna—”


“S-stop,” she said, covering her face with both hands from shame. “Oh God, Yeol…”


“I—I’m sorry,” Chanyeol said, eyes drooping down in sadness. “I always ruin things—I’m sorry, if only I could keep my mouth—”


She suddenly pulled him down towards her by wringing an arm around his neck and kissed his lips in a chaste, but heart-thundering kiss.


When she let go, Chanyeol was lost in her eyes. “What…” he breathed heavily, eyes moving down to her lips. “What was that for?”


“To quiet you down,” she answered truthfully but before Chanyeol could be disappointed with that answer, she already added, “And to let you know that I’m okay with that offer.”


“What offer?” Chanyeol asked dumbly and she almost sighed because her boyfriend could be so clueless sometimes. So with trembling fingers, she brought his face down again by holding his chin and brushed her lips against his in a more passionate manner. When her lips parted and he felt a slick muscle probing his own, Chanyeol knew what she agreed on.


“Y-you…” Chanyeol started, cheeks flaming red as if he was suffering from frostbite. “C-can we?”


She shyly nodded, “Y-yes. I think we’ve waited long enough, don’t you think so?” Chanyeol wanted to say “YES, OH WAY TOO LONG” but he still couldn’t believe that she was actually inviting him to do this right now. She noticed how he didn’t make a word for a while so she quickly added, “B-but only if you want to!”


“If I want to?” Chanyeol repeated, almost laughing but his heart was too busy slamming itself against his ribcages to allow him to do that. “You’re unbelievable sometimes,” he said, bending down and kissed her deeply with him dominating the entire kiss. She was left breathless and surrendered under his touch when he let go.


“I think…” Chanyeol pulled back, his lips still grazing hers as he spoke. “I think I like you.”


She let out a shaky breath but smiled underneath him. “I like you too.”


“No, I mean, like…” He became fidgety and she shyly kissed the tip of his nose to calm his nerves. “I think I like you a lot.”


“I think I like you a lot too, Park Chanyeol,” she said, sighing into the kiss when Chanyeol pressed another open-mouthed kiss against .


“I think I like you so much,” he said, moving his lips downwards to caress her jawlines, nuzzling his nose to the smooth skin, “to the point that I get scared a little bit sometimes.” Chanyeol almost sighed in contentment from how pleasant and sweet her natural scent was and he just wanted to be like this forever.


She could feel his hands start to go lower on her body and she got afraid but at the same time, excited because somehow this felt so right.


“Like,” Chanyeol breathed in and smacked his lips against hers again. “I’m scared that if you go—if you’re not here with me—I’ll be lost.”


“Chanyeol,” she gasped when he lifted her thigh and threw it around his waist.


“And I’m scared,” the boy suddenly stopped all of his ministrations and just gazed deep into her eyes. He hesitated a little bit not because he was unsure of his feelings but because he was too nervous to whisper the unspoken words. “That maybe I’ll fall in love with you too fast, and way faster than you do.”


She could practically hear her own heartbeat running through her ears, like drums banging with no rhythm. Chanyeol gleamed almost too beautiful to be true and it wasn’t fair to her because he always managed to speak so many feelings through his eyes. She was just worried that he wouldn’t see hers through her own brown orbs. She was never really good at expressing her feelings.


“But…” She decided to just blurt it out since there would probably be no second chances. “What if I already do?” she whispered, lower lip trembling. Her breath was still catching from their previous interaction and it wasn’t helping that Chanyeol was looking at her with those captivating eyes.


“What if you already do what?” he asked, unconsciously started twirling a strand of her hair with his finger as he hovered above her, careful not to let himself crush her down with his weight.


“What if I…” She looked away, couldn’t bear receiving his overwhelming gaze anymore. “What if I already… love you, Yeol?”


Chanyeol went still, eyes growing wide and she should’ve thrown a weird look in his way because he was so pink and happy in a way that a first year college student shouldn’t be acting. Chanyeol was nothing but a ten year-old receiving his first love and that was okay, because she was probably acting like that too.


There was no need to have exchange of words because they both knew how they feel for each other. Chanyeol let out a soft groan when their lips met again, but this time they intended to bruise one another, to consume, to actually kiss like the way they wanted to, just pure love and passion and everything in between. She had a hand at the back of his head, stroking his hair and unconsciously grabbing it too hard when Chanyeol caressed her sensitive spots with his lips but the boy didn’t mind, not even for a second.


“So I…” she gasped, arching her back and leaning closer to his touch. “I think that I love you a little bit—ah, Chanyeol…”


The tall man had the bravery to slide his lips down to her neck and softly on the skin without asking for permission. “What if I love you a little more?”


She almost squealed when she felt lips grazing against the skin below her collarbones. “What if I love you so much…” she started, cheeks burning, “that I can’t ever stop thinking about you?”


“You…” Chanyeol stopped for a second, pulling back with startled eyes. “Y-you do?”


“Yeah…” she admitted bashfully, slowly looking away but she could see Chanyeol smiling from ear-to-ear from the corner of her eye. “Every day since that time you kissed me in that spinning bottle game.”


Chanyeol laughed, so happy and merrily, before he went down and crushed her with a hug. She giggled in return and wrapped her arms around his neck.


“Well, good, ‘cause I do too,” her boyfriend said, pecking her lips cutely. “And maybe even a little bit more after that.”


At that moment, as his fingertips trailed the fair skin of the girl that had been haunting his dreams, Chanyeol thought he was living in a fairy tale. When he was younger, his sister used to tell a story about Prince Charming and his princess. She kept retelling the story over and over again until Chanyeol had it perched on his mind. When he closed his eyelids, he could see himself walking down hand-in-hand with a beautiful girl with the prettiest smile that even the stars couldn’t match. That was how he began to have a lot of faith in true love. That was the basic reason why Chanyeol treated women like princesses. And that was how little Chanyeol became too naive, too innocent, and too easy to believe that love was the answer to everything. He always believed so and it was true. Park Chanyeol was indeed living in his fairy tale with the princess he’d been searching for.


He just didn’t know that not all fairy tales ended up with happy endings.



Yes, people, I am still alive. Sorry for updating so late but hey, here's a little gift for you! Since I feel extremely bad for not updating for a while, I decided to post this chapter first and you have to know that this chapter is supposed to be like a bonus or something. So I know many of you want to know more about Chanyeol's relationship with his wife, so I decided to dedicate this chapter (and the next one too) to the idiot couple. I will be leaving more answers about the problem they're facing and I hope I can satisfy you with that. Well that's the good news, I guess.


I have decided, with a very heavy heart, that I (probably) won't update Chanyeol's story anymore. If you still want to know about that couple, you can read their story in here. I won't write much about them but I'll try to answer the questions you all have been wondering about.



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