Between Betrayal and Lust


Donghae is a sleeper. A slow one at that as well. Most vampires of his generation have awakened. What will happen when he finally does? Will he belong to one of the three big families? What will his power be? And will he survive the mating season?


I know, shoot me....another cliché...

I'd better start finishing some stories instead of coming up with new ones... But alas....temptation was too strong.

Bear with me : )

Tomorrow I'll be leaving for a two week holiday. I have no idea how much internet time I'll be getting (depending on the weather), but there'll be some updates

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I know its my 20th comment on this story and you might be tired of me.
But still wanna say its my most fav and most memorable story that have been close to my heart <3
This is the best story on this website.
Ichihanabi #3
Chapter 140: Here i am... reread again and again... your story is hella funny and damn hot... kinda make anyone who read getting addicted
RynExo12 #4
xulikilla_elf #5
Chapter 140: Reread it for the fifth time already! hehee I just love this fic so much, it's my top #1 fic ever! I've read many different fics (EunHae and not EunHae xD) but this fic will always have a special place in my heart, and nothing can replace it! This fic is one of those that makes you feel all giddy and so happy reading it! Really, you have to read it to understand it ^^
The hyuk and hae here are one of my favourite characters ever! <3

I'll come back to reread it again, that's for sure ;)
This is one of the first fanfics I read in here and I'm so happy to find it again :D !!!
Chapter 140: I came back from a 2 year hiatus from AFF just to read this again, honestly. Reread it in less than a day, it's 2AM now and I totally don't regret it. Thanks. Cheers!
justleave #8
Chapter 140: That was nice, I really liked it!
Thank you for sharing :)
bosy93 #10
Chapter 140: Rered it in two days in raw that's a record hehehehe love it you are an amazing writer