Don't Leave Me


This is a one-shot story of none other than SooWon. I heard the song that Choi Si Won-shi had composed for the Super Show 6 Song Project. I have to say that he should compose more songs for Super Junior especially those of the soft-ballad pop songs. All the member's voices are highlighted in the song and even if i don't understand the lyrics, i could still feel the heaviness of the emotions they're trying to send across; the messages. 

This is my first time writing a one-shot, i've never done this before, so, please evaluate this one so that i'd know whether i should continue on writing a one-shot once in a while. And please forgive me for flaws that i've done but not forgetting to correct them in the comment box below. Thank you and God Bless! :^)


this story is based on my gut and imagination. this story is a Soowon story. For the characters that are not added in here please do not mention them on the comments below. i hope you'd enjoy reading this and i am sorry for the flaws made.

Since this is officially my first one shot story, i hope you'd enjoy the story that I'd be writing, I, hereby, declare that the whole of this story that i've writen as Copyrighted under the terms of the copyright laws. I'm trying to protect my work as an amatuer writer in AsianFanfics. I've read many fanfics that had been copied from another and its really sad that some people just don't know how to appreciate the work of others and the time that they're spent on writing and planning a story. The storyline is truly base on my imagination and gut. Any similarities are just coincidence and i truly apologize to those who are reading this for the flaws made. Thank you and enjoy reading 'don't leave me' © All right reserved. 


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adahgogo7 #1
Chapter 1: I really love this one shot. I could not stop from reading it. You did really well, author-nim.
soowon #2
Chapter 1: i read this after soowon on soo's ig happened... SOOWON FTW <3
Sweet_Shell #3
Chapter 1: Hope this happy ending will come true someday...
Nice story! Thank you so much, author-nim <3
Michelle_916_Youngie #4
Chapter 1: Oh soowon !
fighting !
soowonislove #5
Chapter 1: Still wishing that Siwon and Sooyoung will still be together in future. Haha. Though I am happy for Sooyoung right now. Hehe. A great one shot! I actually miss reading SooWon stories right now :(( Thanks authornim :)