Be Mine


Kyuhyun likes living on his own. Sungmin likes being with Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun has an apartment. Sungmin is always there. Unfortunately, they cannot agree on toothpaste location.




Be Mine

Kyuhyun has something to say and Sungmin has something to hear.


Not Mine

Kyuhyun hates Sungmin's toothpaste but Sungmin loves him anyway.


Definitely Mine

Kyuhyun makes a decision about the toothpaste and Sungmin is surprised.


Short and sweet and featuring Kyumin. How can you go wrong? This mini-trilogy actually started as a one-shot and, then, I just couldn't leave them alone, I loved KyuMin too much. Also, I wrote this during a time when all I was writing was drama and angst, so, I think my readers at the time really appreciated a story from me where they didn't have to worry about someone dying. Ironically enough, the toothpaste argument is based on real experience and passive-aggressive technique to make the other person conform to my toothpaste regime.

The moral of the story is don't make a big deal out of misplaced tooth-hygiene products.


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Chapter 3: How lovely! Kyuhyun spared them the hassle of choosing things to fill the drawer with before finally bringing the rest completely, all they needed was toothpaste as a transition, much more convenient lol. So fun to read!
kiddcrazy #2
Chapter 3: I am never taking toothpaste lightly .. never again.
This was so simbolic.. so full of meaning and they were cute as hell. I don't usually get too see a vulnerable-like Kyu but I just love how he used that toothpaste to ask Min to move in. Awwwww <3
Danhobak77 #3
Chapter 3: <3 This was so sweet :)
Chapter 3: Aw, this was such a cute little story! That reminds me. I should start brushing my teeth in the shower again. Always looking for ways to irritate my husband.
It's a related nice story!! I do understand how it is when people always leave toothpaste in the shower.. it's such a pain to go in there and take it out to the sink again.

This is lovely!! ♡♡♡
blurzpoo #6
Chapter 2: This is always just so lovely to read and reread
baby_catlovers #7

I love that they talk about it instead of just ran away and being ignored. I love the chapter and I will expect the development in their relationship in the next chapter hopefully, thank you, author-nim..
Chapter 1: Mine mine mine
Chapter 1: Well this fic is mine