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The Ghost Whisperer

Kwon Haneul has a gift. She can see the spirits of those who have died - both good and bad. When a newly deceased spirit approaches her, he only asks for one thing. To look after his little brother, Myungsoo.

FT Island's Letter to You

  Your bias in FT Island wrote this letter to you. The two of you has been in a relationship for one year now, but you couldn't be together with him for the past few months as he was recognized as a talented singer and debuted as a band called FT Island in FNC Entertainment. He m

Byshiningstarxx updated
CharactersFT Island; Hongki, Jonghun, Seunghyun, Jaejin and Minhwan, You
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Le Diary

 Ft Island : they live in the same house. not a kpop band star or a hallyu idol in this story                They met because of the same interest towards music.                They have an instrument shop.                Their life become messy after meet with this girl.                The treasure is holding a big responsibility towards the girl.   Hae Yong : Have a dark past. She are happy with the treasure.                  Hae Yong

ByIslandnism updated
CharactersLee Hong Ki, Choi Jong Hoon, Lee Jae Jin, Song Seung Hyun, Choi Min Hwan, Im Hae Yong
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in love with my best friend

jae jin is one of the school's kingka . he is a player he would date girls upto 3 weeks max, girls mean nothing to him.......well except one his best friend chaerul. chaerul on the other hand is is an ordinary hig

Byangel77 updated
Charactersjaejin chaerul(oc)
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Lovely Marriage

Park Jin Hwan (Jinyoung), you like him, you love him, you willing to do anything for him. Since he likes your sister, Lee Eun Ji (fic), all you can do is to help him get your sisters’ love. But, Eun Ji loves Jin Hwan’s twin brother, Park Jin Hyun (Jaejin) and he felt the same way for her. What if one day, your father force you to marry with Jin Hyun and Eun Ji to marry with Jin Hwan? What will you

ByKim_Young updated
CharactersYou, Jinyoung, Jaejin, Yoondam, Fictional Character
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  A normal girl + a kingka = ????   What will happen to a normal girl if she purposely accidentally spilled her drink to the famous kingka?  

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Charactershongki jonghun you jaejin seunghyun minhwan shinhye
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Always With You

You're away for a few years after running away to London from your childhood friend after something bad happens between the 2 of you.  Then you come back home to Seoul to run into him again and never expected anything to happen between the 2 of you.

Byalwaysdreaming updated
CharactersRhei Eun Ae (you) and Lee Jaejin
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Starry Night

Just a starry night sky, Jaejin and Hongki.

Bypaperplane011 updated
CharactersHongki Jaejin
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One Special Day~

  This is an one-shot special for Jaejin-gun!  It's about how FTISLAND members celebrate Jaejin's coming 23rd birthday and the surprise they g

ByLight-less updated
CharactersJaejin & FTISLAND
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By Your Side

I am currently uploading all the KPOP fanfics I have written a long time ago. This was a writing challenge I joined years ago. Title given was By Your Side. Featuring Choi Min Hwan from FT Island. Tragic. Romance. Hope it touches your heart somehow.

Byth1rd3yecrunch updated
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love laѕтѕ a lιғeтιмe ; Lee Jaejin

Genre: Fluff | Oddly enough, this may just be the first time I've written for Jaejin! o.O | LAKFJALK; I'm gonna die from all the fluffiness. I feel like I went like, SUPER cheesy here. XD | Ehh, Short drabble is short, bro. Like, hella short.

ByJustAnotherGirl-- updated
CharactersJaejin, You
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star dust

everything was right, then everything became wrong

Byabscissa updated
Charactersjonghun and jaejin
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Inspired by FTISLAND’s song “Memory”   PAIRING: SeungJae

Byhongstarpat updated
CharactersSeunghyun, Jaejin, Hongki, Jonghoon, Minhwan
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Like Scattered Pieces of a Puzzle

Kim Eun Suh was the average college graduate who just happened to graduate at age 19. After graduation, she decided to take a year off to travel back to Korea, her home country. Born there, living her childhood and middle school years in Korea, she finally gets to come home, after seven long years in America. Hoping to gain some new opportunites before traveling back to Los Angeles, EunSuh came to Korea to also reunite with family members, do a little bit of sight-seeing, and eat some aweso

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CharactersOC, Jonghun, Hongki, Jaejin, Seunghyun, Minhwan
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fly (away and away)

      he likes to remind her because she always forgets.        

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CharactersJaejin (FT Island), Nicole (Kara)
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My Beautiful Star

It hurts when you know you can’t say how you truly feel for someone but it even hurts when you know you shouldn’t be feeling it for that someone.  

ByflowerRockk updated
CharactersLee Hongki X Lee Jaejin (HongJae)
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Early Morning Conversation

Jonghoon and Hongki having a conversation while watching their drama.

Bymunkii updated
CharactersJonghoon. Hongki. Jaejin.
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Forever in my heart

Haera, Jaejin’s girlfriend of three years decides to get plastic surgery to surprise him for when he comes out of the army. Disappointed by his reaction , Haera runs away and gets caught in trouble when she runs into gang

ByBeautygirl updated
CharactersLee Jaejin ( F.T. Island), Kim Haera ( O.C)
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364 Days

My New Year's Resolution - to commit suicide.

ByPark_HyeSun updated
CharactersLee Jaejin, OC
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A Passionate GoodBye

Love... Pain... and Sorrow... All that messed up in my mind...

ByJerielle updated
CharactersLee Jaejin || You
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My obsession with you

  Seunghyun/Jaejin; three-part   Again, I’m so sorry for the always delayed updates with my chaptered fics >.< these short fics are what I do when I can’t find inspiration to write them.  

Bypaperplanestovenus updated
CharactersSeunghyun Jaejin
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A Jet Coaster and Sera

Lee Jaejin is afraid and dislike with Jet Coaster. Oneday, his fellow members forced him to ride jet coaster. He refused it again, and again, afterwards he ran off from them, far, faraway. But then, he began to like it, and not afraid anymore, because he met Sera. Sera, was a Middle School girl. There was a hidden story of Sera’s lifes. It is because of it he began to not afraid to ride a jet coaster!?

Bymilchan253 updated
CharactersLee Jaejin [Main], Sera [OC/Main], FT Island
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A reason for loving summer

    Title: A reason for loving summer Pairing: SeungJae Genre: romance, drama, oneshot

ByOurEndlessStory updated
Charactersseunghyun jaejin
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Seoul, Saranghae

They say the key to success if often the ability to adapt, and perhaps it was this determination to take on any challenge that got FT Island to where they are as musicians. However, when their company decides to get FT Island to help train a soon-to-debut girl group, the boys may have themselves in a bit over their heads. Meanwhile, Natalie and Seunghyun may finally have a chance to be reunited, whether Prima

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CharactersFT Island
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The First but the Last

All you've ever done was to look at him... Why is that, when I'm all over here just

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Characterslee hongki jonghun jaejin ft island
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The End...Not?

Main Characters.   Ahn Taera, 25 years old. - An average looking lady with a petite body. Has milky white skin. - A piano teacher - owner of ATR Academy - Married to Choi Jonghoon, leader and guitarist of FTIsland. - Has a pair of twins, Choi Joongli and Choi Joongki. - A childhood friend of Jaejin.   Choi Jonghoon, 27 years old. - A man with sculpted-lik

ByChocoBun updated
CharactersAhn Taera (OC), Choi Jonghoon, Lee Jaejin, Choi Joongli & Choi Joongki (OC), FT Island
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