Don't Stop Now


Minha POV

'Today is the day.My heart is beating soo fast.God please calm them. In another few minutes my man is coming.

I still remember the first day we met. It was on my birthday. 31'th AUGUST!


I was as boring as I could get studying in the library. I was doing my research on human evolution for my upcoming eamination.

I needed to take another book from the shelf.It was on the highest level of the rack. I'm not a short girl instead I'm 172 cm tall. BUT I had to lift up my heels.

Well, that doesn't work, I got to tried a few times until a long muscular hands took it and handed it to me with a light smile. LIGHT?? I was half mellted!!! Then I captured his eyes. It was glimmering and his dark brown eyes was totally gosh!!! it was tooo beautiful for me. I was totally melted. I heard he said with his manly voice. 'I'm taller than you.Haha!' Gosh. He was soo cute. I was totally do not believe when he offered me to study together. Our friendship started to bloom by ech passing days. And that night after our graduation day under the glow of the moonlight where the stars shinning their way to me,that boy who is now a man asked me a question of my life. He asked me to be his companion for life, HIS WIFE!!!! 

'Minha do you mind to be with me until the end of our life? I promised you under this glowing night with thousands of stars to love you,care you and to be there for you. I swear!' He kneeled down to the ground and pulled out a ring.

I couldn't remembered whether I nodded or not, but now, in a few minutes, i'll be WU YI FAN'S wife-to-be!!! That's why my heart keeps on beating fastly my nerve thrums into my pulse. God, please don't stop now. I needed to live longer. And there he is , my husband-to-be the handsome Wu Yi Fan. Standing on the aisle in his white tuxedo... Please time don't stop now...


okay this is a little something that my friend wrote for me. Yeah I know it's kinda cheeesy but hey who knows maybe one day I'm gonna meet a guy that his charms is like Kris.. Yeah sorry for the hideous grammar mistakes english is not my mother tongue. so hope you like it credit to adiaysor. for helping me. I twisted  the story a little bit. HAHA! #stilllearning

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