Forgot to Remember [Full Fic] Completed!

by anghelsalupa
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Cho Kyuhyun, Lee Sungmin, Kim Ryeowook, Kim Jongwoon


Sungmin and Kyuhyun were a happy couple... until they met an accident... causing Kyuhyun to lose his memory and causing Sungmin to take all the blame.

How could he take Kyuhyun back when... he forgot to remember?


"Minnie-ah" Kyuhyun looked at him meaningfully.

It's not the time to smile like that, Cho Kyuhyun...

"I love you..." Kyuhyun whispered as he wrapped his arms around the older man.


The next thing happened...

Sungmin could only wish for his lover to wake up and go home with him... but the moment he wakes up... he no longer remember anything... the only thing he knows is before he woke up, someone kissed him and when he opened his eyes he saw a petite, cute nurse named Kim Ryeowook.


Cho Kyuhyun (main)

Lee Sungmin (main)

Kim Ryeowook (second main)

Kim Jongwoon (second main)

Choi Siwon (not so main?)

Lee Donghae (minor)

Lee Hyukjae (minor)



Author's note:

I've been lying to myself these days, especially when I finished my last full fic-Break Up Battle. I told myself not to write Kyumin fic for the meantime and there I posted a one shot version of Forgot to Remember. And then I told everyone in my FTR One Shot that I will post this early next year and yet... I haven't reach the last month of the year!


Credits to iheartkyuhyunsuju for my lovely poster: received on 24.12.2011 haha!


Anyways... hope you'll support my new fic. Comments and Subscription are deeply appreciated!^^

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Erovanah () says:
Ah, this fanfict made me cry and even more love my KyuMin bias.
Even though the conflict is cliché, you author did a great job beautifying it. (y)

minseokbaby () says about chapter 10:
Just started reading this and I'm already starting to cry around chapter 9-10!! You really have a talent for making people cry.

stitchdepampam () says about chapter 35:
Yup third story finished and I'm still amazed how gifted you are in creating such a great story. Angsty but with fluff and crack. I'm addicted to your stories. Hehehe.

As for this story, they are really evolved for each other. The song is the main point of the story. Ah..Kyuhyun will surely makes it up for Sungmin for the rest of their life even after the he-is-forgiven statement. I'm happy that Jongwoon got Ryeowook and glad that Siwon moves on with Heechul. Yes, never forget Sungmin again, Kyuhyun, or the whole fanfiction world will hunt you down ;p lmao.

Move on to 4th story ^^
Thank you ♡♡♡♡♡

kyuxian21 () says about chapter 35:
oh my.. this was a.. (I dont even know what to say keke..) its a freaking amazing story.. I even finished this over night reading.. oh my at first I don't really want to continue reading it because its stabs my heart after what happened >_< but you made it perfectly!! :) you have a creative mind.. omo I want to hug you for making this story!!! :) the teaser video was also freakin great. and that video is the reason why I read this one. I love you very much authornim :)

BlackRose2890 () says about chapter 35:
man, that kind of prank will make me ultra mad. sungmin is too kind XD

RayhanAdni () says about chapter 35:
Ehh.why min is so east?! He should be angry first and slap that kyu. Bahahha xD jokejoke. I love this much. Thnks for writing<<<<333333

ayyurull () says about chapter 35:
authornim.. hiks really that happy ending /sobs/
forgive me :( im not leave my comment in each part TT___TT
i love this story... when kyu forgot sungmin i doubt to read next chapter again..
but im really curious about what happens next. TT
author nim... i love it. really. TT
sorry for my bad english TT

kathzi () says about chapter 35:

really was beautiful ... and I think that even with time can erase the essence ... reading a story that fills you with emotions

yeteuklove () says about chapter 35:
Wow I love your story I read this story in less than 2 days! I just couldn't stop myself from reading this story!

Kyumin4Evers () says about chapter 35:
I really love this story!! I couldn't stop reading it once I started!! This story is just amazing! I cried so much while reading this lol It was both out of sadness and happiness! I'm just really glad that everything work out in the end for kyumin ^^

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