SHINHWA: The Legendary Myth VI


Frustrations. Stress. Problems. Tired. Arguments. Cowardice. Defend. Questions. Answers.

What do they want actually? Why are these problems appearing now? After all their hard works for 17 years?


SHINHWA is in trouble.

This is a story where a Shinhwa Changjo tried to help them but only if they help themselves first.

Romance, angst, gender-bender, science-fiction, comedy, harem, adventure, mature, , horror, thriller, psychological, , historical, and fantasy, you name it.

In SHINHWA: The Legendary Myth VI, I have it all.

I just need you to be a little bit interested.

In the story,

and SHINHWA too.

A little bit of curiousity won't bite.

Go on and read.

But once you go in,

you cannot back out~


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eflvoegyu #1
Btw, are u locked you last 2 chapter? I just coukd read the first chap^^
eflvoegyu #2
I'm in and you're right. I can't back out TT
I'm fall too deep TT
eflvoegyu #3
Chapter 2: Oh god, i just know this!
This fanfic is just too good!
Please continue TT