Dreams and Reality


Lately, I've been dreaming about him. I know I dream about him every night. But I can't remember what is it about. I woke up to this dreams, sweating and afraid of something. I felt terrified. What am I afraid of? It's a feeling of anxious and fear. I can't look at him now. I'm too afraid.


Hi!!! *quickly bows* I'm sorry I have not update for weeks!!!! I'm having such a hectic life right now. Family, friends and school troubles. Oh, how tired I am right now. I wish I can run away, but running away can't solve the problems. 

This is just a simple, random idea that appeared on my silly mind. Please enjoy.....


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Chapter 1: cute storyyy <3 thanks for wrote this fic (/.\)
Fanyandy #2
Chapter 1: OMG.. ‘Kur-kur' is that stand for kura-kura?? hahaha..those two are cute. Jinnie constantly chasing for andy until the end side of the world XD. thank you for writing this.
Dak-shi-1004 #3
This was really really good authornim ^^
Amd yah friends are not excuse they can wait but we caaaan't u must write more stories for uuus<33333