Beyond Words


A country struggling for a future. A people quickly losing hope. The Princess who's rightful place is the throne. The Assassin who fell in love with The Princess. This is their story.




As technology advances and stocks are falling more than they're rising, the world sees itself in possibly the worst recession in history to date. South Korea is no exception, even though its government is ruled by and works with the monarchy. South Korea finds itself in a state of national poverty among the other high-powers of the world, many civilians lay their blame on the king who never should've sat on the throne. 


The current king, younger brother of the late king, is working with the government to pull the country from ruin. Meanwhile, the people are awaiting for the king's son to ascend to the throne, believing he will be the saving grace they've been waiting for. Not once do the people ever think that the late king's only child, The Princess, could possibly be the monarch they've been waiting for. Brushed aside from the chance to rule because only males could ascend to the throne, The Princess will find support from an unlikely source: The Assassin sent to kill the king, The Princess's uncle.


A country struggling for a future. A people quickly losing hope. The Princess who's rightful place is the throne. The Assassin who fell in love with The Princess.

This is their story.


It was suggested I bring this story over to AFF and, while I won't be doing this with all my stories and with every request (that's approx 280 indvidiual stories/chapters to go through!) I did think it a good idea to bring the Beyond Words story over. Doing so not only allows newer readers to enjoy the story, but it let me revisit a story that I had loved writing. After all, nothing beats a story with royalty!

While there are several different messages in this story about family, friendship and life, I hope you enjoy this story that, at its core, is a simple love story of a princess and her assassin.

Readers new and old, thank you for reading my story. To my older readers, as always, welcome back.


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Chapter 5: WoW this was amazing !!!!!!!!
Done so much beautifully ..can't wait for next update >_<
LovesAsianDrama #2
Chapter 5: OMG.. OMG.. OMG..


Like the way you put all the players together???? *LE SIGH* YEEEESSSS* this story is giving me LIFE..
shincan #3
Chapter 5: i love this story already...:-)
Chapter 5: Honestly I did not know what to expect from this story but by now I can say that I fell in love with it! I was really surprised at first because by reading the forword I thoight this would be a genderbender story! I was kinda shocked when I found out the truth!
I really hope taeyeon's gonna be ok...I can just hope for a miracle. And also about donghaes plan...would it really help to make eunhyuk the king? I don't think that everybody would accept the fact that he's a man...but I really hope that he can stop the pretending at some hurts him too much
Yay!!! thank you so much for sharing this beautiful, awesome story in here :DD

Luv U so much, author-nim~~~ <3<3<3