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All I Care About




From feeling indifferent to falling hard, Sehun had no doubt that his relationship with Luhan will not be a walk in the park. Dating is never easy, especially when one has pesky hyungs whose favorite pastime is to tease him and to cuddle Luhan at any chance they get, but Sehun figured that all that matters is that he loves Luhan and Luhan loves him. But what if someone from his past enters the picture? What if that person wants to take his place in Luhan's heart?


And even if they were to overcome this obstacle, will they be able to face the possibility of separation when Luhan graduates? Luhan has a future to look forward to, but if that future doesn't have him in it, can Sehun let the boy that has stolen his heart go? What will Sehun do without Luhan by his side? Honestly, he doesn't want to find out, but one thing is certain - 


No matter what happens, all Sehun cares about is Luhan and Luhan's happiness.... 


So this is the sequel that my readers want me to write :) If you haven't read the previous installment, here's a link -


The story starts exactly where the last one left off. Hope you guys enjoy the fluff!! ♥ 


Credit to Milkai for the smexy Hunhan picture. I love it!! 


*Credits for all pictures and gifs belong to their respective owners*


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tatertot #1
Zico01 #2
Chapter 52: Awwwwww that ending omg sooo good this has to be my favorite hun Han story in the world thank u sooo much for making and taking ur time write this. Great story line and baekyeol omg made this fanfic just over top
ohchan1 #3
omg nice story!!
rilavipblackjack #4
Chapter 52: Aww da ending <33 I liked this story! Thank you :)
DevilNextToYou #5
Chapter 50: Okay I am being totally biased right now
But Sehun u can't just say u will accept it if Luhan chooses jinho u know =_=
U nvr went through a heartbreak before u won't know what it feels like so u can't say u r certain u will just accept it
Jinho also tried to accept it right? But he can't
Love ISNT so simple
(I nvr want to fall in love anymore. This story change my mind on love lol)
DevilNextToYou #6
Chapter 37: Okay I am just going to rant about how is it so unfair for jinho now
It's like wow he tried to avoid luhan then Luhan comes and goes jinho why r u avoiding me and be the adorable deer he is
I mean if he keeps doing that jinho won't be able to get over him right
So if u want jinho to get over him why not U just tel Luhan not to find jinho when jinho is obv trying to avoid him
Like baekyeol and Sehun is making it all jinho fault CUZ they love Bambi too much to see that he is also why Thr is a problem like whut =_=
Stop blaming it on jinho baekyeol
To me jinho seems like the real victim here
DevilNextToYou #7
Chapter 36: Honestly I think baekyeol is going overboard like must they hurt jinho so much it's not like jinho didn't try to suppress his feelings
And if they r that confident in jinho not being able to get in between Hunhan then they dun have to spite him becuz there is no way whether jinho try or not to get in between Hunhan =_=
And jinho ah dun delude yourself
Cut contact with Luhan and move on find the person at the end of your red string
DevilNextToYou #8
Chapter 30: Omg what is jinho doing to me
He is like my favorite character in the story
DevilNextToYou #9
Chapter 29: Will jinho have a happy ending T_T
DevilNextToYou #10
Chapter 23: Okay I'm starting to feel bad for him