The Fanfiction Series


One evening, Heechul is updating his minihompy. However, while browsing for more pictures of himself to put on his page, he comes across a fanfiction site dedicated to Super Junior. Affronted by the way he is portrayed in the fanfiction, he begins to read more stories, only to read he is portrayed the same way in most stories. Upset, he calls forth all members of Super Junior and Super Junior-M to plead his case. What ensues is chaos as Heechul challenges the other fourteen men to a competition based on Super Junior fanfiction.


I have written quite a few comedic pieces and, usually, I have a very sarcastic sense of humour. Somehow, I managed to write this goofy, completely cracked out series. Honestly, to this day, when I look back on this series, I shake my head and smile thinking "What the heck was I thinking when I wrote this?" 

To my new readers, please don't worry about my sanity when reading this series. 
To my old readers, welcome back.

Regardless of readers old or new, I hope this series makes you laugh.


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Chapter 4: xD i really liked it hope you Update soon!!
Chapter 4: This chapter was hilarious! Poor Henry! XD
Maryam_Hamad66 #3
Chapter 2: ooooooohhh so interesting!
I can't wait for more ! and I really liked how teukie shouts at them saying
that he is not a mother even though we all know that he actually is ! ;)
good job and keep up the good work ..
*plus .. please write more kangteuk and the main otps like hanchul,kyumin,yewook,sibum ...etc ^^