Can we just turn back the past...and press the Reset?



Reset--a story of love springing between Heerin, an ordinary fan girl working as a talent coordinator in SM Entertainment, and Donghae, one of the members of the world renowned Hallyu Star, Super Junior. Fate plays with them as they discover each others' true feelings, while Heerin is still tangled in a complicated and slowly dying relationship with Eunho. As she tries to stop the 'growing' love between Donghae and her, life's games started to surface, making it more difficult for her.

A/N: i'm planning to have this a 100-chaptered story or so. please stay tune as their story unfolds.







to my subbies..sorry for being on hiatus..i'm planning to edit this fic before i add new chappies..but i love you guys for sparing some time in reading this.^^

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Visiting old fics!
love it authornim!!!
please update sooon <3
seems interesting
Frostneko #5
soo cutee update more
I like this!
Chapter 58: Omo! Such a sweet story :)
And who's the awesome stranger? teehe PLease update soon ;)
Chapter 55: I'm sooooo happy I found this again!!
I was waiting for reset to be updated on winglin and then I found it on here. I'm soooooo happy!!!!!! ^.^ d
killthemall #9

its so cute!! :DD

keep updating
jonginies #10
Chapter 55: this is amazing! i love it! <3 unnie~ please, udpate soon! xD