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From feeling indifferent to falling hard, Sehun had no doubt that his relationship with Luhan will not be a walk in the park. Dating is never easy, especially when one has pesky hyungs whose favorite pastime is to tease him and to cuddle Luhan at any chance they get, but Sehun figured that all that matters is that he loves Luhan and Luhan loves him. But what if someone from his past enters the picture? What if that person wants to take his place in Luhan's heart?


And even if they were to overcome this obstacle, will they be able to face the possibility of separation when Luhan graduates? Luhan has a future to look forward to, but if that future doesn't have him in it, can Sehun let the boy that has stolen his heart go? What will Sehun do without Luhan by his side? Honestly, he doesn't want to find out, but one thing is certain - 


No matter what happens, all Sehun cares about is Luhan and Luhan's happiness.... 


So this is the sequel that my readers want me to write :) If you haven't read the previous installment, here's a link -


The story starts exactly where the last one left off. Hope you guys enjoy the fluff!! ♥ 


Credit to Milkai for the smexy Hunhan picture. I love it!! 


*Credits for all pictures and gifs belong to their respective owners*


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KariRedlock #2
Chapter 52: ahhhhh this ending ;o; <3 i've loved this story (and it's prequel) so so so much! It's very well written and the characters have a lot of depth! I'm usually pretty good about figuring out who the "villain" is, but I really wasn't expecting who was going to come between Lu and Sehunnie :c that was a bumpy ride! But it was worth every minute of it <3 I dislike endings in general simply because if I've read to the end then I really like it and would absolutely love for it to continue for forever ;A; I would honestly be happy just to read about Hunhan's everyday life for the rest of forever, haha! This was a very good ending, though <3 Thank you so much for writing this and sharing it with us! I am definitely now a hardcore Hunhan shipper forever and ever, even if we don't see much from that ship anymore 8'D I'm definitely going to read your other story and I look forward to anything else you write uwu
KariRedlock #3
Chapter 50: Sehunnnnn <33333 *u* he's the best boyfriend ever omg <333 and bahaha Baekhyun almost went to prison anyways because he nearly killed me with laughter at that part xD TELL MY PARENTS I LOVE THEM, YEOLLIE *kicks the snot out of Jinho and goes to prison for dumping his body in the river* Poor Yeollie would be so lonely 8'D i bet he would visit his Baek every time he could though <3 i love their relationship, haha <3
KariRedlock #4
Chapter 49: wowowowow Jinho is a jerk D:< Sehun is being very mature about this though omg o: poor Lu :c
KariRedlock #5
KariRedlock #6
Chapter 43: *lies on the floor and sobs grossly* why are you doing this to meeeeeee
KariRedlock #7
Chapter 42: no no no don't tell me the drama gets worse my heART CAN'T TAKE THIS PLS
KariRedlock #8
Chapter 41: wow okay nOT COOL NOW I'M SAD
KariRedlock #9
Chapter 40: Ohhh the club president finally got a name 8D
cwsy50 #10
The ending sums up the story so well. I feel like my emotions are exactly like how you depict them to feel in certain situations. Really detailed and easy to understand. It's not easy depicting emotions in words sometimes, yet I feel the varieties of them in different scenarios. Wish I could have got to this story sooner... can't thank you enough for writing and sharing this!
KariRedlock #11
Chapter 38: This is too sweet omg a;sldkfj so many cavities @o@