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From feeling indifferent to falling hard, Sehun had no doubt that his relationship with Luhan will not be a walk in the park. Dating is never easy, especially when one has pesky hyungs whose favorite pastime is to tease him and to cuddle Luhan at any chance they get, but Sehun figured that all that matters is that he loves Luhan and Luhan loves him. But what if someone from his past enters the picture? What if that person wants to take his place in Luhan's heart?


And even if they were to overcome this obstacle, will they be able to face the possibility of separation when Luhan graduates? Luhan has a future to look forward to, but if that future doesn't have him in it, can Sehun let the boy that has stolen his heart go? What will Sehun do without Luhan by his side? Honestly, he doesn't want to find out, but one thing is certain - 


No matter what happens, all Sehun cares about is Luhan and Luhan's happiness.... 


So this is the sequel that my readers want me to write :) If you haven't read the previous installment, here's a link -


The story starts exactly where the last one left off. Hope you guys enjoy the fluff!! ♥ 


Credit to Milkai for the smexy Hunhan picture. I love it!! 


*Credits for all pictures and gifs belong to their respective owners*


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LovelyYS #2
Chapter 52: Oh my god!! This is the excellent story ever since I enjoyed it to keep me reading and laughing so funny. Beautiful Story. I really love it so much. :-) That was why you got highest votes.
zetsuuuw #3
Chapter 23: HAHAHAHAHA Laughing hard when people who entered the kitchen asked why Luhan was already awake and pass the explanation to every people who will enter the kitchen XDDD they are all cute XD
Sweet sehun :"> despite of being sick, he still pick luhan up from school :)) don't be sad Jinho. Moving on will be better >:)))
zetsuuuw #4
LovelyYS #5
Chapter 32: SO FUNNY LOL This story is the best ever !!!!!!!!!
LovelyYS #6
Chapter 31: Awesome Egg Heart Shapes!! Thanks for this, that was how Lay made egg heart shapes before I puzzled what the egg heart shape, impossible for egg. Now I see the image how to make egg heart shape. lol Someday, I want to try.
Sehun_Lu #7
Chapter 3: Luhan leaned in and planted a tender kiss on Sehun's lips.

Luhan whipered, "I have two words for you."

He gave Sehun another kiss. "Bring. It."

omg!!! I like it so much! *re-reading*
LovelyYS #8
Chapter 23: oh sad Jinho feels hurtful!
LovelyYS #9
Chapter 22: Excellent Story! I love it.
LovelyYS #10
Chapter 22: Whhaaa, Luhan had triangle lovers of Sehun and Jinho! I keep reading which chapter Sehun find out Jinho secret crush on his boyfriend Luhan??