Blow it away


"How could he left me alone out here?! That meany'' 

she could only grumbles after her brother Kris left her alone. She walks her way through the trail down her home. Eerieness started to surrounds them, the fog looks creepy trying to shakes off her fear. Chorong  rubbed her clothes and walks faster. 


"Okay,what is that? Oh no, maybe kris is trying to tease me. Geez, that prick.Just you wait.."

Chorong walks straight to the moving bushes and shoved someone out from his hiding.

"..... Wha.. What!! This is not Kris?!!''

''Yeah, obviously he is not me,sis"

Kris comes  and go nearer to his sister. He looks at the poor boy that his collar is awfully being gripped by his sister and noticed he was bleeding.

"PUT HIM DOWN!He's bleeding."

Chorong quickly helps laying the boy down 

'Oh no, what did I do?'

tears starts to blurs chorong vision and....

"Chorong!! Oh great another fainted person. Just how the hell I'm going to carry both off them home?"



flowers starts to bloom.Beautiful.No other words to describe this place


Okay a little something that I tries to write to free me from my bore.

 I uses Chorong as the main because I just loves her aegyo.

She is just sooo cute 


and Kris too cause I just love him

sehun shi is just sooooo handsome


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