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Being the Badass Bride of Byun Baekhyun, The Nerd

Authornim please be more confident in your stories. They are really great and your readers appreciate all of your work. Continue doing what you love and don't let anyone's rude opinion ruin that for you. Hwaiting! From one of your biggest fan!

Love is Dangerous

ByMyung-Young updated
CharactersYou, L/Myung Soo, Infinite, Jiea, others
With11 chapters, 1 votes, 16 comments

You (Ha-Neul) and Infinite had became close friends.  Everything was all fine and great. Ha-Neul had also made a new friend named Jiea. Everything went well and the friendship between them is strong,

Melting Ice

Bywatermelon updated
CharactersKim Myung Soo, Park Jiyeon, Hoya,Park So Hyun( Fictional character), Kim Yoo Ri(Fictional character)other infinite and T-ara members.(minor roles)
With17 chapters, 4 votes, 5650 views, 141 comments

Kim Myung Soo, my bias in INFINITE attends the school as me. However, I have never really seen him around. As all of you know, all the fan girls are always surrounding and swooning over him .Catching a glimpse of him is already the luckiest thing that could happen between me and him in school.

I Want To Die Because Of You

Byayo_itsmoi updated
CharactersL.Joe, You(Park Soyu), Infinite, Teentop
With30 chapters, 8 votes, 145 subscribers, 7370 views, 73 comments

"Everyone said that love is the happiest thing that people ever felt in their life. I've always wanted to be loved by that certain someone, but I don't think I can. I haven't loved anyone before. I've always wanted to be someone special in that special someones' eyes. I dream/think every single time whenever I have the time for it. If he's somewhere out there please come to me?" You


Bynikast1 updated
Charactersyou bap bangyongguk myungsoo zelo
With11 chapters, 38 subscribers, 1520 views, 29 comments

Bang _______ life was perfect, she had her best friend myungsoo(who was also her crush)good grades and a great home her mind her life was perfect;that was until her sophomore year everything changed! myungsoo became popular and broke her heart.with her heart broken she moves to America. years later she is back and finds out that myungsoo is in a group named infinite and thats when she decides to take her revenge I'LL LIKE TO THANK MY FRIEND


Bytakemeawaytoinfinity updated
CharactersSunggyu, Lee haneul(You), infinite, ailee
With7 chapters, 1220 views, 4 comments

You had found the first person who had moved your heart for the first time and you had no intention of letting them go, but hanging on to someone who everyone wants isn't easy. All the while your trying to figure out if what you have fallen in love with is truly this person or just his enchanting  voice.

Time Limit

Bycanusmilee updated
CharactersKim Myungsoo, Hyemi (OOC)
With5 chapters, 10 subscribers, 520 views, 5 comments

 Kim Myungsoo. 19 years old. Band's guitarist and lead singer. Known as the playboy. I believe everything has a time limit. In fact,many things in this world have a time limit. Fame has a time limit, food has a time limit,

We are dating (APPLY OPEN)

Bypinkbubbles updated
With6 chapters, 17 subscribers, 48 comments

73,977 views                                                                      75,765 comments   A new season of WE ARE DATING!!! :D    

Identical Opposites

ByHaHa_runningman updated
CharactersInfinite, Lee Sungjae (OC)
With4 subscribers, 660 views, 5 comments

Identical twins. Complete opposites. And 6 guys in between?

Dream Vacation of K-pop idols

Bydaine10 updated
With7 chapters, 18 subscribers, 1120 views, 16 comments

Kpop idols wanted to have their vacation to released their stress. So MBC released a TV Show where I dols can have their vacations. Out of 8 groups only 2 or 3 members will be chosen.   

Only you can make me happy not him.

ByMissawesome updated
Characterssunggyu, woohyun, 「me」minji
With1 chapters, 160 views

You have been to london for 5 years and in that 5 years eveything happened but still theh decide to not tell you but 1 day u found out ur self and cant believe that it really happened without u there with him.

Someone Like Him

ByNasoosoona updated
CharactersMyungsoo,Infinite and Vivian [ You ]
With10 subscribers, 230 views, 1 comments

Vivian is a poor girl she works very hard to pay her bills and keep up Highschool for her. She works at the Cafe Shop in South Korea with her bestfriend Makalia. Myungsoo is the Biggest company in towns son he was spoil and very rich along with his Friends Kim Sunggyu, Jang Dongwoo, Nam

Neons (Oneshot)

Byseoign updated
Characterssungjong, myungsoo, sungyeol, hoya, woohyun, sunggyu, dongwoo, infinite
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 11 subscribers, 1220 views, 7 comments

it's funny how pictures change everything. and when it does, it's not even about the pictures anymore. oneshot. 3,362 wds.  myungsoo/sungjong, myungsoo/sungyeol, hoya/sungjong. implie