Lea was just an average girl from the States. She was visiting South Korea when the unexpected happened. She met her favorite idol! What will happen after the fateful meeting and will it change her life?



Kim Jonghyun of Nu'est

June 8, 1995


"Wherever I am, I’m always yours
I’ll always give you a back hug by your side
I’ll hang on you like a bear, I’ll embrace your back
I will always protect you

All the days are filled with memories of you
You’re all main in my life, everyday

While making memories on the streets with you
Always at the place where you walk"


Lea Flores

August 4, 1991


"I fell for her smile that’s brighter
than the sun and her innocence

She is dazzling and pretty (to me)
Wait just a little, you’ll get to know me"

If you’re gonna fall for me anyway, just fall for me now
There is a line but there are no rules"


-Introduce me to your Noona


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