Phase 2

The 5 Rising Elemental Gods Of The East


Karam drove up to the gates and was buzzed in. He drove to the predesignated spot near the warehouse. He looked in his bag to make sure he had a bottle of water, and some snacks for KY.  He caught a glimpse of his ring. He bit his lip closing his eyes remembering his beautiful Siwon. The man that he belonged to.  He slipped a few rings on his fingers to distract from it but it seemed almost useless. He checked under his collar for his necklace and smiled.


He noticed a weird looking device in his bag, with some sort of note attached to it. He pulled it out and read the note.




This device is to communicate with us at all times. I bought them on my way to Shinee dorms. Listen the small piec e goes in your ear so it’s undetectable. The reciver part you can put in the coin pocket. Be Safe and We owe you.





Karam giggled a little at his idea. He thought to himself.


“Those video games really paid off”


He took the small ear piece and pressed it into his ear. He took the receiver and switched it to on. He immediately heard a voice he needed to hear.


***Ladybug, can you hear me***


***Yes I can hear you Wonnie***


***We are here we will protect you***


***I love you Ladybug***


***I love you too Wonnie***


Karam sighed and gathered his belonging and started the plan with the first step on  to the concrete from his car. He walked to the door and opened it.


“KARAM FINALLY SLOW ” Kibum mouthing out his usual crap.


“Shut up Kibum” Henry said hissing.


“I..Im sorry Im late.. Getting away from Minnie-ah was a little harder than I had expected”


“Fine Fine, you’re here now and we need to go, Same rules apply, and reward as well” He said grabbing Karam biting his neck.


Siwon and the other could hear this and cringed. Karam bit his cheek he drew blood and knew it but it was all he could do to not rip the mans eyes out right there.


“We will be back in the morning, don’t miss me too much yeobo” Henry said snickering.


Those very words made Karam want to vomit. He smiled sweetly though and sat down at the desk.  He wouldn’t say he was nervous he was terrified , but he couldn’t show it.


The brothers all stayed for a few minutes  longer talking about what they needed and mostly whining about how much traveling they will have to do to sacrifice KY. Henry finally came over wrapping his arms around Karam and biting his neck. Karam used this time to slip his delicate fingers into Henry’s pocket and remove something. He gripped it into his hand tightly.


“Mmm taste so yummy like mango and pineapple.” He said deeply in Karams ear.


Siwon snapped and his fist drove through his car window. Hangeng dove from his car to Siwons.


“Siwon, you have to calm down bro , he’s acting, and You damn well know it’s only you he wants” Hangeng said waving Jae and Chun over.


Chun immediately healed Siwons hand and wrist. Jae used his skill to relax Siwon. Hangeng sighed.


“We have to  be on our game Siwon Karam needs you to do that, I NEED YOU to do that!” Hangeng said.


“Minhae, it’s just he is touching him and it makes me sick” Siwon said gripping his sterring wheel.


Jaejoong used a bit more force on the control and Siwon smiled.


“Kamsamnida Jae” he said knowing Jae calmed him.


“Never a problem doll” Jae said walking hurriedly back to Yuhno’s car.


Hangeng pulled Siwon out of his car and walked him over to his  and Heechuls car. He sat in the backseat as they heard more from Karam.


“We are leaving now, there is food in the fridge for you, and there is a few pieces of rotted fruit in the fridge for the puke” Henry said kissing Karam sloppily.


Karam watched as they walked out of the side room and he whispered.


***Leaving now be careful***


Everyone tensed up  and looked out carefully.  As soon as Karam heard the heavy steel doors shut and lock he wandered out to make sure no one was left behnd he looked out the little window and saw all four of them entering the car and heading off. He took a deep breath.


***Remind me when I get home to bathe in bleach YUCK!***He said giggling he knew Siwon heard all of it and wanted to ease his hurting.


***And Yuhno Hyung can u burn my clothes***


***I can do that Karam, and your doing great we are all proud of you have you checked KY Yet?***


***Not yet going in now***


***Wonnie, don’t worry your kisses are heaven his are hell no worse a maggots hell***


Siwon felt his heart lighten and he laughed as well as the others. They all got outside of their cars when they heard the brothers exiting the park. They all ducked down.


***Karam they are out of the park, we will begin to get ready, but we need to wait until Ryeowook and Yesung call us to let us know they are far enough away to give us time***




Karam grabbed the water and snacks from his bag. He grabbed a bowl and filled it with warm water and grabbed a cloth. He opened the door to Ky’s prison.  He bit his lip hard seeing him again. He still looked battered. He noticed a few new wounds and bruises. He was asleep at that moment, but Karam set the stuff down and rushed to his side holding his hand before his nose.




He gently shook the boy, who rolled over facing him before jumping up. His baby bump was showing but wasn’t near as big as Jae’s or Heechuls or Junsu’s.


“Karam your back, I am so glad to see you” He smiled wanting to hug Karam but was restrained.


“they tied me down because I gave one of them a black eye” He said lowering his head.


“Well good he’s lucky you didn’t rip his eyeball out” Karam said untying the ropes.


“Wait don’t untie me what if they come back” KY said.


“Let me worry about that” Karam said.


He walked over and got the bowl and began to wash KY’s face and chest and armsa. Ky grabbed Karams hand noticing the brilliant ring and smiled. Karam blushed.


“That is so pretty, where did you get it?” KY asked.


“Do you remember the guardians KY?” Karam asked.


“Ani…Aniyo I can only remember a few of them”  He said studdering.


“Well which ones do you remember?”


“I remember Hangeng, Donghae, Siwon, Eunhyuk, Heechul and Sungmin, the others are sort of fuzzy still” He said frowning.


“Well I am going to tell you a secret deh?” Karam said wiping his tummy gently with the warm soapy cloth.




“Siwon gave this to me, you see we are engaged now” Karam said smiling. He noticed the same smile returning to KY’s face.


“OMO your marrying quiet, shy, Siwon?”  KY said almost squeaking.


“Deh,  If you remember when you and I would go walk in the forest in the dawn, it wasn’t for me to get away from Henry it was to see him, and here we are now all this time he loved me back” Karam blushed.


“I am so happy for you Karam, may I ask something?” Ky said playing with his fingers.


“Of course”


“How’s Minnie?”


Karam had a brainstorm, he had turned the mic off entering the room, in case it was bad, he was protecting them. He reached into his pocket and clicked it back on.


“Well KY, matter of fact I might have a letter, let me go check my bag” Karam said fighting back his giggles.


“OMO a letter yes please get it” KY smiled brightly.


Karam went into the room and smiled.


***I need Changmin on the mic please***


***Karam it’s me what’s wrong?***


***Get ready deh?***


***For what, what is happening KARAM??***


Karam walked back into the room and sat down beside KY, he took his hand.


“Ky there is no letter” He said and watched as KY lowered his head biting his lip.


“But!!!” he said cheerily.


“I do have two gifts for you  tonight”Karam said causing Ky to look up smiling brightly again.











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