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Forgot to Remember [Full Fic]


Sungmin and Kyuhyun were a happy couple... until they met an accident... causing Kyuhyun to lose his memory and causing Sungmin to take all the blame.

How could he take Kyuhyun back when... he forgot to remember?


"Minnie-ah" Kyuhyun looked at him meaningfully.

It's not the time to smile like that, Cho Kyuhyun...

"I love you..." Kyuhyun whispered as he wrapped his arms around the older man.


The next thing happened...

Sungmin could only wish for his lover to wake up and go home with him... but the moment he wakes up... he no longer remember anything... the only thing he knows is before he woke up, someone kissed him and when he opened his eyes he saw a petite, cute nurse named Kim Ryeowook.


Cho Kyuhyun (main)

Lee Sungmin (main)

Kim Ryeowook (second main)

Kim Jongwoon (second main)

Choi Siwon (not so main?)

Lee Donghae (minor)

Lee Hyukjae (minor)



Author's note:

I've been lying to myself these days, especially when I finished my last full fic-Break Up Battle. I told myself not to write Kyumin fic for the meantime and there I posted a one shot version of Forgot to Remember. And then I told everyone in my FTR One Shot that I will post this early next year and yet... I haven't reach the last month of the year!


Credits to iheartkyuhyunsuju for my lovely poster: received on 24.12.2011 haha!


Anyways... hope you'll support my new fic. Comments and Subscription are deeply appreciated!^^


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camykyumin92 #1
Chapter 35: i re read this and i end up with slepless night, swollen eyes, masive crying, mixed emotion and now that i finish reading it...idk what to do woiyh my life anymore.
jcghfdc #2
Re-reading this for 'i-dont-know-how-many-times' and still it doesn't fail to make me cry... I miss Kyumin. =(((((((
kyumin1115 #3
Chapter 35: Rereading this for the nth time! I miss you authornim! I miss your stories.... I MISS KYUMIN :( <////3
mingblacksmile101 #4
Chapter 35: Love this!!!!! mixed feeling i really like it ㅠㅠ
olif93 #5
Chapter 35: ugh....i really love this fic~~
even if I read it again, I still can fell the pain and the sad part...TT.TT
Exofan12345 #6
Chapter 34: it 1:00 in the morning and I just finished this story. I really enjoyed it even though most of the time I wanted to slap kyu and hug sungmin. Overall the story was really good and I would definitely read it again.
tsunafish2772 #7
This story is AMAZING! I can't stop rereading this! OMG!!!
ayachi_casey #8
Chapter 35: OMG!!!
Off course I love and feel relieved that KyuMin being together.
But SiChul scene just shocking me to the max!! And couldn't love it more. ♥♥

Thanks for sharing this story authornim.
You're doing great. It's really really good story. ^_^)b
ayachi_casey #9
Chapter 32: Huhuhu.....
*hugz siwon
Don't worry Masi, you'll be the main role on the other breath taking yet gorgeous love story ever.
I love Siwon and Heechul characters authornim. ~^^
ayachi_casey #10
Chapter 29: Seems like you succeed to make it a moving picture like rather than book-like author-nim.
I have kind of feeling to watch some tv drama or read manga/comic.
Especially Sungmin scene whenever Kyu call him (from far far away). Or accidentally their miss timings (they supposed meets but failed).
Good job authornim!! >_<