Romantic Ticket


After 1 long year of waiting, B1A4 is having a comeback and want to create buzz with their new concept. In a press confrece WM Entertainment released, it is said there will be 3 different versions of the new album with a special surprise inside. In the many album copies printed, there will be a select few with a golden ticket. The golden tickets will have numbers on them from 1-100. Starting from 100,, there will be small prizes of merchandise, tickets and other goodies that get bigger as the numbers get closer to 1. BUT WAIT A MINUTE!! There is one extra catch that is said to be the greatest ticket of all. Only ONE shiny red ticket was printed out and put away in a special album. The ticket has the best prize of all,....a trip to Seoul, Korea for a private concert and meet and greet for the ticket holder and 50 of their closest friends lasting all day. 

Unbeknown to a girl from Texas, She would be the one who gets this ticket to meet her favorite group and visit a country she has been wanting to visit.

What will happen when she sees her idols live and befriends them? Will one of them become something more or will she fall for someone else from a different company?  


Soni Kim

From a small town in Texas, she is infatuated with certain korean groups. She is WM ENT biased with Starship Ent in 2nd. She likes the culture there yet she still stays true to all her heritages. Although she can't speak spanish well, she can understand it. Her ethnicity is 1/4th korean, 1/4th American, 1/4th hispanic and 1/4th swedish. She covers up alot to keep her pale skin but loves the sun so it's difficult. Her family is caring towards her and vice versa but is a little iffy when it comes to her obsessions since that isusually all she talks about or watches in her free time. She buys albums and concert DVDs of her favorite groups when she has money and buys all three different versions of B1A4's album when a few days after its release. She didn't know that would change her life.


WM's first Group to debut. B1A4 consists of the CNU who's the rapper, vocal and dancer, Lee Sandeul the main vocal, Jinyoung the leader, vocalist and composer, Baro the rapper & Gongchan the chic maknae. They are all humble, easy going, fun loving and dedicated people and artist. They all care for their fans so much and always do everything with their fans in mind. You will learn more about them and their personalities as the story goes on. 


Surprise Idols and rival love intrests will be introduced later on

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