Minwoo found a stranger on his rooftop. Rooftop Prince? No, more like a Rooftop Superman.


Hi! XD      This is fun to write! I haven't been writing for a while, so I'm so sorry!     There's really a lot going on my school. There's a prom I have to handle, I got a chance to study abroad for an exchange student program (I'm so excited!!!), I've to go camping, there was my music examination..... It's so tiring!


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Chapter 1: Omfg Dongwan in a dress (⌣_⌣”)╭( _ )╮( ̄◇ ̄;) can't imagine him XD but on a side note, if I were u Minu, I would def go and marry oppayam in an instant XD
Chapter 1: i cant imagine dongwan in white dress xD eric such a tease lol xD
thanks for the fanfic (/,\)
ayuwannie #3
Chapter 1: I love this "ing plan" hahaha so fun and cute~ cutee~
and yes It is okay if Dongwan & Minu is happy haha.
Lol, at first I really thought Dongwan is the real superman. I was fooled too

Thank you for writing woodong, love u ♥
oowww~ you make me miss gogi sengson couple hahaha~
lunanegra #4
Chapter 1: Wonder Wooman not wearing his gold underwear?? xP