They say, Love is like an investment. 

No certainty. No gurantee. 

When you lost the bet, you lost yourself.

Then, one day, you sat down alone

Tears fall, one by one.

What else have you lost?


Ferns; no matter what you do. You'll always cling onto the only thing that you believe make you look forward to life.

In this case, the memory of you. 

I'll cling onto that.

Is it safe to say that i am a fern too?


Hi! I am back with a one shot. Its a sunsun one shot. Its first time writing a sunsun's story. I hope you'd enjoy this one as much as the rest that i had writen for Soowon couple. I was abit hesitant to post this because there are alot of other sunsun stans and authors that had wrote down regarding this precious OTP and I don't want to create any misunderstands about how i view the news. To be frank i am a supergeneration stan and a little soshibang too but i was feeling blissful after seeing the smile that i had never seen being worn by him in one of the photographs of the wedding. So, i don't know what is the most appropriate way to put this out. May both individuals find their happiness even if it meant to be in anothers embrace. Congratulation Sungmin-shi for your wedding. I am sure everyone of us elfs are estatic at the sight of your smile that was different compared to those that were being captured in photographs. You look so happy. Don't worry some of us were still in a state of shock because the news were really unexpected. We were expecting someone closer but you had ways to surprised us, huh? May that smile be forever on you. God bless. 

This story is based on my gut and imagination. this story is Sunsun story. I will add in characters but for the characters that are not added in here please do not mention them on the comments below. i hope you'd enjoy reading this and i am sorry for the flaws made.

Since this is my Third one-shot story and i hope you'd enjoy the story that I'd be writing, I, hereby, declare that the whole of this story that i've written as Copyrighted under the terms of the copyright laws. I'm trying to protect my work as an amatuer writer in AsianFanfics. I've read many fanfics that had been copied from another and its really sad that some people just don't know how to appreciate the work of others and the time that they're spent on writing and planning a story. The storyline is truly based on my imagination and gut. Any similarities are just coincidence and i truly apologize to those who are reading this for the flaws made. I am just witting a one shot solely using my imagination. Thank you and enjoy reading 'Ferns'.' © All right reserved. 



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adahgogo7 #1
Chapter 1: As usual, it's beautiful. SunSun is not my favourite OTP but for sure i have a thing on them... Indeed, your story is beautiful. I really like it, the way you describe thier relationship and feeling are wonderful. I just wonder if that really happen in real life. Btw, Sungmin-shi, congratulation!!
Kid_BunnyMushroom-- #2
Chapter 1: I love this!
This is so touching and true!
It's time to let go of his regrets and be man up to face his new responsibilities for what his decision /thumbs up/ =]