I Hate you !

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( This is not Boys Over Flowers )

" Yah ! you you- you Shorty! I'll find you!"

" Yehet! you're cute"

" oh kkeabsooong!!!"

" You're ineresting Do. Kyung. Soo" *smirk*       - The famous X4-


" What did i do in my past life to deserve this?" - Unfortunate D.O-


The orphan named Do Kyungsoo who's currently living with his annoying/loving/crazy/caring/ friend "Hyung" Luhan has , no scratch that had a normal life.

Until......... he was accepted to a prestigious school full of annoying snobby rich kids. And did he mentioned about giants? He was never fond of them. But in this case it's not only giants. And who the heck is EXO? Probably some kind of retards for sure.Followed by a leader who's actually more retarded than the rest. Seriously he wants to spend his High school life normally , get in to college , find a job without getting in to trouble like the goody two shoes he is. 

He cannot let this morons decide his fate. So he decides to show him who's Do Kyungsoo really is....


Hi guys ! i'm Kyungsoo trash. So i ship him with most members from EXO. [ Actually i'm hardcore Chansoo shipper. And Kaisoo too] Hope you guys will enjoy it.Sorry for bad grammer and failed attempts of humor.

No offense but i noticed most of the readers do not like to read  OC x ... and prefer BL over others. Not gonna lie but i'm also on the same boat. (I'm terrible author)

aaaany way don't forget to comment. You could suscribe if you like.

Thank You.


Do Kyungsoo

- 17 yrs old goody two shoes

- Nerdy and squishy

- Loves cooking and has amaizing singing skills

- cares for his roommate/ Hyung 'Luhan'

- Despise annoying snobby rich kids. Specially the GIANTS.

- Switch from squishy soo to satansoo


Park Chanyeol

- 18 yrs old

- A Giant ( kyungsoo's opinion)

- Arrogant, popular, rich spoilt brat

- can be childish and show puppy dog eyes

- Protective and hold grudges for quite some time ( possesive too)

- Pretty busy trying to submit some shorty


Kim Jongin / Kai

- 16 yrs old

- Quiet, cold and bit mysterious

- Rich , popular and dancing machine 

- Heed no attention to others businesses

- Deep inside caring and loving person

- Can get a bit possesive too


Oh Sehun

- 16 yrs old

- Rich, popular and bit of a player

- Talented dancer and an annoying brat

- Has weak spot for doe eyed , sassy, short boys

- Playful yet has a kind heart


Byun Baekhyun

- 18 yrs old

- Sassy eye liner diva

- Likes to play around

- Partner in crime of Sehun

- Can be an annoying brat 

- Warm hearted but prankster


Xi Luhan

- College student

- Manliest man alive

- Roommate of Kyungsoo

- Dorky and can be the spawn of satan

- No serious relationships (ever)

- Cares a lot about his Kyungie and protective


Kim Jongin, Park Chanyeol, Oh Sehun and Byun Baekhyun are THE X4. The giants plus dwarf  (still taller than Kyungsoo). Rest of the Exo also will appear later.

Kim Joonmyeon - "Ah? 1000 won? but i've 5000 won notes only. Is it okay?"

Wu Yifan - " That's not even my style"

Zang Yixing - " Guys let's think rationally about this ok?"

Kim Minseok - " Do you like baozi?"

Kim Jongdae - " Well well well what do we have here?" * snicker *

Huang Zitao - " Not my Gucci !!!!!"


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Chapter 13: Hahaha the KaiSoo feels is coming hehe
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Chapter 13: Uh oh how embarassing
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Chapter 2: Chansoo ♡
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