Don't wanna let you go

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After hiding his true feelings for many years, Eunhyuk finally admits how he really feels about Dongahe... on a night before Donghae's wedding. They end up sleeping together, but things don't go exactly how Eunhyuk hoped. After a few years, the two of them meet again. Will Eunhyuk have more luck then?


My first fanfic with this pairing :). I hope that you'll like it n.n


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Sjhyukkie #1
Chapter 7: I thought it’s super angsty but they got together real quick 😁
Sjhyukkie #2
The trailer got me. Gonna be reading this one now٩(ര̀ᴗര́)
Chapter 18: Ah... I wish they can live together soon too >~<
Their love making session is hot yet sweet :3
Love it!!
Chapter 18: My face is burning hardcore because I'm reading this with my fam in the room xD But I don't mind more chapters like this :3
Keep doing what you're doing and hope you're happy in life :)
Camomile15 #5
Chapter 18: Hahaha an excuse i din think so we all love the ty eunhae- in fact if u wanna add more i dun care hahaha
Chapter 18: Yay finally!!! Lol thier y time is so hawtt kkk eunhae are too cute thanks for update!!! <3
Chapter 18: I can't even imagine how happy Eunyhuk felt when he finally made love to Donghae!!!
Why do I feel like its coming to an end after 3-5 chapters?
I was so happy that it got updated!!!!
Chapter 17: I'm forever waiting for an update ;-;
I hope you're doing good, author.
Chapter 17: I'm completely at a loss for words. Just what? This fi isn't completed!? Θ_Θ... I've been tricked again... ):
Can't wait for the next update.... Just when things started heating up...
Chapter 16: Damn!!! Its the last chapter *sobs*