In Another Life

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Yebin is a high schooler with a major crush on the well known Minkyung. She spends her day fawning over her until one day, she and her sister were called up again, their life-long secret ruining her life.

What would happen to Minkyung, someone who has her own secret which she herself doesn't even know of, realises what she has been doing and falls in love with Yebin?

Why is that everything they want cannot happen, not in this life at least.

Taeyeon blames herself for what happened to her. 

Tiffany went down a dark path with someone else after making a decision that changed her life forever

Jessica does love Tiffany but she isn't doing it correctly

Two mistakes lead to destruction 



Hey, this is my first fanfic that I have posted (I have some I haven't posted), I've been in love with kpop since the end of 2014 and this might take longer for me to upload chapters since it is exam season. If you guys have any ideas or suggestions please tell me, criticism and comments are definitely appreciated and I hope you guys enjoy this!

SO SO SO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING UGHH your author nim is such a bad person ><. UNfortunately i wont be updating for a while as Im going to over sees for a while and it would be extremely lucky if i manage to post by the end of janurary ;; so so sorry guys

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marcia 107 streak #1
Chapter 15: yeah thank you for uploading this one shot
marcia 107 streak #2
Chapter 14: love this chapter and they are so cute
Frozenwandy #3
Chapter 14: Awww they are so cutee and their date seems so fun. Their kiss made me so happy ♡♡
marcia 107 streak #4
Chapter 12: thanks for updating this story author nim and of course I will be happy with minkyebin oneshot. can't wait for it
yenthuong #5
Frozenwandy #6
Chapter 13: I'd love to read a minkyebin oneshot anytime author-nim! I'll be waiting for your update ♡
akagaminoshirayuki #7
Chapter 13: Yeah I really need minkyebin update right know so if you don’t mind can you post the storyy
Chapter 11: So Taeyeon isn't Taeyeon but Tiffany OH MY GOD and of course Minky is going back to Yebin like come on you need to know the truth woman
pristwice #9
Chapter 10: Chapter 10 : Author-nim , i cried .
Frozenwandy #10
Chapter 11: I actually llike long chapters but i won't mind if u wanna write short ones too as i'll be looking forward to every chapter for this fic. I hope u will continue writing this for your loyal readers author-nim :)